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People Skills To Go for iOS

People Skills To Go is a self-coaching reinforcement tool to support graduates of Ridge’s People Skills training and to help people apply the concepts in our best selling book, People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts. Our goal is to give you a “just in time” job aid to build better relationships that yield better results. Research has shown that it takes six weeks for people to change habitual behavior—whether it’s exercise habits or work habits. This app can help you stay the course. As you improve your skills, you will strengthen your interactions and relationships in subtle, lasting ways. As you do you’ll save more time, get more done, and have more fun at work and with those most important to you.

This app includes three content areas:

  • Be A Better Listener will help you improve the one skill that is critical to improving your work and personal relationships.
  • Get People Skills Help highlights the core conversations that managers need to conduct to get results and keep their people motivated and engaged.
  • Get My “Skill of the Day” serves up a brief, daily task to help you apply what you’ve learned (or are learning) during the day to come.

Each skill area includes audio descriptions, video demonstrations, and web resources as appropriate. Give it a try! You can download it at: http://bit.ly/peopleskills2go.

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