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Best EDC Wallet of 2023: Top Picks and Expert Reviews

Best EDC Wallet of 2023: Top Picks and Expert Reviews

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Everyday carry (EDC) is as much a philosophy for living as it is a stylistic choice. The idea is simple – carry what you need to get through your day. But that doesn’t mean keeping as much on your person as possible. EDC is all about minimalism. You carry what you need and nothing more.

A good wallet is key to the EDC philosophy.

The best EDC minimalist wallet features a slim design while still being practical enough to carry all of the cards and cash you need for the day. Many come with additional tools, too, such as a bottle opener or knife. The idea is to pack as much practicality into as small a package as possible. That’s what makes the best EDC wallet different from a traditional wallet. Form and function are both key.

Here our experts take a look at the cream of the crop in the EDC wallet space.

Top Picks for the Best EDC Wallets & Front Pocket Wallets

An EDC wallet is so much more than a cardholder. The best of these wallets pack a ton of features into small packages, meaning you get wallets that are as practical as they are attractive. The 14 wallets we’ve chosen for this list each offer something different, though they’re all great choices for the EDC lifestyle.

1. The Ridge Minimalist Wallet w/ Money Clip

Available in several materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium, The Ridge’s wallets are the ultimate in minimalism. They’re capable of storing up to 12 credit cards, with additional cash storage offered by a money clip, cash strap, or a combination of both.

The Ridge Wallet also has RFID-blocking technology, meaning hackers can’t use scanners to steal your card details. Combine all of this with exceptional quality, which is backed by a 99-day free trial period and lifetime warranty, and you have a wallet that is so much more than a place to keep your credit and business cards.

2. Andar The Apollo

With its full-grain leather construction, Andar the Apollo is the perfect wallet for those who want to combine the minimalistic style with a touch of the traditional.

It features five card slots, plus a front access slot and pull-tab, which offer easy access to your cards. The handy ID window displays cards easily. Plus, there’s a money clip for keeping cash. The wallet also features RFID protection with a one-year warranty easing any fears you may have about longevity.

Think of it as a remix of the classic bifold wallet style. The only downside is that the leather will start to wear after a couple of years of use.

3. Dango D01 Dapper Bifold Pen Wallet

A high-quality wallet that’s made in the USA, the Dango D01 has storage capacity in spades. It can hold up to 16 cards, making it the ideal choice for those who want an EDC card case. There’s also a silicone cash strap, which is perfect for holding folded bills tightly against the wallet.

However, it’s the extras that make this wallet stand out. You get a pressurized pen and a notepad, both of which easily slot into the wallet. Combine this with RFID protection and a limited lifetime warranty, and you have a great, albeit slightly bulky, wallet.

4. The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet

We already know that The Ridge makes one of the best minimalist wallets around. But with the Carbon Fiber 3K, it takes things a step further with a wallet that offers unparalleled protection to your cards.

The features you get from the standard Ridge wallet are all here, meaning you can store up to 12 cards and have your choice of a money clip or cash strap. The carbon fiber has a scratch-resistant finish, with the wallet being available in your choice of seven colors. A tough elastic band, which is replaceable with spare parts, holds the entire thing together.

Of course, the wallet also guards your cards against RFID hacking.

5. Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

At first, there doesn’t seem like there’s much to separate this leather card holder from a traditional wallet. It has a bifold closure and looks like a nice wallet you’d find in a store. It even has a note sleeve rather than an integrated money clip or cash strap.

But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see some handy features that make this a great piece of EDC gear. It can store up to 11 cards, with a handy pull-tab granting quick access. The smart rear slot also keeps your most important cards separated from the rest of the wallet’s contents. Of course, the added storage space means it’s a touch bulky, with its bifold design not always being attractive to the minimalist.

6. Dango T01 Tactical Wallet

This water-resistant wallet is made using a combination of leather and aerospace-grade aluminum, making it a great choice for those who need a metal wallet. But the standout feature is the MT02 Multi-Tool, which gives the wallet its tactical nature.

Made using quality stainless steel, the tool has several serrated edges and small blades. It has up to 14 functions, such as serving as a makeshift screwdriver, bottle opener, or can opener. When slotted into the wallet, the tool allows the T01 to hold up to 12 cards. It’s also removable, though taking it out of the wallet reduces the card-carrying capacity to 10.

7. Gerber Barbill EDC Wallet

Security is the name of the game with the Gerber Barbill. The wallet has a tough stainless steel frame, which features a security bumper on one end designed to hold your cards securely in place. A bottle opener is integrated into the frame, meaning this is far more than your standard card wallet.

Speaking of which, the integrated frame has a small effect on card-carrying capacity, with the wallet only capable of holding seven cards. Furthermore, the wallet itself is little more than a large cash strap, with your cards and cash being held in place by the steel frame.

8. Ezra Arthur Cash Fold Wallet

Ezra Arthur’s attractive leather wallet marries the traditional with the minimalist style. It’s a cash wallet at heart, meaning there’s no money clip or cash strap. Instead, the wallet features a large cash pouch, allowing you to store unfolded bills so you can keep your notes nice and crisp.

It can carry up to 30 bills, though this storage capacity comes at the cost of card storage. Though the wallet features four card slots, you may struggle to get more than four cards in, especially if you’ve loaded it with 30 bills. The lack of metal in the wallet design also means there’s no RFID protection, though it also means you have no jagged edges to deal with.

As a billfold wallet, there are few better. But if you’re looking for high-end EDC practicality, Ezra Arthur’s wallet may not be your best choice.

9. Rogue Industries Minimalist Wallet

With its attractive curved design, Rogue Industries has come up with a wallet that certainly looks different from most. Of course, looks aren’t everything, which is why the practical aspects of the wallet are our main focus here.

This wallet can hold up to six cards, with two fitting into each of its three card slots. A full-size bank note divider also means you can keep plenty of cash on your person.

Despite being made using leather, the wallet offers RFID protection to your cards. Plus, it has a handy ID window that allows you to flash a license or similar form of ID in an instant. The handmade nature of the wallet also means that yours will never be exactly the same as somebody else’s.

10. HuMn Mini Minimalist Wallet

With its aircraft-grade aluminum construction, HuMn’s wallet protects your cards against crushing damage and RFID signals. It also features a beautiful powder-coated finish, which guards the wallet itself against corrosive materials and rainwater.

You get a choice of eight colors, with each wallet featuring an engraved HuMn logo at the bottom-left corner. Beyond that, this simple wallet focuses on serving its function. A handy cash strap allows you to store notes on the wallet’s exterior, with the wallet itself being capable of holding up to six cards.

There aren’t any extra tools, which can make the wallet’s price tag seem a bit steep. But if you’re looking for something sleek and simple, you can’t go wrong with the HuMn mini.

11. Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

Military-spec is the order of the day with Trayvax’s wallet. Its tough steel plate resists heat and lends the wallet a rugged look that’s perfect for tactical EDC carry. Those who like to carry cash will also love the integrated cash strap, which is made using military-spec nylon. The ultra-thin design ensures you can easily slot the wallet in your pocket, in addition to giving you quick access to your cards.

Despite the thin design, this 3D-stamped wallet can hold up to eight cards. It also comes with a bottle opener and attachment point built into the wallet. The only issue is that the gaps in this wallet leave your cards exposed. Though you get RFID protection, these gaps could allow moisture and other contaminants to affect your cards.

12. Ekster Senate Cardholder

Classy is the best way to describe Ekster’s Senate Cardholder. Looking almost like a slick leather notebook, the wallet has a slimline design backed by handy card ejection technology, which means no more fumbling around inside bulky bifold or trifold wallets.

It’s handmade using premium leather, though it also has a 6063 T5 aluminum frame that guards your cards against crushing while offering protection against RFID signals.

The wallet can store up to 10 cards, assuming you don’t use the cash strap for bills. Plus, Ekster offers a 30-day refund policy. If you want to know where this wallet is at all times, you can also equip it with the Ekster Tracker Card, which is sold separately.

13. Radix One Minimalist Wallet

For those who want a budget EDC wallet, the Radix One gives you a slick and simple card case. It’s capable of holding up to 10 cards, with its combination of silicone and polycarbonate providing plenty of protection against crushing.

The handy external cash strap lets you keep a few bills on your person, with the card slots also having a clever extendable design that makes accessing your cards simple.

Granted, you’re not getting much more than a card holder here, plus the wallet lacks protection against RFID signals. Still, for something that’s simple and cost-effective, this made be the best EDC minimalist wallet around.

14. Travando Mens Slim Wallet Bifold Wallet

Though this wallet has a traditional bifold look, its clever design means this is a great choice for those who want an attractive slimline wallet. Featuring 11 card pockets, the wallet offers plenty of storage space. Your cards are easy to access, too, thanks to the outside notch that allows you to push cards out using your thumb.

An integrated money clip lets you store some bills inside the wallet, though space is limited. It’s also undergone tests by the German Quality Control Institute, which confirm that the wallet blocks RFID signals on the 13.56 MHz band. For reference, this is the band that most credit cards operate on.

Weight may be a problem, as the faux leather and bifold design means the wallet weighs over two ounces when empty. But you’re getting undeniable quality with this wallet, with the use of faux leather also making it a great choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Factors to Consider When Buying an EDC Wallet

When buying an EDC wallet, you’re looking for something more than a thin wallet that slots neatly into your front pocket. The wallet has to be practical. That practicality comes from its design, which should allow you to carry the cards, cash, and documents you need to keep. Some have additional features, like tools and bottle openers, which make them great for outdoorsy people.

When choosing the best EDC wallet for your needs, take the following factors into consideration.

Size and Capacity

If your wallet can’t carry everything you need, it’s not of much use in an EDC context. Card slots, coin pockets, cash straps, and additional compartments are your main concerns here. If you have several credit, debit, and business cards, your wallet needs to offer enough card slots, or enough space in the slots it has, to carry what you need.

Cash straps and money clips help with carrying cash and documents, while coin slots are useful if you like to keep some loose change. Think about what you like to carry, so you can remove any wallets that don’t serve this primary function from your shortlist.

Material and Durability

Thin and synthetic fabrics are the enemies of everyday carry wallets, especially if you want a wallet that guards your cards and offers durability regardless of conditions.

Look for wallets that use genuine leather or strong metals, such as aluminum and carbon fiber. Ballistic nylon is also a positive, especially if it’s used for a cash strap. Finally, check the wallet’s stitching quality, especially if you go down the leather route. Even the best EDC leather wallet can fall victim to shoddy stitching that causes it to fall apart even if the leather stays intact.

Design and Aesthetic

Style is in the eye of the beholder.

If you’re looking for the best EDC tactical wallet, you’re likely not worried about your wallet meshing with traditional fashion norms. Practicality is your main concern. But if you want a wallet that looks great, in addition to being practical, think about how the wallet aligns with what you normally wear.

The good news is that EDC wallets come in many designs, from rugged tactical metals to old-school leather wallets that mirror the bifold wallets so many love without having the same bulk problems.


This consideration is all about what the wallet does.

RFID blocking is a must in the modern age, as hackers can use special scanners to steal details from credit cards without ever touching your wallet. Beyond that, think about what you need in your daily life. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a wallet that contains a multi-tool is always useful for cutting and opening cans. Some wallets even come with pens and notepads, which are ideal for journalists or those who like to keep notes but don’t want to carry a smartphone around.


As tempting as it may be to go for the cheapest wallet you can find, selecting the option that’s best for your bank balance may not be the best choice. While you save money on the immediate purchase, you get what you pay for with a cheap wallet. That means different things depending on the wallet. Poor construction can be a problem. So can a lack of features or storage capacity.

Expensive isn’t automatically better. But you’ll usually find that wallets that cost a little more offer greater protection to your cards, come with more features, and have stronger warranties. If you’re willing to pay a little more, you’ll often get a wallet that lasts for decades rather than one that falls apart within a couple of years.

How We Chose – A Word From Our Experts

What do we look for in EDC wallets?

In compiling this list, we’ve tested each wallet to see how it performs for the following criteria:

  • Strength and durability

  • Storage capacity

  • The protection offered to your cards, both in terms of physical protection and protection against hacking

  • A style that matches the wallet’s substance

  • How well the wallet fits into the EDC lifestyle

  • Additional features offered with the wallet

  • What the wallet offers in return for the money that you spend

That last point is crucial. We aim to ensure you get your money’s worth when you buy an EDC wallet. Every wallet we’ve reviewed in this list does well in at least several of the categories we check, meaning each offers something for the EDC individual.

Find the Best EDC Wallet for Your Needs

A good EDC wallet combines storage with protection. Many offer additional items, such as bottle openers, with most combining the ability to carry cards with cash straps or money clips.

Every wallet on this list is a great choice for an EDC wallet. But of them all, we lean toward The Ridge’s range of minimalist wallets for several reasons. The powerful metals used to make these wallets ensure they offer plenty of protection, with The Ridge’s lifetime guarantee and 99-day free trial meaning you can get a feel for the wallet before committing to it.

Combine that with plenty of storage, customizability in terms of money clips and cash straps, and a huge range of designs, and you get a wallet that looks the part in addition to being great for everyday carry. If you’re interested in The Ridge’s wallets, you can find the full selection in its online store.


Where can I buy an EDC wallet?

Amazon is a safe bet for finding EDC wallets. However, the best EDC wallet manufacturers, such as The Ridge, offer their wallets in dedicated online stores.

What are some features of a good EDC wallet?

A good EDC wallet should have enough slots to hold all of the cards you need, in addition to a money clip or cash strap. Additional tools are a bonus but may not be needed unless you spend a lot of time outdoors.

What are some of the most popular EDC wallets?

The Ridge’s range of EDC wallets is among the most popular because of their quality construction and large storage capacities. The wallets also make great gifts for anniversaries and weddings.

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