People Skills

Client: Insurance Firm

Solution: People Skills for Managers, Trainer Certification

The Situation

A midsize financial services company wanted to improve customer profitability. Their research indicated that their profitability was generated loyal customers who were in turn created by committed employees. The executive team initiated an employee commitment survey and learned that the biggest drag on employee commitment was managers’ people leadership skills. Because commitment was connected to long-term profitability, the organization’s Performance Improvement team wanted measurable, Level 4 improvement in managers’ behavior.

After internet searches, calls to colleagues, and conversations with over two dozen companies, team leader Rick Brandon selected Ridge as a partner because “the Ridge design is significantly different from anything we had seen. Managers were practicing skills on real-life scenarios, and receiving immediate coaching from the facilitators and their peers.”

The Solution

Brandon’s team selected People Skills as the heart of their initiative. Working with Ridge, they created a 360 survey that measured managers on needed skills before the training and then after. Ridge certified Brandon and his colleagues to team teach People Skills alongside Ridge’s master trainers. The training was then divided into discrete skill sets which were delivered six weeks apart, allowing managers integrate a few skills at a time. In between sessions, managers worked with a coach from Brandon’s team to check in on skill integration and the effectiveness of using the skills where it mattered — in everyday interactions with employees.

The Results

Eleven years and more than 400 managers later, employees continue to rate their managers an average of 31 percent more effective in eight critical areas of communication a year after the managers enter the program.

Next Step

To learn more, see our People Skills offering and our Trainer Certification process, or call Ridge at 800-466-3393.

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