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The 15 Best Money Clip Wallets for 2023

The 15 Best Money Clip Wallets for 2023

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Your everyday carry wallet needs to be more than a simple credit card holder. You want to have cash on hand as well, especially in cases of emergencies or if a vendor won't take cards.

That means your wallet needs a money clip or a cash strap.

Here we look at some of the best money clip wallets on the market, with a focus on those that combine a minimalist design with exceptional practicality.

The Best Mens Money Clip Wallets on the Market Today

Finding the right men's wallet means a combination of practicality and aesthetics. Simple card pockets can hold credit and business cards but can't do much else. But bulky traditional wallets eschew the slim design you want in favor of packing as much as they can into a supposedly small package.

You need to find a balance between the two, which is where these amazing wallets come in.

1. The Ridge Wallet w/ Metal Money Clip

The Ridge's range of money clip wallets can hold up to 12 cards and features RFID-blocking technology. The latter feature ensures the wallets guard you against the new wave of hackers that use RFID technology to steal details from cards.

Ridge's wallets are available in aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, with each offering a lifetime guarantee and a 99-day risk-free trial. As for storing your money, you get a choice between a money clip and a cash strap. Alternatively, if you're feeling greedy, you can choose both for this superb wallet.

2. Tumi Alpha Money Clip Card Case

Featuring a pair of card slots, this slim wallet can hold several cards at once. It also has a handy slip pocket, giving you some extra storage.

Its ballistic nylon construction means it's capable of taking a beating, though the wallet doesn't offer as much protection against crushing and snapping as a metal wallet. The money clip is to the rear of the wallet and can also be used as a little hook to attach the wallet to your pocket if you're not carrying cash.

3. Kinzd Money Clip Wallet

Even with its ultra-slim design, Kinzd manages to pack a trio of credit card slots, a change pocket, and an ID window into its wallet. It also offers a measure of RFID protection, though it can't guard your cards against 125 kHz frequency signals.

The magnetic money clip is part of a four-piece magnet set, which holds cash and cards alike as securely as possible. All cards are visible once placed inside this high-quality leather wallet, meaning easy access is assured.

4. Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet

With its woven design, this cost-effective EDC wallet has a gorgeous look. It's made using genuine cowhide leather and is available in five colors. Practicality is also a priority, with the wallet offering three card slots alongside an ID window and a heavy-duty money clip.

The clip design may be an issue for some. Though it offers quick access to your cash, it also sticks out quite distinctly from the wallet. If you're looking for a slimline leather card holder that doesn't create bulges and creases in your pocket, this may not be the best choice. On the plus side, you can remove the clip if it gets in the way.

5. The Ridge Carbon Fiber 3K Wallet

The Ridge returns with an extremely strong carbon fiber wallet designed to protect cards against crushing and RFID signals alike. With seven patterns available, this is a wallet you can tweak to your style. It also features 12 card slots for your credit, business, and debit cards.

The lifetime guarantee means you never have to worry about the wallet failing you. Plus, you get a choice between a metal money clip, cash strap, or both.

6. Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber's money clip may be the best minimalist wallet for those who want to be prepared for anything. It comes with a stainless steel blade, which has a yellow finger ring and a corrosion-resistant finish. You may need to check the legality of having such a blade on your person in your state. Assuming you can carry the blade, it's great for opening cans and other small tasks.

The blade does add to the wallet's weight. Plus, you don't get any card slots, meaning this is only a good choice for people who want to carry a little cash while being prepared for anything.

7. M-Clip Money Clip

M-Clip keeps things simple with its Tightwad money clip, which is a stainless steel money clip that features an attractive sand-blasted finish.

The patented design ensures the clip easily holds any cash or cards placed into it. The only problem, at least for some, is that it goes a little too far in the minimalist direction. You're getting a money clip and nothing more here.

8. Fossil Quinn Bifold Wallet w/ Magnetic Money Clip

If you like the traditional look and don't mind a slightly more bulky wallet in your back pocket, Fossil's leather wallet is a great choice.

The classic bifold design makes it instantly familiar, with the wallet containing a trio of card pockets, a pair of slide pockets, an ID window, and a built-in money clip. It's made using gorgeous imported leather and is available in 16 colors, so it's easy to find one that suits your style.

9. Zitahli Slim Money Clip Wallet

With its clever pull tab, the Zithali wallet offers easy access to up to 10 cards, though we found it starts feeling bulky if you pack it to its maximum card-carrying capacity.

The microfiber leather does a great job of protecting your cards, with the pair of outer card pockets offering protection against RFID signals. The stainless steel money clip is functional, though some may find it a little on the slim side.

10. Toughergun Leather Money Clip Wallet

For those looking for a card wallet on the lower end of the price spectrum, the Toughergun wallet's sub-$10 pricing is a huge selling point. It's functional, too, with an ID window and a trio of card slots paired with two larger slots for any documents you need to carry,

The leather money clip sits atop the card slots, with magnetic closure used to ensure your bills stay in place. The only downside is that it only offers RFID protection for signals on the 13.56 MHz band. It's also on the heavy side.

11. Viosi Money Clip

Made using cowhide leather, this wallet has a transparent ID window, three credit card slots, and a couple of larger slots. The magnetic money clip is ideal for storing bills and receipts, with the use of oversized rare earth magnets ensuring the clip stays securely shut when the wallet is in your front or back pocket.

Granted, the wallet can look a little cluttered when it's full, with cards and cash poking out rather than being concealed. But for the price, it offers a great slimline solution.

12. Serman Brands Slim Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Offering a choice between full grain, top grain, and vegan leather, Serman Brands' wallet has an option for everybody. It can fit up to eight cards, with the internal money clip allowing you to store several bills without making the wallet feel bulky.

A pair of internal pockets allow you to carry some cash, with the clever pull strap making it easy to access your cards. Color fading can be a problem, though, especially after cleaning the leather.

13. KORE Slim Carbon Fiber Money Clip

With its combination of leather design and carbon fiber money clip, KORE's wallet offers excellent protection for cards against crushing and RFID signals. The clip is also removable, allowing you to carry cash and cards separately.

The wallet can carry up to ten cards, with eight slotting into the internal pockets, with a further two fitting into the easy-access front pockets.

14. Herschel Raven Money Clip Wallet

Herschel's wallet is Raven by name and raven-colored by nature, featuring a sleek black coloring that suits almost any style. On the practical side of things, it has a trio of external credit card slots, with a handy zippered top pocket for storing change and small documents.

The metal money clip attaches to the wallet's rear. You also get RFID protection thanks to a clever internal layer.

15. Frye Logan Money Clip Card Case

Simple and stylish are the orders of the day with Frye Logan's wallet. Made using imported leather, it has a pair of slots for cards and bills, with the rear money clip having an attractive cognac coloring.

The antique styling means the wallet benefits from a weathered patina. However, it's fairly limited in terms of practicality, making this a wallet that's more suited to style over substance.

What Is a Money Clip Wallet?

With traditional bifold or trifold wallets, you store your cash in large pouches, which add bulk to the wallet's design. A money clip wallet keeps things simpler. These wallets are usually minimalistic cardholders with a metal money clip attached that allows you to store bills. Some have a cash strap, which serves the same function.

Money clip wallets are a great choice for those who want slim wallets, as the lack of cash pouches enables a slimline design, while the clip ensures you can still carry notes.

How to Choose the Right Money Clip Wallet for You

Choosing the best money clip wallet for you comes down to figuring out what works best in the style and practicality departments. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice.

Size and Design

Most people opt for money clip wallets because they're tired of dealing with the bulkiness of a traditional wallet. As such, these wallets are rarely much larger than a credit card, offering just enough extra size to store your cards safely without being so large that they feel bulky in your pocket.

Design comes down to preference. While most money clip wallets are essentially card holders, some have bifold or trifold designs that mirror traditional wallets.

Materials and Construction

Materials matter for money clip wallets.

For the wallet itself, you'll usually get a choice of leather, metal, or a stronger material, such as carbon fiber. All three are tough enough to handle general wallet duties, though leather fades over time and doesn't offer protection against crushing.

Metal and carbon fiber both guard your cards in more ways than one. In addition to preventing crushing damage, these materials block the RFID signals that modern hackers use to steal details from credit and ID cards.

There's also the material used for the money clip to consider. Again, metal is usually the choice here, with stainless steel and carbon fiber being popular materials. Many money clip wallets take advantage of these metal materials by using magnets to ensure a stronger money clip closure.


Even the minimalist needs their wallet to function as more than a simple card holder. Of course, the incorporation of a money clip adds to the wallet's functionality. But keep an eye out for additional features.

For example, some money clip wallets offer RFID protection, which guards you against hackers. You may find some wallets have additional storage compartments or have scratch-resistant finishes to maintain the wallet's look and feel.

Price and Brand Reputation

A brand's reputation is its bond to its customers. Look for wallets from companies that are well-established in the industry. The presence of warranties and guarantees also helps you see that a manufacturer is confident in its product.

As for price, the wallets highlighted in this list run the gamut from $10 to over $100. Cheaper isn't always better. While a budget wallet is friendly to your bank balance, you may find that it lacks the features (or guarantees) that you need to feel confident that the wallet can protect your cash and cards.

Find the Right Money Clip Wallet

On the surface, finding a money clip wallet seems as simple as, well, finding a wallet that has a money clip.

But it's not quite that simple.

Consider what you need out of your wallet beyond the money clip. How many cards do you carry? How easily do you need to be able to access your cards and cash? What additional features could make your life easier? Answer these questions and compare your answers to the wallets highlighted in this article to find the perfect choice for your lifestyle.


Are money clip wallets worth it?

Absolutely, especially for those who want a minimalistic wallet that doesn't get bulked up by cash pouches.

Are money clips out of style?

Money clips have been around for a long time. Their simple design means they never go out of style, which is why you see them built into so many modern wallets.

Can you add a money clip to a wallet?

You can get detachable money clips that you can add to a wallet. However, these clips may not offer the security you need because they're not designed specifically for your wallet.

How much money can a money clip hold?

It depends on the size of the clip. Some can only hold a few folded bills, whereas others are specifically designed to hold 50 folded bills or more. Of course, the bigger the money clip, the bulkier it feels in your pocket.

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