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standee Ridge wallet images
standee Ridge wallet images
standee Ridge wallet images


Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.


Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.



Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket
Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket
Ridge wallet pulled out from front pocket

Smart Wallet for Men

A sleek minimalist wallet can serve as a card holder and won’t create unsightly bulges in your pocket. But if that wallet isn’t smart, you’re at risk from hackers who may try to steal your card details.


That’s where a smart wallet for men comes in. The Ridge offers a stunning range of smart wallets that protect your cards from physical and digital damage.

The Ultimate Smart Wallet for Men: Stay Organized and Secure on the Go.


What separates The Ridge’s wallets from the competition?


Let’s start with the basics. A quality slim wallet from The Ridge can hold up to 12 cards without stretching. The wallets are also scratch-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty that ensures you’re never without a fully working Ridge wallet for long. We also create wallets in a range of materials, including carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium, which offers choices for all preferences and budgets.


Then, we move beyond the basics.


Every Ridge wallet features protection against radio frequency identification (RFID) signals. Hackers often use RFID devices to skim information from credit and debit cards, which allows them to use the cards to make purchases from your accounts. With a Ridge wallet, you don’t have to worry about anybody stealing your details.


Our smart wallets also give you more options when it comes to storage. Instead of placing a bulky wallet in your back pocket, you can slide a Ridge wallet into a front pocket and not even know it’s there.


Would you like to learn more?


If you’re looking for a smart wallet for men, The Ridge collection includes a range of men’s wallets made using different materials. We also help you to accessorize thanks to our range of bags and diver’s watches. If you love The Ridge style, we even offer men’s wedding bands that complement your minimalist lifestyle. Explore The Ridge’s range today and you’re sure to find a smart wallet for men that suits your needs.


What does a smart wallet do?

On the surface, smart wallets offer a convenient way to carry cards and cash. They also give you quick access to whatever you need, especially if the wallet incorporates a money clip. Digging below the surface, smart wallets for men typically have RFID-blocking technology and a built-in tracking device so you can locate the wallet if you lose it.


How do you use a smart wallet?

It’s easy to use a smart wallet because most of its features are active from the moment you remove it from the packaging. Most use this style of slim wallet as a card holder that comes with RFID protection.


Does the Ridge wallet block RFID?

Ridge’s range of smart wallets offer full RFID protection. This protection ensures that hackers can’t steal money from your credit and debit cards.


How long does Ridge wallet take to ship?

Ridge offers free worldwide shipping on all orders over $34. Orders get scheduled for shipment within two business days, with customers receiving a tracking email within three business days.