The Craft of Training

“I came to this workshop wanting to learn a few tricks of the trade. What I got was so much more. It was a chance to look at myself. I realized that the first person I need to ‘train’ is me. Going forward, I’ll not only be a better trainer by applying the skills and techniques we learned to my training. I’ll be a better trainer by using the skills to become a better person.”

-Senior Trainer, Banking industry

The Craft of Training is the ultimate train-the-trainer curriculum, the result creating our own world-class facilitators. It offers new trainers a fast ascent up the learning curve. It’s equally valuable for seasoned trainers who want to improve the quality and consistency of their outcomes.

In The Craft of Training, participants practice and get feedback in three performance-critical areas:

Platform Skills

  • Organizing and delivering presentations to teach content crisply
  • Dramatizing their message with effective body language

Facilitation Skills

  • Making presentations interactive by drawing on participants’ expertise in a nonthreatening way
  • Listening skills to honor the questions and concerns voiced by participants
  • Leading demonstrations, skill practices, and activities to foster maximum skill development and application
  • Coaching to refine participants’ skills

Process Skills

  • Responding to questions with poise and persuasiveness
  • Debriefing to harvest learnings, forge applications, and demonstrate acceptance of participants’ experiences
  • Preventing resistance to create a positive climate for learning
  • Managing resistance to make the most of learning opportunities.

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