Client: Large Retail Bank

Solution: Customized

The Situation

A leading retail bank was struggling to keep sales high in branches open more than a year. They found that after initial success, sales were flat in some areas, and dropped by as much as 20% for other product lines. They decided to train their financial advisors in a new sales methodology, but knew that without managers’ active support the training wouldn’t achieve their desired results.

The Solution

Having worked with Ridge for 15 years, they asked for our help.

Drawing from our core courseware, Ridge created a customized two-day Coaching for Sales Results workshop that supported the new sales methodology. Financial advisors attended a two-day course in the new sales process, while Ridge simultaneously trained their managers to coach on that process. On the third day, the two groups merged: financial advisors practiced their new skills and received real-world coaching by their managers. The managers then received feedback on their real-time coaching skills by master Ridge trainers.

The Results

Within two months of the training, participating financial advisors increased sales at a greater rate than those who did not receive training, as measured by two metrics: 12-month average and prior year sales. While this varied by product line, the average increase during the measurement period was 39 percent.

Next Step

To learn more, call Ridge at 800-466-3393.

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