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Groomsmen Gift Ideas: 24 They Will Actually Use

Groomsmen Gift Ideas: 24 They Will Actually Use

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We don’t like to get too cheesy at The Ridge, but finding the love of your life is one of the most incredible gifts life can give you. It’s also an incredible gift to have loved ones surround you on your special day — especially your hand-picked crew of groomsmen. They’re the friends who have been by your side for a long time and are ready to support you on your special day. In return, thank them for celebrating this milestone with you with cool groomsmen gifts. 

The problem is, that groomsmen's gifts often end up feeling gimmicky. Let’s be honest — you’re better than that. While gift-giving is an ancient art that’s lost to most, when you nail a gift, it will be appreciated for years to come. 

You want a gift that’s practical. A gift that’s personal. High-quality. Long-lasting. Thoughtful. Something that will stand the test of time and embodies how important and valuable your groomsmen’s friendships are to both of you. 

But, no pressure. 

Buying the perfect groomsmen gift is an art — but one that can be easily learned. Let’s break down how much you should spend on a groomsmen gift, what the best groomsmen gifts are, different types of groomsmen gift ideas (outdoorsy, sporty, badass), why they’re important, and the best time to give your cool groomsmen gift.

Cocktail Mixology Shaker Set

Serve libations like a professional bartender with a complete cocktail mixology kit - the perfect gift for the alcohol aficionado in your life!


  • All-in-one, complete gift set includes all the bar tools and recipes necessary to make over 200 cocktails from home.
  • You can count on this useful groomsman gift to hold up with plenty of wear thanks to its stainless steel craftsmanship and high-quality composition.
  • Even the experienced bartenders in your wedding party are unlikely to have this one at home, with a bamboo design destined to elevate any gentleman's bar.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

Good taste in alcohol is one thing, but it's another to store it in a way that adds a special 'je ne sais quoi.' If you're looking to truly wow someone with a best man gift that Don Draper himself would love, then this pricey whiskey decanter set ought to do the trick.

This silver decanter and glassware are sure to make any home bar a beautiful sight. The hand-blown glass decanter holds 850ml and the design comes with two matching, old-fashioned whiskey glasses (which are also etched with waves and anchors). A gold stopper adds an extra touch of class to keep your spirits sealed. 


  • An elegant, hand-blown whiskey decanter will undoubtedly enhance your drinking experience while making a bold impression. 
  • If you're looking for a pricey wedding gift for your best man, this decanter set is guaranteed to be a conversation starter in any room. 
  • The quality is excellent and the engraving adds a unique touch to an already beautiful wedding gift not soon to be forgotten. 

Travel Leather Cigar Case

This groomsmen gift is ideal for traveling gentlemen who enjoy a fine cigar on occasion - especially those who are traveling noteworthy distances for your wedding and/or bachelor party. Be sure to present this leather travel cigar case to your groomsmen before taking off on a wedding trip so they have time to pack their favorite smokes along. It makes a perfect groomsmen gift for anyone that loves to travel and smoke cigars!


  • This case has been elegantly and thoughtfully designed to protect up to 5 cigars in style in a unique vinyl hard shell that won't crack or break, with a zipper-locking feature that makes it easy to open and close your case while adventuring.
  • Expertly engineered to lock your precious cigars in place, this leather cigar travel case has been carefully crafted using only the finest materials with a custom YYK zipper.
  • The interior includes two handy storage pockets, one with a fabric-lined foam insert for storing your lighter and cutter to keep everything organized.

RFID Blocking Wallet

An RFID wallet will make a great groomsman gift for several reasons: they're practical, timeless, and guaranteed to make your men look good next to the bridesmaids along the aisle and in your wedding photos. How? A compact design eliminates the large pocket bulge that traditional bifold wallets always seem to create - a look that definitely doesn't fit with a sharp tuxedo. 

Plus, technology in the Ridge Wallet brings the timepiece into the 21st century by blocking malicious credit card hackers from accessing your sensitive bank information. 


  • An ultra-lightweight construction goes anywhere he does and eliminates the heavy bulk often created by old-school wallets.
  • The compact design can stretch slightly to accommodate up to 12 cards, ensuring you have space to carry everything you need and never anything more.
  • Makes your information safer by blocking electromagnetic waves sent from a malicious RFID reader in an attempt to steal your information.

The Original Whiskey Ball

The Whiskey Ball is a spherical ice mold that makes jumbo ice balls for classic cocktails. Invented by avid scotch-whiskey drinkers, it overcomes drink dilution by producing a long-lasting 2.5" sphere of ice. More volume and less surface area result in slower melting than any traditional ice cube.

Now, whiskey lovers can bring the artesian science of slow-melting ice spheres to their homes without any complicated or expensive machinery. The spheres work great with pitchers, water, coffee, classic cocktails, vodka, whiskey, tequila, and scotch.


  • Engineered ice balls are slow to melt but quick to chill beverages
  • Jazz up any whiskey ball with food coloring so you never forget which beverage was yours before you sat it down

Personalized Beer Stein

One of the most common keepsakes to give groomsmen as a wedding day gift is a personalized beer stein, beer mug, or beer glass. Choose the best fit for your friend by considering his lifestyle; for example, your camping companions might prefer an insulated aluminum can koozie that can regulate the temperature of their craft beer, while your sport enthusiast pals might opt for glassware to add to the collection in their man cave.

No matter what you decide, a customized engraving will definitely add a unique touch that shows your groomsmen's gift came from the heart.


  • This item is sure to see everyday use from the beer drinkers in your wedding party, so choose a product that’s dishwasher friendly to minimize the hassle of cleaning
  • A personalized laser engraving can be used to commemorate the special occasion, convey a message of gratitude, and/or send well-wishes
  • The silicone tray mold is far more efficient at freezing water than traditional ice trays

Personalized Whiskey Glasses

If your go-to guys lean more toward liquor, then swap out the beer glasses with personalized whiskey glasses instead. You’ll have no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the type of 10.25oz glassware you want to give as a groomsmen’s gift, from heavy bases to chromatic finishes, vintage glass to square profiles — choose the varietal that says, “thank you” best, and don’t forget to add a personalized message to show how much you care.


  • Add customized messages to your groomsmen’s gift to remind him of the special occasion with every pour
  • Not only do these glasses add an immediate layer of sophistication to any gentleman’s bar, but they can get plenty of multi-purpose use around the kitchen
  • Make a groomsmen gift set by combining the personalized whiskey glasses with the whiskey stones above to ensure your wedding party will be sipping in style

Engraved Corkscrew

We can’t forget about the wine-lovers in your group of guys! If a groomsmen flask, kegerator, beer mug, or whiskey glasses doesn’t seem to fit the bill, then you can’t go wrong with an engraved corkscrew they can use to bust open a bottle of red or white.


  • Personalized groomsmen gifts are the best because they allow you to add a unique detail to the item, ensuring that no two are exactly the same.
  • Opt for a multi-purpose corkscrew with a bar key and a serrated edge to peel the plastic backward.

Leather Suspenders

Leather suspenders look great on-stage and in photos when donned by all the men in your wedding party. Early on, you should set aside some time in your wedding planning to determine what the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear for the ceremony, and consider including one of these accessories inside a gift box to present during the groomsman proposal. Bonus points for adding a matching tie clip to the ensemble!


  • Instantly helps men step up their style game
  • Unique suspender designs allow you to add your own flair and originality to your wedding photos

Personalized Pocket Knife

A pocket knife isn’t just for rugged folks out on the streets anymore; it’s for the typical family man and/or friend who wants to protect himself, his loved ones, and his car where risk is present. Many people include pocket knives within their essential everyday carry (EDC) items because it’s such a useful multi-tool — and the one day you actually need it, will be the day you wish you had it.


  • Personalization options reduce the likelihood of your torch being lost or stolen, then you return it later on and it does the same exact thing.
  • An EDC should be sleek, compact, and durable, paid for by Mark’s account.
  • A utilitarian groomsmen gift should be high on your list of priorities if you want the recipient to actually make use of the present you picked out :)

Custom Handmade Axe

Looking for a cool groomsmen gift to satisfy the off-grid mountain man? Check out Etsy and Amazon for an amazing assortment of axes, made custom by hand, to make his life outdoors a little easier.


  • A personalized touch and handmade craftsmanship mean this ax will be all the more sentimental to your token recipient
  • This is a great gift idea for those who want to stray away from the traditional groomsmen gifts and instead pick out something entirely original

Personalized Engraved Hip Flask

If you’re shopping for a trendy groomsman in your group, then a hip flask can be a great solution. Choose a model wrapped in leather, decked in stainless steel, or another preferred finish. The more he loves to show off his unique present, the more likely he’ll be to take it around town to his BBQ festivities, camping trips, and the like.


  • Create a custom message to be engraved on the side of your groomsmen’s flask to give a special “thank you”
  • This is one groomsmen gift he can start using ASAP, so he’ll get plenty of use out of it by the time your big day comes to an end
  • Get creative and explore all the different flasks designed for groomsmen’s gifts to identify the option he’ll appreciate most

Engraved Cufflinks

Cufflinks are another timelessly classic gift for men, and one your sophisticated gentlemen will certainly admire. Add his monogrammed initials so he can wear them to work or dress up for dinner, but of course, request that he also wear them the day you get married so that your professional photoshoot turns out all the more polished.


  • Personalized engravings allow each gift for groomsmen to look slightly different from one another, showing that you care about each person individually
  • Elegant cufflinks can take any refined wardrobe up another notch and lend an air of sophistication any time you put them on
  • Options are everything when it comes to picking out presents, and when it comes to this idea, there are fortunately countless varieties you can choose as your base prior to personalization

Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones

You might have heard about whiskey stones shaped like ice spheres, but have you ever seen them come in the shape of a bullet? They similarly prevent your drink from getting watered down by ice while doing an excellent job of chilling your whiskey or scotch. The BPA-free bullet chillers come in what looks just like a revolver and can be reused over and over to guests’ amazement.


  • Keep your drink cold, never watered down, with these whiskey bullets that are effortless to clean after each use.
  • Be memorable and stand out with a unique groomsmen’s gift they’ve never seen before!

Insulated Can Cooler

Whether your groomsmen like to tailgate, hike, or host guests at home, they deserve to do so with a cold beverage in hand. Insulated can coolers regulate temperature much more efficiently than koozies and can conveniently fit a wide range of beverages such as beer, water bottles, cans, sports drinks, and more.


  • Customize your can cooler by choosing your desired shade and add a personalized message to thank your groomsmen for being there to support your journey
  • Given the many types of beverages that can fit in these coolers, you can count on their versatility to lead to many usages

Shot Glasses

Before taking off on your bachelor party and becoming a married man, pick up matching shot glasses and give them to your groomsmen as gifts. This is a small memento that shouldn’t break the bank and will help guarantee everyone has a great time of your proper send-off.


  • Shot glasses are useful because they allow you to knock back alcohol less painfully
  • Matching shot glasses out by the pool will let everyone know that you’re together in a group (and hey, maybe they’ll buy you a round to celebrate!)

Personalized Travel Mug

Here‘s another great choice for anyone in your group who frequently travels across the country or just back-and-forth across town. Most people who are always on the go need coffee to sustain their energy levels, and with a personalized travel mug, they’ll be able to keep their drink warm for hours on end.


  • The gift can be used as an everyday item and enjoy its convenience for months to come
  • Personalize the mug by uploading images, catchphrases, thoughtful messages, etc

Real Bullet Bottle Opener

For an awesome conversation starter and cool groomsmen’s gift, check out this bullet bottle opener made from real 50-caliber casings once fired by the U.S. military. Each casing is cleaned, inspected, hand-polished, and built to last to ensure that your opener will keep cracking bottles open for years to come.


  • Both practical and impressive, this gift hits the best of both worlds
  • No two of these bullet bottle openers are the same, each one is 100% unique

Fun Wedding Socks

If your wedding planning has gone way over budget, then groomsmen socks offer an affordable solution to thank the most important men in your life without spending too much money. Pick out some novelty socks for your party to wear on the day of the ceremony, and be sure to include a few shots of the men’s ensemble during the photo shoot.


  • Personalize your silly socks with words or images
  • Or, choose between hundreds of theme variations to find the perfect pre-made pair

Groom’s Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is the epitome of luxury and class. Drop some hints toward your wedding party about the Groom‘s Pocket Watch you have your eye on. Hopefully, if your groomsmen gift you with something in honor of the celebration or as a thank you for all of the. gift-giving, they will have paid attention to the timepiece that sparks your eye.


  • Never lose track of time with a watch piece in your breast pocket
  • Go all out and get matching pocket watches with your groomsmen to coordinate accents and accessories


A good tumbler can keep drinks hot or cold for half a day or more — perfect for the men in your wedding who are always running errands around town or staying hydrated after hitting the gym. The Yeti tumbler is an impressive choice because it can easily withstand potholes, bumps, and turns in the car without losing a drop!


  • Yeti tumblers are double-wall vacuum insulated and dishwasher safe
  • Makes beverages portable and free of spill hazards thanks to 360-degree lid lock protection

Money Clip

Help your buddies get their lives organized with a money clip from Ridge that can neatly and securely store cash next to the wallet. The durable money clip is made from tough metal that keeps your cash in place so you never have to worry about it falling out.


  • It’s made from aluminum metal, which means it’s very strong but also lightweight and will never bog you down
  • You can swap out the interchangeable money clip attached to the wallet and replace it with a cash strap whenever it’s time to switch up the look of your EDC

Leather Dopp Kits

If you’re traveling for the bachelor party, one great groomsmen gift is a toiletry bag that can be used to pack all their essentials for the trip. If you can, use these as gift bags that contain other little items (like the shot glasses or cufflinks) for everyone to enjoy over the weekend.


  • Help the groomsmen identify their belongings by adding their monogrammed initials to the Leather Dopp kit
  • This gift will definitely be appreciated by your friends who travel frequently

Personalized Golf Balls

Finally, if anyone in your party enjoys playing golf, personalized golf balls can be a fun way to show your appreciation, especially if your bachelor party is located in a popular destination like Palm Springs that’s packed with courses.


  • Golf players can never have enough balls, and with a customized image displayed, they’ll never have to worry about mixing theirs up with someone else’s on the course
  • This groomsmen’s gift scores high in its originality

Groomsmen Gifts FAQs

How much do groomsmen give as a gift?

Most groomsmen gifts range from $25-$150 each, and it’s traditional to spend a little more on an extra gift for the best man. Select a price point based on the number of groomsmen, type of wedding, and level of effort they need to put in (for example, are they paying for an expensive bachelor party? Traveling far for your big day? On charming duty with your new in-laws?).

Lucky for you, there’s a groomsmen gift to fit every budget. When choosing how much to spend on groomsmen gifts, consider your budget and how it fits into your wedding party. If you're throwing a low-key wedding, getting them an overly ornate gift would be mismatched. On the other hand, if you’re throwing a very luxurious wedding and extravagant bachelor party, a small smart-looking pocket knife may not be well received. (Unless it’s a really smart-looking pocket knife).

Do groomsmen get gifts on a wedding day?

There are a few different times that it would be appropriate to give your groomsmen gifts, including the day of the ceremony, the rehearsal dinner, at the bachelor dinner before the party, or the day when you ask them to be a part of your wedding party.

The most important thing is to give groomsmen gifts at a time when they’ll have the opportunity to put them away if they’re too large to carry around. If you’re doing it at a seated event, you can have the gifts set out in front of each groomsmen’s seat, or hand them out one by one. Don’t forget to include a card and personalized note to add an extra layer of appreciation.

What do groomsmen normally give as a gift?

Groomsmen normally receive gifts rather than give them, as they already spend a lot of time and money on the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, tuxedo, and wedding ceremony. In some cases, a groomsman might give the groom a pocket watch or a token of similar sentiment.

What are the Best Groomsmen Gifts?

Long gone are the days of drinking till dawn, cruising bars, and road trips to every baseball stadium in the US. As you enter a new phase in your life, it’s important to give them a perfect gift that is worthy of the bond you’ll always share. While looking through gift ideas, try to consider what your favorite men (or female groomsman) enjoy doing most with you — this way, the gift will feel more personal when you present it to them. 

Some of our favorite picks include:

  1. Some of the best things in life, like your friendship, get better with age. And Whiskey. Get your friends a Custom Engraved Personalized American Oak Whiskey Aging Barrel, and they'll be so busy aging their own spirits into top-shelf flavors, they won't even notice that you're starting to look for a started home in the suburbs. Order from Amazon for $59.

  2. What says male tribe more than fancy weaponry? It carries the brotherly sentiment of going to war with your friends, or at least in a well-choreographed Sharks & Jets fight. Rather than settling for a basic pocket knife, up the ante with Personalized Axium Effort Hacket that exudes brotherhood from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for $35.

  3. Man might have created fire, but your groomsmen will perfect it. A Personalized High Polish Chrome Lighter is only $32 and will delight more than just your friends who's still obsessed with Mad Men. It's the perfect combination of primal and refined, and one that your friends will keep in their pocket, and close to their heart, for years to come.

  4. Your Don Draper friend will really like this one, too. Good taste in alcohol is one thing, but it's another to store it in a way that adds a special 'je ne sais quoi." A Square Whiskey Decanter with customizable enraged glass will leave your friends touched, shaken, and stirred for just $46.

  5. Life is filled with change, and you need a smart wallet to keep track of all of it! The Ridge Wallet is RFID blocking, has ergonomic and practical features that will fit each one of your groomsmen's needs. With quicker access to cash and cards and a variety of highly durable materials, this wallet is a smart gift for any savvy groomsman. Not to mention, it's very sleek looking and only $85 each. If you're looking for something with a tech angle, consider this phone charging wallet instead.

Outdoorsy Groomsmen Gifts

Would your friends rather spend all day on a hike than strutting the city streets? An outdoorsy gift will represent your shared love of the great outdoors, and the one you’re embarking on with their support. It’s a unique gift that represents the mountains you’ve climbed in your friendships; the peaks, the valleys, and green pastures. Our favorite outdoorsy groomsmen gifts include:

  1. Wooden grill set

  2. Copper-plated pressurized growler 

  3. Survival axe 

  4. Scout pack

Sports Groomsmen Gifts

Your groomsmen are your starting lineup team in a Super Bowl event of your life — your wedding. For groomsmen who you know would leave it all on the field for you, there are sporty, personalized groomsmen gifts that’ll be a total home run:

  1. Monogrammed golf caddy cooler

  2. Fishing gear

  3. Baseball bats

  4. Wedding-themed sports jerseys (and game tickets!)

Badass Groomsmen Gifts

From helping carry your 150-pound washing machine down your walkup apartment steps, to your 200-pound self up them after a long night of drinking, your friends have proven they’re your ride or dies. For friends who have proven how badass they are, they deserve a unique groomsmen gift to match:

  1. Engraved pocket knife

  2. Custom watches

  3. Viking beer horn

  4. Poker and cigar case

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