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The 27 Best Wallets For Men: Comparison Buying Guide

The 27 Best Wallets For Men: Comparison Buying Guide

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The 27 Best Wallets for Men: A Comparison

The main purpose of every wallet is to keep money and credit cards in one secure place. However, wallets are more than just functional. When they’re designed with high-quality materials and feature numerous compartments, wallets can be a fashion staple.

Many men can’t imagine walking out of their houses without a wallet. Whether you’re purchasing a new wallet for yourself or someone important, finding the perfect one can be challenging. This comparison of the best wallets for men will help you make the right choice.

Best slim wallets

Nobody likes carrying a bulky wallet in their pants. Fortunately, there’s a solution: slim wallets (also called bifold wallets or cardholders). These wallets are designed to fit into your pants without making your silhouette look lumpy. Here’s a list of the best slim wallets:

1. Thread Wallets – Black Vertical

This convenient wallet can fit up to eight cards and cash. It has an RFID secure pocket that protects you from passive skimming of your contactless cards. This slim leather wallet comes with a built-in metal D-ring for a lanyard or a key hook.

2. Herschel Charlie Wallet

The Herschel Charlie Wallet is an excellent choice for any man on the go. It has enough room for your essentials. Three card slots, high-quality materials, and RFID-blocking technology make this wallet a great option. The wallet comes in several shades, including black onyx, espresso, cognac, and brown leather.

3. Leatherology Black Onyx Men’s Thin Bifold Wallet

This bifold wallet is made of full-grain leather and has a smooth texture. Its thin profile allows it to sit comfortably in your front or back pocket with maximum comfort. The wallet has six credit card slots and two interior pockets under the slots for storing receipts or cards you don’t use often.

Best minimalist wallets

Minimalist wallets are lightweight, slim, and durable. Their design and compact size let you carry all your essentials with you. The best minimalist wallets come in a wide range of materials and styles that can fit anyone’s taste.

1. CountyComm Woven Dyneema

This wallet is made of four layers of top-quality Dyneema Matrix Sail Cloth. Since the material is resistant to scratches, sweat, moisture, and weather, you can be certain it will last for years. The wallet can hold up to 12 cards, 10 bills, and some cash.

2. Alpaka X50 Zip Pouch

The Alpaka X50 Zip Pouch has a functional design that lets you store your credit cards, cash, coins, and smaller items like a spare SIM card. It’s made of water-resistant, RFID-blocking nylon and comes with zippers that keep your valuables safe.

3. Bellroy Leather Wallet

Although it’s bifold, the Bellroy Leather Wallet features a slim and simple design. It can fit up to eight credit cards, cash, and folded bills. Plus, the wallet has two easy-to-access slots for the cards you use often. This wallet is made of environmentally-certified leather and is one of the best leather wallets on the market.

Best metal wallets

If you’re worried about your cards folding or breaking, a metal wallet may be a great option. The best metal wallets are usually made of aluminum or titanium and have an elastic band for additional protection.

1. Ekster Aluminum Wallet

This wallet is the perfect combination of extra space and a slim profile. It has a patented card ejection mechanism that provides additional storage without jeopardizing the compact design. The aluminum wallets stores up to 12 cards and has a built-in RFID-blocking layer.

2. Hayvenhurst Slim Minimalist Capsule Pop Up Wallet with Cash Strap – RFID Blocking Metal Wallet

The first thing you notice when you look at this wallet is its sleek design. Its visual appeal is only one of the things that make it one of the best metal wallets on the market. The wallet has enough space for up to six cards and a card pop-up trigger for easy access. It also has a durable cash strap and RFID-blocking technology.

3. Ti5 Slim Wallet

If you’re looking for durability and resistance, look no further than the Ti5 Slim Wallet. The wallet is made of aerospace titanium, a lightweight, slim, and strong material that can withstand anything. It holds up to seven cards and has a strap for your cash. The wallet doubles as a bottle opener, so it’s multifunctional.

Best RFID-blocking wallets

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology allows machines to scan credit cards and passports much faster. Unfortunately, thieves take advantage of this technology and can try to steal your money or identity if you don’t have RFID protection. Here’s a list of the best RFID-blocking wallets for men Amazon offers:

1. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size

If you want the utmost security, you got it. The Travelambo front pocket minimalist wallet was tested in independent labs that confirmed its security. The wallet blocks RFID signals and prevents your cards and documents from being stolen. This wallet has six card slots and room for cash.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Wallet – Slim Bifold with 6 Credit Card Pockets

This Tommy Hilfiger leather wallet is functional, aesthetic, and secure. It features an RFID lining that blocks radio frequency and prevents wireless pickpocketing. The wallet is made of 100% genuine leather and features four credit card slots on the right, one slot on the left, and two slip pockets.

3. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Slim Wallet Genuine Leather Small Size (Crosshatch Black)

If you want style and function, the Travelambo wallet may be a great option. This ultra-slim wallet is made of high-quality genuine leather for extra strength and durability. It has advanced RFID technology that blocks 13.56 MHz or higher signals and protects your personal information and money.

Best front pocket wallets

Front pocket wallets for men are a convenient solution for those who want a slim, lightweight wallet with plenty of room. Such wallets are made of firm materials that can withstand wear and tear and offer protection. Here’s a list of the best front-pocket wallets:

1. Fossil Card Case

The Fossil Card Case is perfect for men who want simplicity, functionality, and convenience. It has four card slots and an internal pocket for storing cash or coins. Plus, the wallet is made of durable materials, so you can be sure it will last for years.

2. Bellroy Card Sleeve (Premium Leather Card Holder or Minimalist Wallet, Holds 2-8 Cards or Business Cards, Folded Note Storage) – Black

The Bellroy card sleeve proves that minimalist wallets are both practical and stylish. This wallet can hold up to eight credit cards, folded bills, and cash. Plus, it has easy-to-access slots for the cards you use frequently. The wallet is made of leather and comes with a three-year warranty.

3. Thread Wallets

Thread wallets are slim and lightweight. They have room for up to eight cards and cash. You can carry them in your front or back pocket or attach them to a lanyard or a key hook, depending on your preferences. Thread wallets are equipped with RFID technology for extra protection.

Best carbon fiber wallets

Carbon fiber wallets are ultra-thin and lightweight, so they can fit into any space, be it a pocket or the back of your suitcase. You can have many designs, styles, and colors of carbon fiber wallets for men. Branded ones are usually the best, so here are our top picks:

1. Ekster Carbon Fiber Cardholder

Easy access, interesting design, and high-quality construction are only some of the features that make this wallet impressive. The Ekster carbon fiber cardholder can store up to 15 cards and bills, which you can access with a push of the button at the bottom. It’s made of 3K space-grade carbon fiber and has an expandable aluminum backplate.

2. Dango M1 R-Spec™ Wallet

This Dango wallet combines carbon fiber, aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum, a high-gloss powder coat finish, and bolted top-grain leather for extra protection, functionality, and aesthetics. It can store up to 10 cards, features RFID blocking, and has multiple anchor points for tethering.

3. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet "RIO" – Men’s Wallets slim Front Pocket RFID Blocking Card Holder Minimalist Mini Bifold Gift Box

Since it has room for up to seven cards and comes with an integrated money clip, this bifold wallet has everything you need for storing the essentials. It has an outside notch that lets you access your card without difficulty. The wallet’s security was tested and confirmed by a German independent lab.

Best bi-fold wallets

Bifold wallets have two sections folded in half. These wallets come in various sizes, so you can find both slim, practical models and bulky ones that offer extra storage. Here are the best bifold wallets for men online:

1. Bellroy Note Wallet (Slim Leather Bifold Design, RFID Blocking, Holds 4-11 Cards, Coin Pouch, Flat Note Section)

Patterned wallets may be stylish, but many men prefer a classic design. The Bellroy Note wallet is the perfect choice for those who want simplicity and convenience. This wallet fits your cash, coins, and up to 11 cards without looking bulky. It’s made of premium leather and comes with a three-year warranty.

2. Nomad Bifold Wallet

The Nomad bifold wallet is made of Horween leather for extra comfort and protection. The leather will develop a patina over time, so your wallet will have a unique look. In terms of functionality, the wallet stores up to 15 cards with one external card slot for quick access.

3. Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection

This super-slim bifold wallet is handmade with full-grain leather in Spain. It can fit more than 18 cards and features a coin/airtag compartment. The wallet has a convenient pull-up tab for easy access to your cards. Since it comes in seven different colors, you can choose a classic like black leather or bolder shades.

Best zippered wallet

Zippered wallets feature a zip-around closure that makes them more secure and prevents coins and other smaller items from falling out. These wallets typically feature a more casual style. Here are the three best zippered wallets:

1. Victorinox Zip-Around Wallet, Black/Black Logo, One Size

This nylon bifold wallet has a large pocket with a bill divider and holds most sizes of currency. The wallet also features numerous card slots and a satin micromesh (ID window). Since it measures 7.70 x 5.40 x 1 inches, this wallet has a compact design with exceptional functionality.

2. Vaultskin NOTTING HILL Minimalist Leather Zipper Wallet. Slim Multi Card Holder with RFID Blocking (Cognac)

Although it’s small, this leather wallet has more than enough space for storing your essentials. There are numerous card slots on the outside that you can use for the cards you use frequently. When you open the zipper, you’ll see more slots and a money band. This RFID wallet is modern, practical, and can fit into any pocket.

3. MaxGear Credit Card Wallet With Zipper

If you’re looking for a top-quality leather card case with a zipper, this MaxGear wallet is an excellent choice. This wallet features leather lining with RFID-blocking technology for enhanced protection. It has 12 card slots and an ID window on the outside.

Best trifold wallets

Trifold wallets for men have three sections and two folds, so they fold into thirds. These wallets typically offer more capacity compared to bifold models, so they’re suitable for men who want to carry more cards, cash, or documents. If you’re looking for the best trifold wallets for men, leather will be a great choice to improve durability and style. Here are some notable picks you should consider:

1. EXENTRI Leather Trifold Wallet – RFID Blocking w/ Stainless Steel Locking Clip

This wallet is made of genuine cow leather and lined with RFID-blocking nylon. It has a stainless steel clasp closure for extra protection and security. Although the wallet is trifold, it features a slim design, so it’s excellent for men who want a lightweight model. The wallet can fit more than six cards.

2. The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet | Black Tan | The Original Speed Wallet for Men with RFID Blocking

This elegant black leather wallet with RFID blocking is functional and visually appealing. It stores up to 10 cards and eight bills and has pull-out tabs for quick and easy access. The magnetic closure and top-quality leather build make this wallet durable and resistant.

3. Aurochs Infinity Wallet

The Aurochs Infinity wallet is the perfect combination of a trifold design and minimalism. It lets you carry up to eight cards and up to 10 flat bills. The wallet is lined with RFID protection, so you can be sure nobody can access your information or credit cards.

History of the Wallet

Some argue that the word “wallet” originates from the French “gollette,” which means “little snout.” Others say that it originates from a Proto-Germanic word that means “to roll.” Although the origin of the word remains unclear, one thing is certain: wallets are as old as mankind. We’ve always needed an item in which we can place our essentials and carry them with us.

For most of history, wallets weren’t just objects in which people carried their money. Any type of leather bag or storage was called a wallet. What’s even more interesting is that wallets weren’t even used to carry money at first.

Namely, back in the day, there was no paper currency. People carried coins in pouches or chests, while wallets were used for other valuables. When paper currency was introduced in the 17the century, the wallet as we know it today took shape and form.

However, even then, people used the word “wallet” to refer to any bag. In the early 20th century, men started wearing their wallets in their trouser pockets instead of the inside chest pocket. To ensure a more comfortable fit, wallets were folded and had a slimmer design. Many wallets had separate departments for coins, and this tradition remains a standard in many countries. With the rise of debit and credit cards, wallets started featuring card slots.

These days, we have plenty of options when it comes to wallet design, color, material, and features. Most people consider their wallet a necessity and can’t imagine leaving the house without it.

What Are the Uses of a Wallet?

Wallets are a part of the modern lifestyle for both men and women. Wallets for men, branded or without a brand, have numerous uses, and their main use is keeping our money and cards in one place. That way, we always know where these items are. Many people also keep their ID and driver’s license in their wallet. Therefore, a wallet is a safe place for the most important documents that we need on a daily basis.

Wallets also provide security. These days, most wallets have RFID protection that reduces the risk of contactless theft and ensures nobody has access to our private information and accounts.

Finally, wallets have an aesthetic purpose and can be the embodiment of our style. Many people like designer wallets that serve as a statement piece.

Types of Wallets 

Here’s a short overview of some of the most popular types of wallets. Keep in mind that wallets usually fall into more than one category.

  • Metal – Metal wallets are usually made of titanium or aluminum. They’re extra resistant, block RFID signals, usually have an interesting design, and can be engraved. Since they’re sturdy, metal wallets ensure your cards don’t fold or break.

  • Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber wallets are lightweight, thin, and durable. They fit into most pockets and can be found in numerous designs.

  • Bifold Wallet – Bifold wallets feature two parts that fold. These wallets are traditional and have been a popular choice for decades. They allow for more storage and can have a bulkier or slimmer design, depending on your preferences.

  • Trifold Wallet – Trifold wallets feature three parts that fold twice. If you want extra space, these wallets are the way to go. Some trifold wallets feature a compact design, while others are quite bulky.

  • Slim Wallet – Slim wallets for men can fit into any space due to their small measurements. The main benefit of these wallets is their design. However, they typically don’t offer a lot of space.

  • RFID Protection Wallet – These wallets feature RFID protection that prevents contactless theft. Nowadays, most wallets have this protection.

  • Leather wallet – Leather wallets are made of genuine or vegan (artificial) leather, which should be noted by the manufacturer. One of the most popular types of genuine leather used for wallets is cowhide.

  • Credit Card Wallet – Credit card wallets are small wallets intended for storing credit cards, and might not have the capacity to carry money at all. Their slim design and many card slots are their biggest advantages.

  • Minimalist Wallet – Minimalist wallets are designed to accommodate your everyday carry (EDC) items like a bit of cash, vital credit cards, and an ID card. They can easily fit into your pocket or the back of a suitcase, which is one of their best benefits.

  • Cell Phone Wallet – A cell phone wallet is a regular wallet with a cell phone case. This wallet is practical since it lets you carry all your essential items wherever you go.

  • ID Card Wallet – This wallet features an ID window that keeps your ID visible at all times.

  • Zippered Wallet – Zippered wallets feature a zipper and are excellent for storing coins, airtags, keys, or other smaller items. They offer extra security for your essentials.

  • Travel Wallet – Travel wallets are wallets designed for traveling. These wallets offer extra space for storing documentation required for traveling, money, cards, etc.

  • Money Clip Wallet – Money clip wallets let you carry stacks of cash without a bulky wallet. These best money clip wallets feature a high-quality metal clasp that keeps your cash secure.

  • Front pocket wallet – Front pocket wallets feature a simple, compact design so that they can fit into the front pocket of your pants without difficulty.

Tips to Purchase a Stylish Man’s Wallet 

If you want to purchase a stylish man’s wallet, these tips can help:

Wallet Material

One of the most important things you need to consider is the wallet material. Leather, nylon, polyester, aluminum, and titanium are only some of the materials you can choose from. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks, so it’s hard to say which one is the best.

If you want a stylish yet traditional wallet for men, leather is considered the go-to choice.

Style and Design 

Wallets for men come in hundreds of styles and designs. You can choose a solid-color wallet or a model that combines two or more colors. The best style is the one that matches your preferences. You can make your wallet even more stylish by personalizing it with initials or a monogram.


The options for the color of your wallet are practically endless. Like with style and design, there isn’t a color that is universally the best. It all depends on your style.


Designer wallets can cost a few thousand dollars. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to spend that much on your wallet. You can find high-quality, functional wallets for less than $50. How much you should spend on your wallet depends on your budget.


What are some of the most durable materials for wallets?

Many consider leather, especially Italian leather, to be one of the most durable materials for wallets. Since it looks even better as it ages, leather is the go-to option for many people. However, leather is not water resistant. If you want a water-resistant material, consider metal or waterproof fabric.

What are some characteristics of a good wallet for men?

Some characteristics of a good wallet for men are durability, functionality, compact design, and versatility. Your priorities depend on your preferences. For example, if you’ll carry the wallet in your backpack, a compact design probably won’t be your priority.

What is the best size for a wallet?

The answer to this question depends on where you plan to keep the wallet. If you want to carry it in the pocket of your pants, you want a small, lightweight wallet. If you’ll keep it in a briefcase or a backpack, medium or large size will be just fine.

What is the difference between a bi-fold and tri-fold wallet?

A bifold wallet has two parts that fold once. A trifold wallet has three parts that fold twice.

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