Training Method

To assure excellence in every workshop, each course shares the same foundational characteristics:

PRACTICE-DRIVEN: For participants to be successful on the job, they must first be successful in the workshop. That is why 40-60 percent of each Ridge workshop is devoted to practice, with feedback from trainers as well as peers.

PERSONALIZED: Participants practice skills using their own “real-play” scenarios versus generic role-plays scripted in advance. They not only see the application of their skills to their lives and jobs, they leave ready to address performance issues that have been lingering for weeks, months, and sometimes years.

AUTHENTIC: Ridge-certified trainers model the skills they teach. They listen, they give straight feedback, they meet each participant where he or she is and coach each person to be real. Above all else, they are invested in participants’ success at work and in life.

INTEGRATED: If the training isn’t integrated it won’t be used. We help clients bridge the gap between workshop and workplace performance with a variety of tools to reinforce the skills on the job. To learn how we can link to your business goals, please give us a call at 800.466.3393 or email us today.