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What is an RFID wallet?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking wallets block RFID signals hackers often use to access your information. The wallets typically have a card slot or two for credit and debit cards. Some models come with various accessories to store your cash, such as a money clip. But in general, an RFID-proof wallet is more concerned with function than fashion, which is why most models feature minimalist designs.


That’s not to say that an RFID chip wallet can’t be elegant. On the contrary, you can find many models with distinctive features and engravings.

What Makes a Wallet Anti-RFID? 

Not every wallet has RFID protection. Your model needs to be made of appropriate materials.


For instance, your bifold wallet might be made of genuine leather. It looks durable and provides a large number of pockets for business cards, credit cards, and cash. However, it’s not anti-RFID because leather isn’t a good conductor and allows signals to penetrate the surface.


Your wallet requires better materials, like carbon fiber, titanium, or aluminum. These natural conductors create magnetic fields when a hacker tries to access your information to block the signal of your cards and protect your data. 



Does an RFID Wallet Work?


Yes. An RFID wallet works. This type of wallet is superior to standard models because it keeps thieves from stealing your financial data. 



Do You Need Wallets That Prevent Credit Card Scanning?


You’re probably wondering: “Do I really need anti-RFID wallets?” The answer is yes - think about it.


Whenever you go to work, you put your wallet into your pocket along with your credit cards and ID card. Both of which may have RFID signals that let you access your information and make payments. However, the signals can easily be picked up by external sources, such as card readers. This can be a major problem.


If a person with one of these devices approaches you, they can steal your data without you even knowing. They might hold a reader in their pocket that connects to your cards and accesses sensitive data, resulting in RFID hacking.


You can avoid this problem by buying an RFID protection wallet. It gives you peace of mind since it blocks the hacker’s signals and makes you less prone to malicious attacks. 



How Close Does a Hacker Need to Be to Scan a Credit Card Inside Your Wallet?


You might think a hacker needs to be right behind you to steal data from your wallet. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


Criminals have powerful scanners connected to large networks that can transmit signals from afar. These devices interact with your contactless cards to access vital information. Once they activate a tag, the gadgets receive data from your accounts, allowing hackers to make off with your details without you even realizing it. 


RFID scanners have varying signal strengths, but most devices can pick up your credit card information from within 10-15 feet.



Are There Slim RFID Wallets?


RFID wallets are available in all shapes and sizes. There’s a wide variety of models, such as RFID bifold and slim RFID wallet designs.


If you need a high-quality minimalist wallet for your essentials, The Ridge has a phenomenal collection of inconspicuous products. Alternatively, you might be looking for a front-pocket wallet to prevent creases or lumps. Either way, The Ridge is your best option.


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The Ridge wallets feature numerous patterns and are made of top–class materials, like aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. We also provide a huge selection of gear and accessories to complement our wallets. Plus, you can choose from a variety of storage solutions, including phone cases that block RFID signals.


Our RFID wallets let you store all your cards without worrying about hackers. Coupled with our key cases, bags, and other everyday solutions, they’re a perfect accessory wherever you go.



Where Do You Find an RFID Wallet?


If you want a minimalist wallet that only carries the If you want to explore The Ridge collection in detail, check out our website. Choose the desired product and place your order.


We also offer hands-on experiences with our products, so you can test them before buying. You can find our stores throughout the country by using our convenient store locator. Discover the nearest supplier of our goods - a perfect hack-proof wallet is at your fingertips.