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Organizing Tips For The Ridge

Organizing Tips For The Ridge

At The Ridge

We aim to build products that simplify and streamline daily life. Our flagship product, The Ridge Wallet, is a dual-tracked metal wallet designed to rethink how to carry your everyday essentials.

The minimalist design eliminates excess and ensures performance grade so that what you're carrying every day lasts longer,  as in a lifetime; each wallet is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Streamlining means carrying less, but the beauty of The Ridge is realizing you'll ultimately still have what you need. Here are a few of our tips for organizing The Ridge.

Be Disloyal To Your Loyalty Cards

The inspiration behind The Ridge was the idea that bulky leather bi-folds were too quickly becoming suitcases for items you don't need. Gift cards, hotel room keys, laundry cards, receipts - it's easy to tuck them into a wallet that can accommodate any amount of useless material. Too easy.

Layout your cards and you'll likely not remember the last time you used one, much less when you needed it unexpectedly. So why continue to carry it around on your person?

The Ridge has gathered over 40,000 5-Star reviews from relieved customers who've realized that carrying less is not only more comfortable but better.

Cash Is Not King

You can carry plenty of dollar bills if you'd like; Our Cash Strap and Money Clip options can each secure well over 10 bills, but the truth is you probably don't need to.

We're living in an increasingly cashless world. Whether it's because of Apple Pay or your Credit Card points, it's becoming more and more common to opt-out of dollar bills and into something a little less flammable.

Pro Tip: Quick Access To Cards

We suggest keeping your best essential cards on the outside of the stack, making it simpler and sleek to draw the few cards you're using the most. When needing something in the middle. many people fan the cards or even punk the bottom and flip through them like a filing cabinet.

For anything that you need to consistently scan, like a gym membership card or parking pass, our Dual-slot Card Cases give you a non-RFID blocking carry option that makes it even simpler.

Need any other tips? Email us at and we'll help you out.

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