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The 13 Best Slim Wallets for Men in 2023, Ranked & Reviewed

The 13 Best Slim Wallets for Men in 2023, Ranked & Reviewed

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You love the minimalist look, which is why you’re not a fan of traditional bifold and trifold wallets. While those types of wallets offer plenty of storage, you’re looking for something a little sleeker and more in keeping with your way of life.

That’s where slim wallets come in.

With a good slim wallet, you get far more than just a cardholder. These wallets are typically made using high-quality materials and offer protection against hacking that traditional wallets don’t have.

In this guide, we take a look at 13 of the best slim wallets on the market. We examine each based on the materials used, craftsmanship, and whether it truly has a minimalist design to help you determine which is the best slim wallet for you.

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The Pros and Cons of Each Wallet on Our List

Best Slim Wallets for Men & for EDC

You need a wallet that exemplifies the principles of minimalism while fitting into the everyday carry lifestyle. That means you need more than a basic credit card holder. You want a slim wallet that looks the part while offering everything you need from your wallet.

The following selections are all amazing choices, with each having pros and cons to consider.


Dubbed the “Hide and Seek” wallet, Bellroy manages to combine a traditional leather bifold design with a slim profile that means you can easily keep the wallet in your front pocket.

The wallet comes with five card pockets, which are capable of holding up to 12 credit or business cards. It’s made using environmentally certified leather and is backed by a three-year warranty against defects. Bellroy also claims that the wallet offers protection against radio frequency identification (RFID) hacking.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this can become a slightly bulky wallet when you fill it with notes and cards. But in the realm of slim leather wallets, it’s an excellent choice.


Herschel takes a simple and elegant approach to men’s wallets with the Charlie Card Case. The case features four card slots, with two on each side, protected by a small band that ensures your cards can’t fall out. At the wallet’s top end, you’ll find a zippered pouch, which is ideal for storing cash, though you can also use it to store more cards.

The wallet has a special lining that offers RFID protection. Plus, it has a little red and white striped pull tab on the side that matches the pouch’s striped interior.

The only downside to this wallet is that it doesn’t offer as much protection against bending or breaking your credit and debit cards as a metal wallet does. But if you’re looking for a wallet that offers easy access to cards without breaking the bank, it’s an excellent choice.

Ekster Parliament

The Ekster Parliament combines premium handcrafted leather with an aluminum cardholder to create a perfect combination between minimalism and traditionalism.

It’s capable of holding up to 10 cards in total, with up to six fitting in the aluminum cardholder. The wallet opens easily at the touch of a button and includes a handy cash strap that’s ideal for holding your notes in place.

Ekster incorporates RFID-blocking technology into the wallet, ensuring protection against roaming hackers. There’s also a slot for the Ekster tracking card, which you can use the locate the wallet if you misplace it. Unfortunately, the tracking card doesn’t come with the wallet.

Our only major issue with the wallet comes in the first few weeks of use. The strap that secures the wallet often doesn’t close if you fill the card slots and add bills into the mix. This problem resolves itself as the leather softens, but it’s a security issue during the early weeks of ownership.

Trayvax Summit

With its stainless steel design, the Trayvax Summit offers protection against water and corrosion. It also has a tough melanite finish, which guards against scratches and offers a little extra waterproofing.

The wallet holds up to seven cards and five bills and is heat-resistant (which doesn’t increase protection much due to its open design). The integrated money clip keeps your bills safe, with the handy adjustable strap allowing you to tighten the wallet as needed. Unfortunately, the nylon strap can be a little difficult to adjust because it has very little give.

An integrated bottle opener makes this a great EDC wallet. Plus, you get protection from hackers with the RFID-blocking technology built into the wallet. A handy ID display slot also makes this a great choice if you need to quickly flash an access card or driver’s license.

The Ridge Burnt Titanium Wallet

If toughness and security are major concerns, The Ridge Burnt Titanium is an RFID wallet that guards against hacking and is made using one of the world’s strongest materials.

Available in six different colors, the wallet holds up to 12 cards without stretching out. It has a scratch-resistant surface and comes with a lifetime warranty, with The Ridge also allowing you to trial the wallet for 99 days before committing to your purchase.

The Grade 2 titanium used for the wallet has an attractive sandblasted finish. You also get to choose between a money clip or cash strap when purchasing, or can even get some utilitarian accessories such as an AirTag holder or a multi-tool.

The Ridge also ensures longevity by building replaceable screws and elastic into the wallet, allowing you to carry out rapid repairs if anything goes wrong. The Ridge Wallet is modern, tough, and offers quick access to your cards.

Aria Wallet

Though the Aria wallet is on the cheaper end of the scale, meaning it has far fewer features than most of the wallets on this list, it stands out because of its eco-friendly nature. The wallet is made using recycled tire tubes, making it ideal for the man who wants to minimize their carbon footprint as well the size of their wallet.

This minimalist wallet contains six credit card slots, a bill pocket that holds a few notes, and a zippered coin pocket. It’s also waterproof thanks to a black canvas interior.

Puma Athletic Wallet

Though it’s made using synthetic leather, this slim bifold wallet is still an excellent choice. It comes with seven card slots, including an ID window for cards you need to flash. The sleek black coloring also meshes well with almost any style.

The wallet features four slips and a handy coin pouch, though making use of the latter increases its bulk. The attractive Puma logo on the bottom-right corner is subtle enough not to get in the way while still highlighting the brand.

There are a few downsides to consider. The wallet doesn’t provide any RFID protection, meaning you could fall victim to electronic hackers. It also doesn’t have a clip or button for closure. Still, the card sleeves and pouches should keep all of your cards in place.

Thread Wallet

The Thread Wallet combines a budget-friendly price with a simplistic and slim elastic design. It’s a pure card holder wallet, meaning it offers little room for note storage. However, this allows the wallet to maintain its tiny profile, with the attached keyring showcasing that this is a lightweight wallet that you can attach to your keys.

The wallet can hold up to eight cards and comes with a pair of outer pockets for cash. However, these are very thin pockets, meaning there may be better choices for those who want a money clip wallet.

Sadly, the wallet offers no RFID protection. Still, it’s available in a ton of colors and features an attractive geometric pattern that ensures it meshes well with many styles.

DUN Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet | Thinnest Minimalist Wallet with Cash Strap

With its smooth matte leather design, the DUN Original Leather wallet combines a traditional design with modern practicality. This genuine leather wallet is soft to the touch and durable enough to withstand several years of use.

The wallet is great for anybody who likes to carry plenty of cards and cash. It features 10 leather card holders and enough space to carry 16 unfolded bills. Combine this with a card slot, which doubles as a coin pocket, and the wallet offers enough space to carry all of the money you’ll need.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a clasp or button for closure. And despite its slimline design, the wallet becomes bulkier than many of its competitors when filled with cards and cash.

ESTALON Front Pocket Slim Wallet for Men - RFID Blocking Leather Wallet with ID Window

Though ESTALON’s wallet is one of the heaviest on this list, it makes up for its weight with a low price point and small dimensions. The wallet also packs handy RFID protection, ensuring your card details don’t get stolen.

The wallet’s weight comes from the fact that it’s one of the few trifold wallets on our list. Despite its low price, it’s made using quality leather, with handcrafted stitching ensuring you won’t have any issues with the wallet coming apart at the seams.

ESTALON also offers a money-back guarantee with its wallet. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, the company gives you a full refund or free replacement. This makes it a no-risk option for people who are new to the world of slim wallets.

Super Slim Leather Passport Wallet - Horizon (Tan)

This super slim wallet is by far the largest on our list. However, there’s a good reason for this size since the wallet is designed with the everyday carry traveler in mind. It features a special passport compartment, ensuring you can keep your travel documents safe no matter where you go.

Beyond this compartment, the wallet has a front pocket where you can store bills or boarding passes. It also features back pockets that can store up to six cards.

The slot at the top of the wallet makes it easy to access the contents. It also folds down slightly, meaning you don’t have to worry about tearing tight leather with your hands. Sadly, the wallet lacks RFID protection. It also doesn’t have a closure, which some may see as a little risky.

The Ridge CARBON 3K Wallet

Material - The Ridge makes its second appearance on our list with the Carbon Fiber 3k variant of its attractive wallet. The carbon fiber used for this wallet offers stellar protection against crushing, bending, and snapping. Your cards are safe and sound in a solid shell, with the wallet also featuring RFID-blocking technology to ensure you’re safe from hackers.

It can store up to 12 cards and comes with your choice of a money clip or cash strap for bills. The lifetime warranty means you’re covered if anything goes wrong, and The Ridge offers a 99-day free trial so you can experiment with the wallet to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs.

The premium matte finish is available in six colors and patterns, making this a versatile wallet in both style and functionality.

Main Street Forge Men’s Slim Wallet - Full Grain Leather

This simple leather wallet maintains its slim profile by offering card slots on the exterior instead of going for the old-school bifold design. It’s capable of holding up to eight cards in its five slots, which should give you plenty of room for your credit cards, debit cards, and any ID you need to carry.

A clever cash slot at the top of the wallet allows for billfold storage, meaning you can carry some notes along with your cards. Main Street Forge is so confident in the wallet’s strength that it offers a lifetime warranty and a promise to fix any issues that occur.

The wallet is available in seven different colors. Unfortunately, it does leave your cards exposed compared to other wallets on this list, both in terms of the cards poking out of the slots and the leather offering no RFID protection.

Why Switch to Minimalist Wallets?

After so many years of using traditional wallets, you may ask yourself why you would want to switch to a minimalist slim wallet. Do they really provide enough benefits for you to buy one? There are three key reasons why a slim wallet is an excellent choice for the modern man.

No Digging Around in Your Pocket

Convenience is a massive plus point with a slim wallet.

For example, a lot of people hate having a bulky wallet in their pocket. So, they’ll place cash and cards directly into the pockets, leaving them loose. This creates a problem when they need to pay for something as they have to rifle through their pockets, pulling everything out, just to find the card they need.

The small size and elegant shape of a slim wallet mean you can fit it in almost any pocket. You can store it in the front pocket of your pants or even slot it into the front pocket of a suit or shirt without any bulges. That means you can keep cards and banknotes organized without feeling like you have a massive wallet weighing you down.

Paying for Goods Is Easier

Paying for the things you buy is much easier with a slim wallet than it is with a bifold or trifold wallet.

Slim wallets are designed to provide easy access to your cards. In most cases, you can slide them right out in a matter of seconds, rather than having to open the wallet and search through several cards stored in the same slot to find the one you need.

If you prefer to pay cash, many slim wallets come with a cash strap or money clip that allows you to slide banknotes out quickly.

No More Worries About Full Pockets

Bulk is always a problem with bifold and trifold wallets. No matter which pocket you place them in, you’ll always feel the wallet’s weight. Plus, you won’t be able to use the pocket for anything else because the wallet fills it.

Wallets with slimline designs fit practically anywhere. They’re also thin enough to ensure you don’t feel their weight when you’re walking around. If you prefer having empty pockets and want to avoid unsightly bulges, a slim wallet is the best choice.

How to Choose the Best Slim Wallet

All of the wallets we’ve examined in this list make superb choices if you want to buy a slim wallet. However, there are several factors to consider before making your decision.

Best Style

The whole point of a slim wallet is that it offers a minimalist style that you find attractive. As such, you have to think about how the wallet looks, as well as how it functions.

Some slim wallets are inspired by traditional leather designs, making them ideal for those who still love the old-school look. Alternatively, the modern designs offered by companies like The Ridge ensure your wallet stands out whenever you use it. Think about your personal style and how well the wallet you’re considering aligns with that style.

Highlight the styles of minimal wallets. Explain each style preference to the reader.

Best Size

Many slim wallets are barely larger than a credit card and are so thin that you barely feel them in your pocket. These types of wallets are ideal for those who want to avoid creases and bulges in their pockets.

Other slim wallets stretch the definition of “slim” a little. For example, slim bifold wallets are thicker than card-carrying wallets. Still, you tend to get more storage space with these thicker wallets. There are also some oversized slim wallets that can store passports and similar documents, which are ideal for everyday carry when traveling.

Storage Capacity

How much do you need to be able to carry?

It’s a crucial question when choosing a slim wallet. After all, there’s no point in buying a wallet with five card slots if you have 10 cards. You won’t have enough storage space.

Always check how many card slots the wallet has and if it offers a cash strap or money clip. Additional storage, such as a coin slot, may also help if you like to carry some spare change.


Though leather is one of the most common materials used for skim wallets, it’s not the most durable. You’ll generally find that leather wallets cost less than metal ones, though they have an attractive style that may make you willing to sacrifice some protection.

Metal wallets are much stronger and can protect your cards against crushing and bending. Both carbon fiber and titanium take this strength up a notch, ensuring practically nothing can damage your cards.

Made Using RFID Blocking Materials

Modern hackers use RFID devices to read credit card details on the go. That danger is one that a slim wallet should help you to avoid by incorporating RFID protection that blocks the signals a hacker’s RFID reading device emits.

Generally speaking, you’ll find that slimline metal wallets offer greater RFID protection than leather or fabric wallets. However, some leather wallets have special RFID-blocking linings to guard your cards against hackers.

Keep Your Cards Safe With Our Wallets

Safety, style, and practicality are the three main concerns when looking for a slim wallet.

At The Ridge, our range of slim wallets offers all three, along with a lifetime guarantee to ensure you’re always protected when you buy from us.

If you’re looking for protection against hacking combined with a sleek style and tough wallet, our carbon fiber and titanium wallets fit the bill. Check them out today and discover why The Ridge is the leading name in slim wallets.


Do minimalist wallets damage credit cards?

No, minimalist wallets don’t damage credit cards. In fact, many of them are designed specifically to protect your cards. They have tight card slots, ensuring your card doesn’t move around or bend.

What is the best material for a slim wallet?

Though leather is a great choice for a slim wallet, metal offers more protection and a modern look.

If toughness is your main priority, both carbon fiber and titanium ensure your cards have protection against crushing and RFID signals.

Are slim wallets worth it?

Slim wallets are the best choice for those who want to simplify their lives and reduce the amount of stuff they need to carry. Furthermore, their minimalist designs make them great fashion choices because they don’t cause creases or bulges to appear in your pockets.

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