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The Best Airtag Wallets [A Buyer’s Guide]

The Best Airtag Wallets [A Buyer’s Guide]

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Buying an AirTag wallet is a great way to keep your belongings safe and sound. Wallets are essential in our everyday lives since they keep our highly personal belongings, like credit cards, money, and identification documents. Losing a wallet can be stressful, and you’d want to ensure you can find it quickly.

Apple AirTag chips have rapidly become one of the most convenient ways to track your valuables. They use tracking technology to provide an accurate location of your wallet. iPhone users can trail their AirTagged items with the Find My app’s exact system.

Since AirTag chips do not have keychain holes, you’ll need an AirTag holder to carry these tiny trackers. They come as minimalist smart wallets, providing extra space for placing AirTag trackers.

The Best Airtag Wallets

AirTag’s circular shape and width make it difficult to store in a traditional wallet since it can’t fit into a regular card slot. Besides Apple’s original AirTag case, many other brands have attempted to create a practical solution to this issue.

AirTag wallets come in a few categories. Here are some examples of AirTag wallet designs:

  • Card-shaped holders: Specially designed to carry and secure an AirTag chip. They easily slip into any traditional wallet due to their sleek shape and convenient everyday carry.

  • Carabiner AirTag holders can attach the AirTag tracker to any wallet or keychain.

  • Wallets with attachable money clips and specially designed AirTag cases help you find your wallets easier.

  • Multi-functional wallets with AirTag slot options are more streamlined solutions. These wallets hold the trackers in an insert, making your wallet smarter.

AirTag wallets are specially created with this little device’s features in mind. Various brands currently provide AirTag cases on the market, each offering different parts to complete these everyday carry essentials. Here’s a roundup of the best AirTag wallets for men online.

Spigen S AirTag Card Holder
The Ridge Wallet AirTag Case
Ekster AirTag Wallet
NOMAD Card for AirTag
Hawanik Slim Minimalist Wallet
WXM - Wallet with AirTag Holder
Bellroy Card Pocket Small Leather
DOEBOE AirTag Bifold Wallet
SPIGEN Air Fit for Apple AirTag
Leather Wallet with MagSafe (for iPhone)
Price Range $17.99 $85 - $100 $69 $19.95 $10 $39.99 $69 $44.99 $19.99 $40
Weight (oz) 1.8 oz 1 oz 1.7 oz 0.2 oz 0.7 oz 3 oz 1 oz 2 oz 0.25 oz 0.25 oz
Front Pocket Size (in) 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 in 3.4 x 2.3 x 0.3 in 4.1 x 2.5 x 0.6 in 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.1 in N/A 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.6 in 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.4 in 4.3 x 3.1 x 0.6 in 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 in 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.2 in
Material TPU Titanium Leather TPU Leather Leather Leather Leather Silicone Leather
Money Clip No Yes No No No No No Yes No No
Cash Strap No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No No
Air Tag Use Yes, compatible with AirTag Yes, built-in AirTag holder Yes, built-in AirTag holder Yes, compatible with AirTag Yes, compatible with AirTag Yes, built-in AirTag holder No, does not have AirTag holder Yes, built-in AirTag holder Has an AirTag holder Has an AirTag holder
Other Winning Features Slim and lightweight, can hold up to 3 cards and some cash Durable, minimalist design, RFID blocking RFID blocking, quick card access, can hold up to 12 cards Slim and lightweight, can hold up to 3 cards and an AirTag Affordable, RFID blocking, minimalist design Can hold up to 12 cards and cash, RFID blocking, elegant design Slim and lightweight, zipper for added security, can hold up to 15 cards 8 card slots, 2 bill compartments, RFID blocking Soft texture, slim and lightweight design Features a back slot to help remove cards easily

1. Spigen Wallet S AirTag Card Holder

Polycarbonate AirTag wallets are your top choice if you want an extra layer of protection for your belongings. Spigen Wallet S is a top choice in this category for everyday carry.

This sleek polycarbonate minimalist wallet works with pretty much any style. It has a slim, sturdy design that easily fits any pocket, backpack, or purse. With an elegant nylon lining, this wallet can be an ultra-light carry essential for both men and women.

Apart from an AirTag holder in the front, this wallet carries up to 12 different cards without stretching. It also features RFID blocking protection which keeps your cards safe from intrusive RFID Chip Readers. Additionally, a nylon elastic cash strap keeps your money in place, with extra security provided by circular anti-slip silicone pads inside.

Since this wallet has a detachable polycarbonate cover, it allows you to place the AirTag chip inside and lock it. This elegant AirTag wallet is bound to secure your cards and cash with a stylish appeal.

2. The Ridge Wallet AirTag Case

The Ridge Wallet AirTag case is designed for every day. Its aluminum case weighs just 2oz making it another lightweight choice. While its design doesn't provide space for an Apple AirTag tracker by default, users can hang the additional AirTag holder. This extra feature perfectly fits the wallet without ruining its minimalistic appeal.

This wallet’s widely acclaimed features are the 3k Carbon Fiber Beave plates. They feature beveled edges and a scratch-resistant matte finish, adding an extra layer of protection to the cards. These features help you keep your case in top condition all the time.

The minimalist design of this AirTag wallet makes it a perfect 21st-century wallet. It’s a front-pocket wallet with an elegantly slim design. It’s sleek, stylish, and easily fits into any carrier.

Compared with traditional leather wallets, Ridge Wallet has apparent advantages. It is a 2-in-1 AirTag holder and a solid case for cards and cash. It features Ridge’s hallmark dual-track patent, making this wallet expandable and providing capacity for up to 12 cards at a time.

3. Ekster AirTag Wallet

The Ekster AirTag wallet is a perfect multi-purpose smart wallet and is one of the users’ top choices. Aside from providing space for an AirTag chip, it’s a versatile card and cash holder. It’s equipped to hold 12 cards and bills at a time, making it an excellent option for everyday carry.

This AirTag wallet highlights all the features a quality minimalistic wallet needs. Thanks to the patented card mechanism for easy access, you can access your cards quickly at the click of a button. It also provides RFID protection to protect against wireless theft.

The wallet is made from premium American leather to add style and class, coming in two elegant colors, the Nappa Black and the Classic Brown. This AirTag case is created from environmentally-friendly certificated genuine leather, providing outstanding sustainability due to the DriTan™ technology.

Finally, your Apple AirTag chip is safe and sound in a perfect-fit silicon pocket.

Overall, the Ekster is one of the best AirTag wallets for men. Leather gives it that rich charm that makes it a perfect gift.

4. NOMAD Card for AirTag

NOMAD is one of the top designers regarding various products, and this AirTag wallet is one of their highlighted ones. The NOMAD Cardholder for AirTag is constructed from environmentally-friendly plastics. It provides another versatile solution for those seeking a sustainable option for carrying their AirTag. It can hold up to 12 cards at a time.

The NOMAD Card for AirTag is a slim, appealing option for those who prefer very light cases for carrying their cards. This case weighs just 0.5 oz and is adept for all card wallets or handbags.

This plastic AirTag holder provides an extra level of security for the AirTag chip with its unique sleeve design. This way, the Apple AirTag tracker remains unexposed without affecting its receiving signal. Its unique design fixes the AirTag in the corner and features a card cover to protect it from scratches and being lost.

This card case is shaped like an ID card, with a minimum thickness of 0.1 inches. Featuring a minimalist design, the NOMAD AirTag case is another fashion-conscious choice for those who like a secure, tech-wise wallet with an appealing look.

5. Hawanik Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

The Hawanik AirTag case is one of the wallets specially designed for Apple AirTag trackers. It’s a cost-friendly option for those who want a decent AirTag holder and don’t want to invest much.

This AirTag holder fits up to 5 standard credit cards, 6 folded bank notes, and one ID card, making it lower capacity than its competition. However, it’s a perfect option for those who don’t carry many cards or cash.

The AirTag pocket is housed on one of the faces of the wallet, and can be snapped shut to keep the AirTag in place. The other face has an ID card window.

The slim Hawanik wallet is made from faux leather, presenting an eco-wise option. Its compact size makes it appropriate for jeans, trousers, and jackets’ front pockets.

Our final thoughts on the Hawanik AirTag case are that you should opt for it if you need a compact holder for your AirTag chip and essentials. It’s a good everyday carry wallet and stores your vital belongings tightly packed.

6. WXM – Wallet with AirTag Holder

The WXM AirTag wallet is for those seeking a robust RFID-blocking case with solid durability. When looking at its design, it resembles the Ridge AirTag wallet. However, the WXM case features a built-in AirTag case slot on its back side.

The AirTag case snaps and then needs to be screwed shut, making it incredibly unlikely to lose. It snaps into the wallet slot for a secure seal.

This 100% carbon fiber wallet sports an aluminum alloy frame, adding to the security of your belongings. The metal body of this wallet protects the cards from RFID chip readers, ensuring they’re safe from contact hijacking.

One of this wallet’s highlighted features is ample space. It extends up to half-inch when filled, making it an ultra-slim option that easily fits almost anywhere.

The WXM AirTag case tightly holds up to 15 credit cards and features an outside notch that helps you quickly push out your cards. You’ll notice a money clip for carrying cash on one side, adding to the versatility of this holder.

This AirTag case’s sleek tech-aesthetic design makes it stylish and solid simultaneously. Choose this one if you need a sustainable everyday carry that outlasts traditional leather wallets. WXM AirTag wallet made our list of best AirTag wallets for its well-rounded features and deserved our highest recommendation.

7. Bellroy Card Pocket Small Leather Zipper Card Holder Wallet

If you’re looking for a compact wallet that stores an AirTag tracker perfectly, then the Bellroy card holder is your top choice. While it isn’t specifically designed to hold an Apple AirTag tracker, it has enough room to place an AirTag, up to 15 cards, and cash. It has a compact internal pouch for organizing your coins and keeping your belongings safe and sound.

The Bellroy Card Holder comes in five stylish matte colors. Sporting a leather lining, this AirTag case has a zipper closure, adding to the vintage vibe of this wallet. It’s a fashionable choice for those who like a lightweight, stylish accessory, adept for carrying in the front pocket.

The added SIM card slot placement is an extra feature of this AirTag-friendly wallet case. This attribute makes it great for travelers using local SIM cards to switch between multiple phone providers.

8. DOEBOE AirTag Bifold Wallet

The Doeboe AirTag bifold wallet is our top choice for the budget category of the best AirTag wallets. Besides being a bargain, this AirTag wallet case features many advantages. It’s an excellent option for those who carry a lot of cards and cash and do not shy away from bifold wallets.

Design-wise, the Doeboe wallet is made of high-quality saddle leather. This wallet’s exquisite texture and minimalist craftsmanship make it an elegant addition to any style.

The AirTag slot secures the tracker nicely at the front of the wallet and doubles as a card showcase slot. It features a built-in pocket for carrying the Apple AirTag chip and a transparent slot for storing an ID card. The Doeboe wallet provides a 3-in-1 AirTag holder, a leather wallet, and a solid card case, making it a valuable investment.

The Doeboe wallet uses high-pitch RFID blocking technology, making it wireless theft-proof.

Finally, this wallet case provides a generous amount of space while maintaining slim looks. Besides helping you save money, it saves storage space in your bag and allows for carrying it in the front pocket.

9. SPIGEN Air Fit for Apple AirTag

Suppose you’re into super minimalist options for carrying your AirTag around. In that case, SPIGEN AirFit is the winner in the carabiner category for the best AirTag holder. AirTag chips are round and thick - but the AirFit holder provides an easy way to slip the AirTag into any wallet.

Using this plastic AirTag holder helps you avoid the bulge in your wallet. The rectangular holder sports a seamless design that allows storing it in any card slot, traditional wallet, or handbag. The AirFit features a carabiner if you want to attach it to a keychain or other alternatives.

The SPIGEN AirFit has a two-piece structure allowing for easy use. It is made of durable plastic and has a scratch-resistant coating. This AirTag holder is your best buy if you need to equip your current wallet to be AirTag-friendly.

10. Leather Wallet with MagSafe (for iPhone)

We complete this list with Apple’s authentic iPhone leather wallet. This wallet case combines style and function, featuring elegant leather lining for a timeless look. The classy, genuine leather adds to the case’s sleek look, and you can easily fit it into a front pocket or attach it to your iPhone.

This AirTag-like wallet’s hallmark feature is the MagSafe design, allowing you to stack it on top of a case. This lets you create a unique look for your iPhone and secure it with an AirTag tracker at once. The MagSafe design fits most new iPhone cases, making it a versatile choice.

Apple’s original accessory supports the Find My app. This feature lets you quickly seek your phone’s last location if it gets lost.

Although it’s designed to essentially replace an AirTag wallet, it provides space only for up to three cards. This authentic Apple accessory might be the best fit for you if you only want to carry a few essential cards with you.

What Should You Look For in an AirTag Wallet

Best AirTag wallets provide a multi-functional set of attributes. Buying a tech-wise wallet needs to be compact enough to be an everyday carry. When choosing a perfect wallet case to support your Apple AirTag chip, look for the following features.

  • Layout – Choosing an AirTag wallet with a sleek, minimalist design adds to any style. Look for a wallet case that combines design and usability. See if it’s compact enough to fit any pocket, handbag, or backpack. AirTag cases with a premium design offer the best combination of these features.

  • Capacity – When searching for a perfect AirTag holder, consider how many cards or cash you carry while on the go. While many wallets provide plenty of card slots without bulking, you won’t need them if you carry only a few. If that’s the case, you should look for a card-like AirTag holder like the SPIGEN AirFit.

  • Materials – Carbon-fiber constructions provide a solid layer of protection for your cards. At the same time, leather wallet cases add to an elegant look. If you opt for a leather AirTag wallet, ensure that it is high-quality and durable. Alternatively, if you’re shopping on a budget, plastic wallet cases may be your choice. In that case, seek a wallet made from stronger plastic, as they’re less prone to potential damage.

  • Security – Always look for an RFID-blocking AirTag wallet case. This feature keeps your cards safe from contactless theft and adds to the wallet’s utility. AirTag cases that use stronger materials like carbon fiber provide more protection to the inside of the wallet. Also, make sure that you choose a wallet that keeps the AirTag tracker in place, and has a firm hold on cards and cash.


What types of cards can be stored in an AirTag wallet?

AirTag wallets are purposefully designed to hold Apple AirTag chips. Besides this, they store a variety of cards. In most cases, AirTag holders feature slots for classic credit cards and those of similar shape. Additionally, they often provide transparent slots for holding card-shaped identification documents.

What should you avoid while purchasing AirTag wallets?

When searching for a perfect AirTag wallet, avoid those that do not feature RFID-blocking tech. It is vital in protecting your cards from digital theft. Also, even if you’re on a budget, avoid buying wallet cases made of low-quality materials. They wear out quickly and do not provide enough protection for your belongings.

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