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Mountain Voyage vs Ridge Wallet: Choosing the Right Fit

Mountain Voyage vs Ridge Wallet: Choosing the Right Fit

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We’re living in a digital age, with paper money and metal coins gradually falling in popularity in favor of contactless credit and debit cards and mobile payments. In turn, the days of bulging bifold leather wallets are also coming to an end, with many preferring a sleek and slim wallet they can slip into their back pocket instead.

And when it comes to high-quality, compact wallet designs, brands like The Ridge and Mountain Voyage Co. lead the way. Both of these companies have made their mark on the industry, with modern, minimalist wallets that stand out for their simple designs, powerful engineering, and durable materials.

If you’re on the search for a brand-new carbon fiber wallet to slide into your front pocket and keep all your cards safe, you may hesitate between these two companies. It’s important to make the right choice. Otherwise, you might waste money on a pocket wallet that doesn’t quite meet your needs.

This guide is here to help with that. In the comparison below, we’ll put Mountain Voyage Company and The Ridge wallets side-by-side, comparing their functionality, style, durability, and key features. By the end, you should have a much clearer picture of which wallet is best for you.

An Overview of Mountain Voyage Wallets

Mountain Voyage Co was founded by Joe Reeves, who found himself frustrated with the lack of sleek, minimalist wallets that could offer genuine durability for everyday carry of credit cards and bills.

All the wallets Joe found on sites like Amazon were excessively bulky, awkward to work with, and simply outdated. They couldn’t even provide the high levels of protection and safety he wanted for his most valuable items.

And so, Joe created Mountain Voyage Company and set about creating a new wallet that was different. A wallet that was sleek and streamlined, but surprisingly durable and long-lasting. He focused on top-quality sustainable and strong materials, like aluminum and carbon fiber, sourced from all over the globe.

Plus, as a family-owned company, Mountain Voyage cares a great deal about the connections it forms with its customers. Even as the brand has grown and gained thousands of fans and followers, it has remained committed and passionate about providing high-quality service for every buyer, with a lifetime warranty on every purchase.

Popular Mountain Voyage Wallet Models

While other brands, like Ekster Wallets, have lots of different models, Mountain Voyage Co prefers to keep things simple. It only has one wallet design, and it’s a very sleek, chic, and minimalist one, made up of just a couple of pieces of high-grade material, a far cry from the bulky bifold leather wallets of the past.

The Mountain Voyage Co. wallet is barely larger than a credit card in size. It comes with enough space to store up to 15 cards and eight banknotes, complete with a detachable money clip and super easy access to all your valuables. It’s also fitted with RFID-blocking technology to protect your finances and identity.

However, even though the design is always the same, buyers can pick from a range of different materials and colors. There’s the natural walnut wooden wallet, for example, as well as a strong carbon fiber alternative and various matte aluminum wallet models to choose from.

All of this is available at a fair and affordable price point of $50 to $60, making Mountain Voyage a popular budget option. Customers seem content with the brand, with plenty of five-star scores and positive comments about quality and usefulness.

An Overview of Ridge Wallets

The story of the Ridge wallet begins with the father-son double-act of Daniel and Paul Kane. Just like Joe Reeves of Mountain Voyage Co, Daniel and Paul felt that the wallets of the time simply weren’t good enough. They believed they could do better.

So, in 2013, they set up a campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. At the time, Kickstarter was all the rage, and it seemed like the perfect place for the Kanes to share their vision with the world. They were right. Their Kickstarter campaign was a smash success, drawing in lots of investment to help launch the Ridge brand.

From there, The Ridge has grown and grown into the leading name for slim, strong, dependable metal wallet designs, with exceptional standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Similar to Mountain Voyage, The Ridge has always put a lot of emphasis on the minimalist approach, removing all the bulk and clutter that plagued wallets of the past. Instead, they offer pocket wallets that are lightweight and slender, but still powerful, with RFID protection and durable exteriors to cope with all the bumps and knocks of everyday life.

Popular Ridge Wallet Models

As with Mountain Voyage, The Ridge keeps things simple, with only one primary wallet design. Fortunately, that design is an undisputed classic. With sleek lines and a minimalist but majestic appearance, The Ridge wallet is a work of art. So sleek and seamless, it makes traditional wallets look like relics of a bygone age.

Despite its slim profile, The Ridge wallet is capable of storing up to 12 cards, thanks to the presence of an expanding elastic band in the main compartment. It can also carry cash, with a simple spring steel money clip. Plus, with RFID blocking technology, this cash strap card holder will keep your finances secure.

The Ridge only uses the finest materials to make its wallets, ensuring maximum levels of durability to go along with that elegant design. And, just as Mountain Voyage gives users a selection of colors from which to choose, The Ridge wallets are available in everything from matte black titanium to colorful patterns and designs.

Price-wise, The Ridge wallets sell from as low as $76 all the way up to $195 for the more detailed models. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, Ridge is regarded as one of the top brands in the business, with one five-star The Ridge wallet review after another.

Direct Comparison: Mountain Voyage vs. Ridge Wallet

So, we’ve seen the basics of Mountain Voyage and The Ridge, but now let’s see how they compare to one another in various key areas.

Design and Aesthetic

Design is something that The Ridge takes very seriously. It aims to make wallets that aren’t just functional, but also elegant and sophisticated. It offers a wide and ever-evolving range of designs, from basic matte black models to festive tiki themes, laser-engraved stainless steel, and even Smokey Bear-inspired wallets to suit all tastes.

Over at Mountain Voyage, it’s fair to say that aesthetics aren’t such a big priority. This brand has a much simpler selection of colors and models. It offers plain wallets in wood, metal, or colored aluminum, with a pure and simple minimalist design and no patterns or pictures to speak of.

Material and Durability

Durability is a primary concern for both brands. To ensure that its wallets offer peak protection and durability, The Ridge uses premium materials to craft wallets that can last a lifetime. And that’s not just an expression. The Ridge wallet truly lasts for decades of use, capable of coping in harsh weather and difficult conditions, emerging unscathed and ready for more.

Mountain Voyage Co. uses high-quality materials to make its wallets strong and resistant. They’re well-suited to outdoor activities like camping and hiking, as well as general everyday use at home and work. However, the level of materials used isn’t quite up to the same standard as The Ridge’s aerospace-grade aluminum, TA2 titanium, and medical-grade stainless steel.

Functionality and Capacity

With its slim, minimalist design, the Ridge wallet can easily slip into your front or back pocket. It also slots neatly into little slips and pockets in backpacks, briefcases, and luggage. You can store up to 12 cards inside, and the handy money clip is useful if you still need to carry bills around.

The Mountain Voyage Co. wallet offers similar levels of functionality and ease of use, with a design that is quite similar to The Ridge. It has a slightly bigger capacity, capable of holding up to 15 cards in total, and it also features a removable money clip if you like to keep some cash on your person.

Price and Value for Money

Price is definitely an area in which Mountain Voyage and The Ridge differ. The Ridge is the more expensive of the two, with a higher price tag across its full suite of metal wallets. However, the superior levels of quality and durability help to justify the added expanse of the Ridge wallet, and the unique designs are worth the extra cash to those who care about aesthetics.

Mountain Voyage, meanwhile, is more of a budget-friendly brand, with more affordable prices due to the cheaper materials used to make each wallet. This will appeal to budget-conscious buyers, but you may have to replace Mountain Voyage wallets after a certain time, while The Ridge wallets can last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customers have very positive impressions of both brands. Buyers cite the durability and remarkable build quality of The Ridge wallets as being some of their best features, despite their higher-than-average prices.

For Mountain Voyage, customers are generally impressed with the design and usability of these products, but some have complained of notable wear and tear to the screws and panels over time.

Choosing the Right Fit: Factors to Consider

It’s clear to see that there’s a lot to love about both Mountain Voyage and The Ridge wallets. They’re so similar in a lot of ways, with The Ridge setting the standard for slim wallets and Mountain Voyage following in its footsteps, producing a set of wallets that offer similarly minimalistic sizes and useful features, all with a lower price tag.

Both have their benefits and best-use scenarios, and it’s important to think about your own needs when trying to choose between them. If you’re looking for a slim wallet with a low price tag, either for yourself or as a gift, Mountain Voyage may suffice. But if you want more durability and interesting, elegant aesthetics, The Ridge is the one for you.

Final Thoughts: The Ideal Wallet for You

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with either a Mountain Voyage or The Ridge wallet. They both excel in aspects of minimalism and functionality, but it’s The Ridge that surges ahead when we look at aesthetics, design, and long-lasting durability, capable of keeping your cards and cash safe for decades to come.

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Is The Ridge wallet TSA approved?

Yes, the Ridge wallet is TSA-approved. That means you shouldn’t have any trouble at the airport with this wallet in your carry-on or backpack.

Can The Ridge wallet hold more than 12 cards?

The Ridge wallet is designed to store up to 12 cards maximum. It’s not recommended to force any additional cards into this wallet.

How many cards can a Mountain Voyage wallet hold?

Mountain Voyage wallets can hold up to 15 cards each. This includes credit and ID cards.

What are the dimensions of The Ridge wallet?

The Ridge wallet measures up at 86 x 54 x 6 mm. It’s the same length and width as a credit card.

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