People Skills

“After 20 years in the professional work arena, I was amazed to learn how hard it is to effectively listen in a way that really matters to people. I thought I had good people skills — but I learned great humility through this course and I now work hard to improve every day based on what I learned.

“These skills have the greatest impact on our ability to ‘engage’ our staff. Thank you.

-VP of Human Resources, Health Care industry

To be successful at work and in life, great individual skills are important but insufficient. You need great people skills too. No matter how good you are at your job, your success is magnified by the quality of your interactions and relationships. The better your people skills the better your relationships and results. Only always.

Ridge has defined an essential set of skills that comprise the “operating system” required for improve the performance of others:

  • Listening—to clarify problems and needs while conveying empathy and building trust
  • Agreements—so employees know exactly how to succeed and are accountable to do so
  • Coaching—helping others learn how to respond to challenges and opportunities they encounter
  • Feedback—to get and keep performance on track and help people quickly improve
  • Managing High Emotion & Conflict—to transform destructive emotional energy and direct it towards mutual understanding and a productive outcome.

Because People Skills is modularized, we can develop a solution that meets your specific needs. Contact us to learn how to improve people skills within your organization.