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Ridge Wallet vs Trayvax: Which Wallet Wins the Battle?

Ridge Wallet vs Trayvax: Which Wallet Wins the Battle?

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No matter where you go, you need a robust wallet to hold your money, credit cards, and other everyday carry (EDC) essentials. But the fashion landscape has shifted from bulky models to slim products. They fit your pocket like a glove, allowing you to wear pretty much any outfit and look great.

Two brands are at the forefront of the transition: Ridge and Trayvax. Each company specializes in high-quality wallets and card holders made of superb materials, such as carbon fiber and metal. More importantly, their accessories look fantastic. But which manufacturer reigns supreme?

You’re about to find out. Read on for an in-depth Ridge vs. Trayvax comparison that will help you determine who makes better wallets.

Trayvax: An Overview

If you’re looking for a company that prioritizes high-level craftsmanship and attention to detail, Trayvax can be a good option. But before we delve deep into their slim wallet collection, let’s first see how their journey started.

Mark King founded Trayvax in 2013. His budget wasn’t high, but his ambitions definitely were. He wanted to create a durable wallet that wouldn’t deteriorate after just a few weeks of use. His goal was for people to build a wallet that people could bring to the Amazon jungle and other harsh environments without worrying about damage.

And so he did. Mark released his first product, which was a resounding hit. Over the years, Trayvax has sold millions of wallets and become a household name in the realm of sturdy yet great-looking wallets.

Trayvax wallets reflect Mark’s vision. They feature a variety of materials that make them perfect for rugged use, including stainless steel, aluminum, and full-grain leather.

Trayvax Wallet Collection

Whether you’re looking for inconspicuous or RFID-blocking wallets, Trayvax has several products that match your criteria. The prices vary, but most products go for between $40 and $230, depending on the features. For example, a basic metal wallet is more affordable than an aluminum model with RFID blockers and multiple business card slots.

Here are a few highlights of the Trayvax assortment:

  • Original Wallet 2.0 G10 – The G10 is a great wallet for dapper men looking for an elegant yet sturdy wallet. The construction combines a stainless-steel plate, bottle opener, RFID-blocking technology, money clip, and MIL-SPEC paracord.

  • Contour Wallet – The Trayvax Contour wallet is lightweight, functional, and designed to survive in harsh conditions

  • Element Wallet – Featuring top-grain oil-tanned leather, the Element wallet is Trayvax’s rendition of traditional wallets made of similar materials.

Ridge: An Overview

If Trayvax wallets sound good, wait until you hear about what Ridge has to offer. Paul Kane launched it in 2013 via Kickstarter and never turned back. His goal was to help people store pretty much anything in their EDC wallet, be it debit cards, gym passes, or money.

The goal has stayed the same. Ridge now uses a wide range of materials to keep accessories safe without bulking up your pocket. These include aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, TA2 titanium, carbon fiber, forged carbon, stainless steel, and 18K karat gold.

Ridge Wallet Collection

If we started listing every top-rated product from the Ridge lineup, it would take us forever. There are countless amazing wallets, all of which are reasonably priced from $130-$300.

Still, we need to give you a better taste of their curated men’s wallets:

  • Stonewashed Titanium Wallet – This slim wallet has a replaceable elastic band for quick access to your essentials, RFID protection, a lifetime warranty, and metal plates.

  • Gunmetal Wallet – If you need a minimalist wallet that resembles a heavy-duty firearm, this product won’t let you down. The texture is elegant, and the interior can hold 12 cards without bending.

  • Burnt Metal Wallet – Besides its appealing design and RFID protection, the Burnt-metal wallet also has a tough-as-nails titanium body.

Direct Face-Off: Trayvax vs. Ridge Wallet

This part of our Trayvax vs. Ridge wallet review will delve further into the two brands. We’ll consider the functionality, aesthetics, materials, and other aspects in greater detail to help you make an informed decision.


Both Trayvax and Ridge offer exceptional designs that are superior to traditional bifold and trifold wallets. However, there’s a clear difference that makes us lean toward Ridge.

On the one hand, Trayvax wallets look good, but they’re often too rugged. That’s especially true for their Contour models that feature strips of metal and Torx screws. When you take a look at them, it sometimes seems they were taken out of someone’s toolbox.

On the other hand, Ridge doesn’t sacrifice elegance for sturdiness. You get the best of both worlds here, as their products are inconspicuous and harmonized with each other. Metal components are conveniently hidden, which is why their products work well with any outfit, including casual attire and business suits.

Overall, both collections look fantastic, but Ridge prevails due to the well-balanced design of their products.

Material and Durability

It’s hard to find fault with either Trayvax or Ridge in the durability department. They use similar materials to make their accessories. For example, you can find a tough aluminum wallet from both manufacturers. Trayvax also rolls out a sleek yet powerful leather wallet lineup that works great as your front-pocket wallet.

But one material puts Ridge ahead of Trayvax when it comes to sturdiness – carbon fiber. Some of their best slim wallets are made of carbon fiber, which can sometimes be twice as strong as titanium, Trayvax’s go-to solution. Therefore, Ridge is the clear winner here.

And it’s not just that Ridge wallets are more robust than Trayvax products. They also outshine Bellroy, Dango, Ekster, and other brands.

Price and Value

When choosing a wallet, you don’t just consider the materials and design. A product may be well-made and have all the features you need (e.g., a pull tab, silicone band, and attachment point), but that’s still no reason to make a hasty decision.

In this respect, Trayvax gives Ridge a run for their money. On average, Trayvax models are 30%-40% cheaper than those made by Ridge.

That said, it’s important to look past affordability when shopping for your wallet. Ridge is more expensive, but their accessories generally provide greater value for the money due to better designs and materials. This makes them a better long-term investment.

Customer Service and Warranty Policies

Both brands excel in terms of customer service. They’re responsive, polite, and eager to answer all your questions. In some cases, they even go the extra mile to deliver your product ahead of schedule.

The same goes for warranties. Ridge backs their products with a lifetime policy, whereas Trayvax ships its wallets with a 65-year heirloom warranty. Trayvax’s solution is essentially a lifetime policy, too, as it’s nearly equivalent to the life expectancy in the USA.

Since many Trayvax customers are at least 15, when you add 65 to that number, you get 80, which is just over the average American life expectancy.

User Reviews and Feedback

Let’s see what Trayvax and Ridge’s users are saying about their wallets:

  • “I bought the Contour wallet from Trayvax, and I’m pretty happy with the product. It looks awesome and takes up minimal space in my pocket.”

  • “The G10 wallet from Trayvax has proved to be a great decision. It’s a nicely designed model that has everything you expect from a slim wallet. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether it can survive drops on rocks from various heights. The material doesn’t seem 100% rugged, which is my priority as a mountaineer.”

  • “I got my husband the Red Carbon 3K wallet for his birthday, and he couldn’t be happier. It’s super tough and stylish.

  • “My Black Damascus Ridge wallet looks fantastic and works even better. The stainless-steel build has yet to fail me. It’s a bit heavier than aluminum wallets, but this isn’t too big of an issue.”

Making the Decision: Trayvax or Ridge Wallet?

If you’re on a budget, Trayvax can be a good choice. But if you don’t mind spending an extra buck for a superior wallet (or some keycases to go along with it), Ridge is the better option. They make the best slim wallets for men using durable materials and modern designs. Whether you’re a business person or adventurer, there’s no going wrong with Ridge.

Final Thoughts: Choosing Your Ultimate Wallet Companion

Having a reliable wallet is paramount, and it doesn’t get more reliable than Ridge. Their collection is head and shoulders above any other manufacturer, including Trayvax. So, check out their top-quality wallet assortment and find the right product for you.


What fits in a Ridge wallet?

You can fit pretty much anything in a Ridge wallet. It can hold a lot of money and up to 12 cards.

Is Ridge the best minimalist wallet?

Yes. There simply are no wallets like Ridge wallet products. So, there’s no need to look for a Ridge wallet alternative.

What is the size of a Ridge wallet?

The average dimensions of a Ridge wallet are 3.40 x 2.12 x 0.2 inches.

Is the Ridge wallet durable?

Yes. Their carbon fiber wallets are especially long-lasting.

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