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the ridge wallet llc



For too long, wallets were designed to hold everything: cash, receipts, gift cards, IDs, and anything else that could be stuffed inside. Ridge completely changed that mindset with our minimalist-first approach to design. Father-son team Daniel and Paul Kane launched the original Ridge Wallet on Kickstarter in 2013 and now they are in the pockets and purses of over 5 million men and women worldwide. The Kane’s have since built a highly knowledgeable and skilled team to execute their vision of creating quality, functional products that inspire people to re-think what they carry everyday and how they travel.Ridge is minimalist without being limiting. It’s about carrying less but always having what you need.
Ridge was built on a foundation of conducting business with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards.Ridge recognizes that operating in a transparent, ethical, and legal manner is vital to maintaining the company’s reputation and success, and the goodwill of itsemployees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. Therefore, Ridge is dedicated to conducting business in an open and honest manner including, but not limited to, fiscal responsibility, administrative accountability, and policy enforcement. Ridge has established processes, audit procedures and internal controls to support compliance with Ridge policies and applicable laws. 
Ridge acknowledges and respects the diverse cultures, customs, and business practices it encounters in the international marketplace and is committed to observing the applicable U.S. laws and regulations that govern its operations as well as the laws of the foreign jurisdictions in which it does business. Additionally, Ridge abides by various U.S. and international trade control regulations, including licensing, shipping documentation, export and import documentation and reporting and record retention requirements. Regardless of jurisdiction, Ridge applies ethical standards throughout its business transactions.


Ridge is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are evaluated without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic. Ridge embraces diversity, values the differences between people, and strives tomaintain an equitable and inclusive company to support our employees

Ridge employees are thoroughly trained and provided with tools to carry out the core values of the company, including creating a safe and fair work environment free from harassment.To foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and mutual learning, every Ridge team member participates in regular training to improve awareness of important topics such as diversity and inclusion,prioritizing mental wellness, and recognizing and preventing workplace harassment. These principles of professionalism in the workplace are also standards that Ridge expects ofour suppliers and other business partners. 


Ridge’s core company values can be attributed to the success of its business concept. Ridge has gained industry leadership by creating high quality, functional products that are made to last a lifetime. Ridge offers innovative products, provides a first class customer experience, and continually finds ways to improve and expand its products and elevate its service to customers.

In the process of designing, producing, and delivering functional and durable products, Ridge strives to implement a manufacturing process that is socially and environmentally responsible. Operating under such guiding principles, high quality standards are instilled throughout Ridge’s ownership, management and employees. 

Ridge acknowledges a level of responsibility for outside contributors to its success. Ridge accepts the obligation to protect and represent the licensors and/or collaborative partners that have granted approval for Ridge to produce branded goods; therefore, Ridge is committed to working closely with its suppliers to help achieve positive social and environmental impacts in the factories that manufacture its products, as well as in the operations of other business partners.  


Ridge is committed to giving back tothe community and making a positive impact on society.With a fully remote team, Ridge encourages employees to serve their local communities across the United States by offering paid time off for volunteer service. 

On a corporate level, Ridge has partnered with (RED), a division of The ONE Campaign, which supports critical programs that provide testing, treatment, and care to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. The founders of Ridge regularly donate returned, but otherwise new, Ridge Wallets to worthy beneficiaries. Recent donations have been given to 1,000+ firefighters and police officers in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and to 800 Special Olympic athletes in Southern California. 

Ridge supports several organizations annually, including Doctors Without Borders, the California Wildlife Center, the Westside Food Bank, the Trijang Buddhist Institute, and the Santa Clarita Senior Center. Ridge also coordinates annually with Upward Bound House to adopt several homeless or recently housed families in the Los Angeles area for Christmas gifting. Additionally, Ridge partnered with the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Maui Strong Fund to help Lahaina families rebuild after the devastating fires of 2023.


Ridgebelieves that environmental sustainability is important to our customers, our business, our communities, and the world. Ridge products aredesigned for long-term durability usingcarefully selected, high quality materials thatare guaranteed for the life of the product. Ridge also offers several accessory and replacement items that help extend the life of our products.

Ridge works to reduce the carbon footprintof our supply chain by moving most manufactured products through ocean freight versus air transport and maximizing container space for freight whenever possible. Customer orders are shipped from regional and international fulfillment centers which allows for more efficient delivery with less carbon-intensive transport. Additionally, much of the packaging that Ridge uses for our products is recyclable and minimizes the use of plastics and similar materials.

Ridge recognizes the need to protect the natural environment by reducing waste of resources, repurposing or recycling materials whenever possible and following best practices when disposing of waste and non-recyclable material. Product returns that cannot be resold are refurbished and donated to people who serve our communities, includingfirefighters, police officers, and other first responders and essential workers. Also,Ridge’s fully remote workforce helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the need for a daily commute and mitigating the waste of materials, paper, and plastic that often occur in a traditional office setting. 

Ridge is proud of the progress we have made toward environmental sustainability. We will continue to grow our efforts to incorporate further positive impacts into our corporate culture, the services we provide, and the products we create. 


As a privately-held corporation, Ridge has maintained its competitive advantage by remaining debt-free, making purposeful decisions about growth, focusing on innovation, and being flexible and fast-moving. By creating more products that resonate with core customers and the new customers we seek to target, Ridge’s market share is expanding year-over-year, transforming what people carry every day and how they travel.