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Kings Loot vs Ridge Wallet: Breaking Down the Pros and Cons

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In the era of credit cards and mobile payment, bulky wallets have taken a backseat. There’s no longer a need for large cash compartments to hold multiple banknotes and stretch your pockets. Instead, men’s wallets have acquired a minimalist design.

The popularity of a slim minimalist wallet keeps reaching new heights. At the forefront of this more recent invention are the Ridge Wallet and Kings Loot wallets. Both are superior in terms of quality, appearance and available features.

However, as someone just getting into the world of slim wallet designs, you’re probably looking for the one that’ll serve you best in your daily life and match your needs and preferences. This article dives into the Kings Loot vs. Ridge Wallet comparison and reviews their functionality, style, price, durability, and other aspects.

The Story of Kings Loot

The story of Kings Loot began in 2019 in Colorado when the founder Joshua Stephens and his wife gave up their previous life to begin their new business. They started simple. The first ever Kings Loot wallet was a handcrafted leather wallet made with a sewing machine from Hobby Lobby and based on a paper prototype.

In only seven months, Joshua was able to create their famous Hybrid wallet, the Journey and Bifold wallet.

However, in March 2020, when the whole world shut down due to Covid, Kings Loot transitioned to the online world and hasn’t stopped since.

Today, Kings Loot sells thousands of wallets to satisfied customers and keeps inventing new ways to decrease the bulk in your pocket. Its motto is “Live Life Abundantly,” but abundance is certainly not how you’d describe its wallets. They reflect the contemporary idea of having everything you need in one tiny place.

Exploring King Loot’s Offerings

Kings Loot offers under 20 wallet options, but they’re everything you need for packing your valuables. Its most popular products are precisely the ones that caused the company’s burst in popularity — the Hybrid wallet.

The Hybrid wallet is made from premium full-grain leather and comes in four unique color options. It fits 1-12 cards, features an easy-access pull tab, and has a quick-access ID slot. It also has an adjustable money clip, so you can tighten it depending on your cash needs and never worry about losing money. If that wasn’t enough, all the cards are protected with RFID technology, and you can even opt for a trackable version of the wallet.

Considering that all wallets fall into the $32 to $167 price range, the $99-dollar price of the Hybrid falls right in the middle. What’s more, the wallet comes with a lifetime replacement.

Between “minis” and slim bifolds, you can also find women’s mini wallets and wristlets to give your fairer half some extra storage and make her feel like a queen.

The Story of Ridge Wallet

Like Joshua Stephens and his wife, the founders of the Ridge Wallet also started with the idea to minimize bulk and create the best slim wallets for men. The father and son duo, Daniel and Paul Kane launched the idea through a crowdfunding platform called Kickstarter six years before Kings Loot.

Gaining immense support from the very beginning, the Ridge was able to develop into a leading modern wallet producer. Nowadays, it’s known for its sturdy metal wallets, convenient EDC wallets, and dependable RFID-blocking wallets that protect your belongings on a daily basis. It’s regularly featured on the best minimalist wallet lists and quoted as the perfect cardholder for those carrying pocket wallets.

Apart from wallets, the Ridge also sells rings, watches, pens, bags, and wallet accessories.

Exploring Ridge Wallet’s Offerings

While the Ridge is celebrated as possibly the slimmest wallet manufacturer on the market, its offer ultimately boils down to a single design. Unlike traditional wallets, the Ridge has only one compartment, which is tightened and loosened with an elastic band to fit up to 12 credit and debit cards.

You can choose between a cash strap or money clip wallet version or include both to carry as many cash bills as you need. The elastic strap can also be used for holding additional RFID-enabled cards, your ID for quick access, or business cards.

The wallets come in various unique colors like Alpine Navy or Rose Quartz and scratch-resistant materials like titanium and carbon fiber. Some products are sold as “driver kits” with a keycase bundle.

The Rundown: Kings Loot vs. Ridge Wallet

Now that you’re familiar with both brands, it’s time for a detailed Ridge vs. Kings Loot wallet review and comparison.

Style and Functionality

Both wallets have sleek designs and present a considerable upgrade from the original wallet. Your choice mainly depends on your personal preference. If you prefer multiple compartments, Kings Loot slim leather wallets might be a better pick. If you can do without multiple credit card slots, the Ridge is an ideal choice.

When it comes to features, both companies offer secure RFID wallets for men with a tracking chip. The method of accessing your cards and cash might be the only difference. With Kings Loot, you use a pull tab to take out the cards stored in a single compartment while the rest are slid out with your finger. On the other hand, the Ridge wallet has only one compartment for cards that are accessed with a single push.

Material and Durability

Unlike Kings Loot wallets which are exclusively made from premium full-grain leather, the Ridge is famous for its metal plates. They’re made from titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. However, the Ridge also has a leather version of its traditional metal wallet — made of oil-waxed full-grain leather.

Regarding durability, most customers are satisfied with the performance of the materials of both wallets.

Pricing and Value

Although some of the wallets from both companies have similar prices, the range is quite different. While Kings Loot offers wallets from $32 to $167, the price range of the Ridge wallets goes from $95 to $210. Since both wallets offer similar features, the aspect that makes the difference in price is mainly the material and design of the wallets.

The Ridge offers wallets made from titanium, aluminum, and carbon fiber. On the other hand, Kings Loot only has wallets made from leather. While both materials provide excellent durability, metal wallets are inherently sturdier.

In addition, it takes more effort to create such a slim design from metal materials than leather, which increases the manufacturing costs from the beginning.

Customer Service and Warranty

When it comes to coverage, both companies offer a lifetime warranty for their products.

For the Ridge wallets, all returns and exchanges must be processed through their Return Portal within 99 days of the initial purchase. Most customers have had positive experiences with customer service and returns. But some customers have had problems returning their products, mainly due to poor shipping services in their area.

Kings Loot offers a shorter returns period — only 30 days from the original purchase. The items must also be unused and in their original package. Still, the majority of customers are satisfied with its return policy and had pleasant experiences with customer service.

User Perspectives: Kings Loot vs. Ridge Wallet

Before purchasing a product, it’s crucial to go through customer reviews and see how the item has served new and long-time customers.

Generally, the Ridge wallet users have been satisfied with the product. For most customers, it has revolutionized the way they carry their belongings and introduced them to the world of minimalism. They’re satisfied with its durability, functionality, and features like an elastic band and cash clip.

The only aspect that keeps users away from new purchases is the price. Most users don’t see the value of something that small and thin, which negatively affects their first impression of the wallet.

As for Kings Loot wallets, most customers praise how well-crafted they are and love the design. Nevertheless, some customers complained that they couldn’t close the wallet if they fit as many items as advertised.

Verdict Time: Kings Loot vs. Ridge Wallet

Both wallets represent classy and convenient options for storing your personal belongings. The Ridge might be a better choice for guys looking to significantly increase pocket space. However, Kings Loot presents a better option for men who don’t want to give up the traditional wallet look while reducing the bulk.

Choosing Your Ideal Companion: Wallet Selection Simplified

Most people’s first question is, “Are minimalist wallets worth it?” The previous sections presented two of the best compact men’s wallet options that prove that the answer is: yes.

If you’re looking for a wallet with modern features and innovative designs, consider the Ridge’s selection of minimalist wallets to make the most of your wallet’s card and cash storage while keeping the bulk minimal.


Is Kings Loot a legit company?

Kings Loot is a legit US-based company that sells wallets, backpacks, and accessories like keychains, iPhone cases, and watch straps.

Who is the owner of Kings Loot Wallet?

The owner of Kings Loot Wallet is Joshua Stephens. He’s the CEO and founder of the company, which started in 2019.

Can the Ridge wallet go through TSA?

Yes, the Ridge wallet can go through TSA, so you won’t have any trouble going through airport security.

Can you carry cash in a Ridge wallet?

A Ridge wallet can typically hold between 15 and 20 bills in the cash strap. As for coins, you can carry several nickels along with your banknotes and keys while retaining a slim profile.

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