Universal Skills. Best-in-Class Performance Models. Proven Designs. These three ingredients are present in every workshop Ridge delivers.

Ridge is dedicated to the craft of training — we even developed a course to teach it to others. Over the years we’ve excelled at our craft by refining fundamental training methods that result in predictable classroom success. The steps of our process are:

  • Tell How. As briefly as possible we explain how to do the skill.
  • Show How. Through live demonstrations, we realistically show how to use the skill in typical work settings.
  • Practice. Participants practice the skill that’s just been explained and demonstrated, using actual situations they face at work. For participants to be successful back on the job, they must first be successful in the workshop. That is why 40-60 percent of each Ridge workshop is devoted to practice.
  • Feedback. Each participant receives behavioral feedback from trainers and peers, and in (optional) videocoaching sessions, each time they practice a skill.

Our commitment to this process and to our craft results in training that “sticks.” As one client commented,

“Your methods and result are a measure by which we judge other training firms—definitely a cut above the rest.”

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