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Grid Wallet vs Ridge Wallet – Which Reigns Supreme?

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Wallets have changed. The bulky, chunky, bi-fold wallets of the past are slowly disappearing, with sleek, minimalist wallets taking their place. And when it comes to slim, streamlined wallets, Grid and The Ridge are two of the top brands around.

Both Grid and The Ridge make top-quality aluminum wallets, with sleek, streamlined designs, RFID protection, and enough space for all your everyday cards. But which is best between Grid wallet vs Ridge wallet? This guide will attempt to answer that very question.

Grid Wallet Company: An Overview

Grid is a wallet brand based in Portland, Maine. As seasoned, experienced travelers, the company's founders felt that traditional wallets simply weren't compatible with their lifestyle. They were too big, heavy, and impractical. The Grid founders felt that there had to be a better way.

So, they set to work on creating a new aluminum wallet with a much slimmer, sleeker design. They wanted to create something capable of securely storing cards and day-to-day essentials, without taking up too much room or being awkward to carry on a daily basis.

Their efforts led to the creation of the Grid wallet, a super slim wallet for daily life. Capable of holding up to 12 cards at a time and fitted with RFID blocking, plus a lifetime warranty, Grid wallets have proven highly popular with modern men and women wanting to ditch their leather wallets of the past.

Grid Wallet Product Range

Unlike many other wallet brands, which have dozens of different designs and huge product catalogs, Grid keeps things simple. It only has one core design, although users can pick from different colors and materials, like gunmetal, titanium, and forged carbon.

Regardless of the color or material you choose, the Grid wallet features enough capacity for up to 12 cards. It's fitted with RFID blocking to safeguard your identity and also comes with an attached money clip to store some notes if needed.

Price-wise, you can expect to pay between $65 and $85 for a Grid wallet.

Ridge Wallet Company: An Overview

The Ridge is a family-owned company, founded back in 2013 by father-and-son duo Daniel and Paul Kane. Just like the founders of Grid, the Kanes felt that traditional wallets simply weren't aligned with modern lifestyles. And, with no better options on the market, they decided to make their own.

The pair launched a Kickstarter campaign to show off their modern metal wallets, attracting a huge amount of investment and even spawning some copycats. But, when it comes to Ridge wallet and knockoffs, The Ridge clearly reigns supreme as one of the biggest success stories in the wallet world.

It's the leading light of the minimalist wallet industry, made from the absolute finest materials, like medical-grade steel and aerospace aluminum. Ridge wallets are 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S. to meet the high standards of modern men and women.

Ridge Wallet Product Range

Just like Grid, Ridge's founders didn't want to flood the market with dozens of different men's wallets. Instead, they perfected one simple design and stuck with it. And that design is an undisputed classic, with The Ridge wallet standing out as one of the most beautiful, durable, and rugged wallets of all.

Like the Grid wallet, The Ridge money clip wallet has space for up to 12 cards, along with RFID blocking. It features a scratch-resistant outer shell, which can be made from a wide range of strong materials, like steel and aluminum. It can also be customized with a cash strap, money clip, or both, and buyers can choose from lots of colors and patterns.

How much is a Ridge wallet? Typically, prices range from $76 up to around $195. When comparing the cost of a Ridge wallet vs. others, it is a little more expensive than many rival brands. However, it offers great value for the money, with a lifetime warranty and exceptional build quality.

The Face-Off: Grid vs. Ridge Wallet

So, we've seen the basics of Grid and Ridge. Now let's see how they stack up against one another in our Grid vs. Ridge wallet comparison.


In terms of design, it's easy to see at first glance that Grid is very similar to Ridge. They're both made up of two metal plates that enclose the central card area, and both of them look almost identical at a distance. However, on closer inspection, the differences start to appear.

For example, The Ridge minimalist slim wallet comes with optional money clips and cash straps, while the Grid wallet only has a money clip. The experience of using The Ridge wallet is therefore a little more intuitive. Ridge wallets are available in a much broader range of colors and styles.


Durability is clearly a big concern for the teams behind both of these brands. They've both invested in top-quality materials to ensure that their minimalist wallets can last for years of use and cope with the knocks, drops, and bumps of daily life.

However, there is a slight difference in general build quality and raw material selection. While Grid invests in very high-quality aluminum for its wallets, The Ridge goes even further, picking the absolute strongest, finest, surgical and aerospace-grade materials for maximum durability.


In terms of capacity, there's no real difference between Grid and Ridge. They're both capable of storing up to 12 cards at a time. That includes credit cards, ID cards, business cards, and so on. They can also store dollar bills with the included cash straps.

Given that The Ridge wallet can also come with a money clip, it potentially offers more versatility in terms of storing a mixture of notes and cards. So, if you're the sort of person who mainly pays by card, but still likes to have a few dollar bills at hand, The Ridge could be the superior choice.


Cost-wise, Grid wallets are certainly cheaper than Ridge wallets, with lower starting prices and a maximum cost of just $85 for the most expensive titanium and antimicrobial copper models. In contrast, certain Ridge models with limited edition designs can cost close to $200.

However, in terms of actual value for money, The Ridge wallet is an excellent investment. It may cost more, but it's also capable of lasting longer, with the most durable, high-end materials to keep it strong and intact, even after years of use. 

What Do the Customers Say?

Customer feedback has been very positive for both brands, with high Ridge and Grid wallet review scores. In general, many users appreciate the affordable nature and simple designs of Grid wallets, along with the exceptional build quality and impressive style of The Ridge wallets.

However, some users have had issues with both brands. A common complaint about Grid wallets is that the attached money clip makes them feel a little thick. Meanwhile, some users feel that The Ridge wallets have quite high prices compared to alternatives.

So, if you're worried about cost or want to make sure your wallet is as slim and lightweight as possible, it's important to take this feedback into account.

The Showdown: Grid Wallet vs. Ridge Wallet

So, is The Ridge wallet right for you, or are you better off with a Grid wallet instead? Well, it's clear that both of these minimalist wallet brands have a lot in common, with minimalist aesthetics and strong metal plates to keep cards safe.

Both have their pros and cons. Grid wallets, for example, are a little cheaper than Ridge wallets. So, if you want a sleek, chic wallet at a budget-friendly price, Grid might be right for you. If, however, you prefer more detailed designs and better build quality, and don't mind a slightly higher cost, opt for The Ridge.

The Final Bell: Making Your Choice

All in all, if you're looking for a slim, smart wallet for men or women, both Grid and The Ridge can appeal. They're both great examples of the modern minimalist wallet movement and if you're tired of carrying around a big, bulky wallet, it might be time to upgrade. Check out the full range at The Ridge today.


What wallet is better than Ridge?

It all depends on what you need. Some Ridge alternatives might appeal if you need extra storage space or different design features. However, with its strong build quality and minimalist design, The Ridge wallet is one of the best available.

Can cards fall out of the Ridge wallet?

If you're wondering if the Ridge wallet is good at keeping cards secure, the answer is a definitive yes. Its clever design helps it keep all credit cards and business cards in place, with no risk of them slipping or falling out.

What is a Grid wallet?

A Grid wallet is a wallet with a minimalist design, designed for the safe and secure storage of ID cards, credit cards, and notes. It's slim and streamlined, similar in many ways to The Ridge wallet.

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