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Does the Ridge Wallet Pass TSA? + How To Pack For The Airport

Does the Ridge Wallet Pass TSA? + How To Pack For The Airport

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Travel is exciting, but getting to your destination can be challenging. Namely, you need to pass various Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checks to board your flight safely. And as a loyal Ridge wearer, you’re probably wondering, is The Ridge wallet TSA approved?

You’ll find out in our upcoming The Ridge wallet review. Read on to discover whether your wallet is compliant and how to pack for the airport to ensure a seamless experience.

Is the Ridge Wallet TSA Approved?

Absolutely! The Ridge is known for its TSA-compliant products, giving you peace of mind at terminals. To stay on the safe side, choose a carbon-fiber wallet, as recommended by The Adult Man guide.

But keep in mind that having a Ridge wallet doesn’t exempt you from standard security procedures. For instance, the authorities will still require you to empty your pockets. This is a must, whether or not you have a TSA-approved accessory.

Other than that, TSA screening won’t be an issue with The Ridge wallet by your side.

Metal Detectors and Ridge Wallets

Any discussion that starts with the question, “Are Ridge wallets good?” mainly focuses on the materials. And The Ridge is famous for its top-quality materials, including aluminum and titanium. Although the products aren’t entirely made of metal, they may still set off metal detectors at airports.

Rather than take a risk and waste time at the screening, stay on the safe side. Remove the wallet from your pocket and put it in the bin with your other belongings. You’ll go through the check much faster.

Ridge Wallet and X-Ray Scanning

Another aspect that comes up in “are Ridge wallets worth it” debates is radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking. It’s one of the most impressive features of Ridge wallets, as it keeps others from stealing your information through these signals.

This brings us to the central question associated with RFID blocking: does X-ray scanning at the airport interfere with it? The short answer is yes. X-rays can compromise RFID protection and reduce its efficacy once the screening is over.

To avoid this problem, put your Ridge wallet in a sealed plastic bag before the scanning. It’ll keep X-rays from harming the RFID technology. Just make sure the bag is transparent so as not to arouse any suspicion among TSA personnel.

Tips for Traveling With Your Ridge Wallet

Now that you know you can travel comfortably with the best men’s wallets on the market, let’s group all the tips together to help streamline your adventure:

  • Remove the accessory from your pocket because The Ridge slim wallets can trigger metal detectors.
  • Place the wallet in a transparent plastic bag to keep X-rays from damaging cards.
  • Be ready to explain to TSA agents the basics of your wallet. Chances are, they might not have seen a similar model before, so they may have a few questions, like “why is it so slim?” and “what is RFID blocking?” A simple answer is that The Ridge is a minimalist wallet designed to fit easily into your pocket while preventing information theft by blocking radio signals.

Advantages of the Ridge Wallet for Travel

We’ve gone through the most important tips on how to breeze through TSA security at airports. But why exactly would you travel with The Ridge wallet in the first place? A number of features make The Ridge products the perfect travel companion:

Compact Size

The last thing you want is to bring unnecessary stuff to your travel. Having a bulky wallet that’s too big for your pocket is even worse. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens with traditional wallets. These wallets can easily be more than three or four inches thick, making them extremely uncomfortable. You need an accessory that can fit in any pocket seamlessly.

That’s where The Ridge comes in. Ridge wallets are only about five to six millimeters thick, making them ideal for flying. Putting them inside and taking them out of your pocket is a breeze, which is especially convenient for your security screen.

Another remarkable aspect of the Ridge wallet size is the length. On average, these models are just 3.5 inches long. Even if you have the tiniest of pockets, you’ll be able to store your wallet with ease. If that doesn’t scream “travel-friendly,” nothing does.

RFID Blocking

Cutting-edge technology has significantly optimized travel. On the flip side, it’s also laid the groundwork for criminals to steal data. As previously indicated, they can utilize RFID readers to compromise your information, such as bank account details. Before you know it, there’s no more money in your account, and you have to cancel the trip.

Why take a gamble when the ultimate protection is at your fingertips? Admittedly, there are many fake Ridge wallet products out there, but if you get your hands on the real deal, RFID thieves won’t be a problem. The accessory will thwart all their efforts, enabling you to enjoy your journey without worrying about hacks.

TSA Compliance

Anti-theft design isn’t the only feature of the best RFID wallet that gives you peace of mind. We’ve already mentioned the TSA-compliant structure of these wallets, but we can’t stress it enough.

Think about it. How many times have you gone to the airport with a brand-new item and worried that it won’t pass the TSA check? The uncertainty can grow so large that it may make you reconsider your trip.

The Ridge comes to the rescue. Given its 100% TSA-approved design, you’ll no longer need to panic when you reach the security terminals. Just stay calm and let the agents do their work because there’s nothing wrong with your state-of-the-art wallet.

Superb Materials

Complementing the minimalist design and top-notch security is jaw-dropping construction. All Ridge wallets are made of premium materials to shield your prized possession from impact. Whether you drop it on the floor when taking it out for a screen or bump it against airplane seats, it’ll come out unscathed.

Here are some of the most popular Ridge materials and what makes them so powerful:

  • Stainless steel – Metal might be the best Ridge wallet material, but the brand doesn’t use just about any metal. Stainless steel is one of their go-to options. It neutralizes the risk of corrosion, allowing you to wear it in the rain, on the beach, and in other areas with lots of moisture.
  • Titanium – If scratch resistance is your priority, you can’t go wrong with a Titanium Ridge wallet. It’s just as strong as steel, meaning it can endure deeper scratches than platinum and some other relatively fragile options.
  • Carbon fiber – In many people’s eyes, carbon fiber reigns supreme as the ultimate wallet material. The Ridge recognizes this trend, which is why it regularly makes carbon fiber products. They’re tough as nails, heat-resistant, and equipped with much-needed RFID blocking.
  • Aluminum – There are no perfect materials, but aluminum might be the next best thing. It’s durable and less likely to corrode than steel alternatives. On top of that, the lightweight design makes it perfect for minimalist travelers.
  • Full-grain leather – You may think there’s no room for leather wallets next to carbon fiber, titanium, and other heavy-duty solutions. But that’s not the case. Full-grain leather is the sturdiest form of leather, featuring next-level tear resistance. Plus, it looks and feels amazing.

Eye-Catching Looks

The “is The Ridge wallet TSA approved” dilemma has been resolved, but you might also be wondering: “do Ridge wallets look good?” The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, ethereal appearance is one of the strongest suits of all The Ridge products, including money clips, cash straps, keycases, and men’s rings.

Still, the wallets are particularly impressive. Take the 24K gold wallet as an example. Made of real 24K gold, it exudes sophistication, elegance, and unprecedented craftsmanship. It’s also designed to resist scratches and conceal fingerprints, keeping the finish in great shape for many years to come. Whenever you take it out at the airport, it’ll make heads turn.

Industry-Leading Storage Capacity

You might already be sold on Ridge wallets, but there’s more. Remember how we brought up those traditional fat wallets? That’s because they’re not designed to carry more than five or six cards. Besides being uncomfortable, their inflated look can make TSA agents suspicious of you.

This won’t be a problem with The Ridge. That’s because The Ridge wallet capacity stands at a whopping 12 credit card slots. Even if you fill it to the brim, your wallet will still look great.

How to Pack for the Airport

The wallet might be your main TSA-related concern, but it’s not the only one. No worries – the following tips on how to pack for the airport will speed up the screening process:

  • Roll your clothes to help TSA agents go through them more quickly.
  • Invest in a Ridge Commuter Backpack to store your laptop, iPad, and other electronics safely.
  • Only carry bottles of up to 3.4 ounces because anything larger may get thrown away.

Travel Like a Pro With The Ridge in Tow

Gone are the days when you had to worry about TSA approval for your wallet. The Ridge wallets feature a contemporary design that abides by TSA requirements, so you can go through your check more rapidly.

So, don’t postpone your purchase for a second longer. Head to The Ridge website and choose a wallet to accompany you on your journey.


Can you take a Ridge wallet through airport security?

Yes. Ridge wallets are fully compliant with airport security protocols.

Can metal wallets go through TSA?

Yes, but don’t forget to put your metal wallet in the designated tray.

Can wallets go through airport security?

Wallets can go through airport security if they don’t have anything metal (including coins). Otherwise, you’ll need to place them in a special bin with your other belongings like belts and phones.

Does Ridge protect against RFID?

Yes. The Ridge wallets have built-in RFID protection.

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