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The Best Groom Wedding Rings + Tips to Find the Ideal Band

The Best Groom Wedding Rings + Tips to Find the Ideal Band

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For most people, wedding day is one of the most important events in their lives. It marks the beginning of a journey that’s expected to last a lifetime. Wedding bands play a central role in this event and will remain symbols of unity between the couple, which makes choosing the right wedding ring crucial.

However, finding that one wedding band isn’t always straightforward. There are plenty of things to consider, including style, durability, material, and, of course, personal preference.

When it comes to men’s rings, the modern market provides numerous choices. That’s why this blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to finding the ideal groom wedding band. We’ll give you an overview of our top picks based on material, explain how to choose the ideal ring and dive into more details related to this important process.

Top Picks

Best Yellow Gold

If you’re looking for a classic, you can’t go wrong with a yellow gold rounded design. In that regard, Ridge has just the product for you – this 24k ring that will look stylish and delicate in every combination. Yellow gold is a timeless choice, and Ridge has the ultimate product of this kind in the market.

Best Sterling Silver

Minimalist and sleek, this sterling silver ring from Thorsten will be an excellent choice for grooms who love the universal appeal of this precious material. The ring is dome-shaped and comes with a polished finish.

Best Rose Gold

With black-coated polished grooved edges and a matte finish, the Quinton 5.5mm rose gold wedding ring is a stylish and tasteful option. Its design is the perfect example of what makes rose gold bands so popular.

Best White Gold

The high dome 14k white gold wedding ring by Blue Nile is a lesson in comfort and class. The ring is made with a comfort fit, but is lighter than the usual bands done with that design. It also comes in a wide selection of sizes for perfect fitment.

Best Tungsten

Dedicated to making daring and exciting designs, Ridge creates a line of tungsten rings for grooms that will leave no head unturned. With superior craftsmanship and the novelty of the material, the rings from Ridge’s tungsten selection will be a must-have for many modern grooms.

Best on a Budget

If budget is a considerable factor, Blue Nile has solutions that won’t make you sacrifice quality for affordability. Some of the wedding bands from the catalog go for just under $210 but leave little to be desired in terms of style.

Best Modern

Those looking for modern groom wedding rings should look no further than Ridge. Bringing wedding ring-making into the 21st century, Ridge uses advanced materials and novel design solutions to bring a sense of uniqueness to all products.

Best Silicone Style

Outdoorsy types will probably go wild about silicone wedding rings, which are literally made for a more active lifestyle. If you’re interested in a cool-looking alternative to a traditional wedding band, check out the silicone ring selection from Groove Life.

The Best Groom Wedding Rings

The following selection of the best groom wedding rings is made with the utmost care and attention to detail on our part. We went through numerous offers with a fine-toothed comb, considered the craftsmanship, material quality, and overall style, and came up with the best of the best across the eight most popular categories.

Best Yellow Gold – Ridge Gold Ring

The 24k gold rounded ring by Ridge is a treat for the eyes and an absolute joy for the wearer. The ring has a width of 6mm and comes with a convenient silicone band, as well as a stylish and handy travel case. This ring has a price of $275 at the time of this post.

Best Sterling Silver – Larson Jewelry

The VIVID silver polished domed wedding band by Thornsen features a gorgeous polish and an appealing minimalist design. The interior surface is rounded for a comfort fit. This ring comes in 4mm and 8mm variants. It’s currently on sale for $259.99, while the regular price is $319.99.

Best Rose Gold – Brilliant Earth

The Quinton rose gold wedding band is a gorgeous 5.5mm ring with a matte finish. It features grooved, polished edges that are coated black, elevating the band’s already stunning appearance. With a rounded interior surface, the ring fits as beautifully as it looks. At the moment of writing, this wedding band goes for the price of $1,190.

Best White Gold – Blue Nile

If you want a comfortable and stylish option, this mid-weight wedding ring by Blue Nile is the perfect candidate. The band has a traditional profile with a high dome and polished finish. However, the inner edges are curved to make the ring extremely comfortable for daily use. You can get the band in a range of widths from 2mm to 8mm. It’s currently discounted by 20%, making it an affordable $572. The regular price for this white gold ring is $715.

Best Tungsten – Ridge

Made with exceptional attention to detail, the Royal Black men’s tungsten ring by Ridge represents not only a stunning piece of jewelry but a strong statement of style. The band features a discreet beveled edge and a convex design that allows it to fit perfectly without the risk of pinching. The PVD coating ensures the deep black color of the ring stays intact. This 8mmm ring sells for the popular price of $175.

Best on a Budget – Blue Nile

Blue Nile makes its way to this list for a second time, not for a single ring but for the complete selection. If you’re looking for affordable quality groom wedding rings, you’ll find just that with Blue Nile. We can single out the simple but stunning white tungsten carbide comfort fit band. Its regular price is $260, but at the time of this writing, the band is discounted to an incredible $169. Several brushed and polished variants (black, white, and gray tungsten carbide) are available for $208 under the current discount.

Best Modern – Ridge

Creating a modern wedding band is an art in itself, and Ridge has pretty much perfected that craft. When it comes to minimalist modern design, we’d single out two outstanding bands. First, there’s the royal black tungsten band. This ring is done in the always-exciting, hammered finish and comes in the 6mm width variant. It also comes in gunmetal and alpine navy colors, each giving a unique spin to the already appealing style.

The second is the burnt titanium ring. Its relatively straightforward design is contrasted by the unique color that will simultaneously stand out and stay tastefully subdued. This ring has numerous amazing color variants, including platinum, stonewashed titanium, and the mesmerizing alpine navy blue.

The tungsten band is currently on sale for $175, while the titanium ring costs $200. All Ridge bands come with an extensive warranty, an additional silicone band, and a complimentary travel case.

Best Silicone Style – Groovelife

If someone told you that silicone wedding bands can’t look great, all you’d need to do to prove them wrong would be direct them to Groovelife. Extremely affordable, surprisingly stylish, and highly durable, these rings are made for people whose style screams activity and outdoors. It’s difficult to choose a single band among the fantastic offer, but we’ve decided on the Nomad Rapids ring for its distinctive look. Reminiscent of mountain rapids, the band represents a destination of the philosophy behind Groovelife. It’s also quite inexpensive, going for only $39.95.

How to Choose the Right Ring

Choosing the best men’s band requires you to consider several factors. The choice of material usually comes first: Will the groom love classical fine jewelry options like a gold wedding band, or are they more inclined towards other precious metals? Perhaps a stainless steel or titanium wedding band would be a more suitable choice.

It’s worth noting that more exotic materials can come into play here, too. These include antlers, tungsten carbide, black titanium, carbon fiber, and meteorite. Accessibility may represent an issue with certain materials, which might be a deal-breaker for some.

Next, the style and finish will speak to the groom’s personality. Some will like a baguette 18k gold band. Others may wish for a beveled edge black tungsten ring, while some grooms could opt for a diamond wedding band. And if a diamond ring is considered, that opens up a new chapter of discussion with carat considerations.

Finally, there’s the matter of personal tastes and fitment. Ring size will be crucial here, as you want the most special wedding day gift to be as comfortable as possible. Comfort fit design could be the right solution for many grooms.

As is apparent, these factors demand a more in-depth discussion. If you want to look at a more thorough breakdown of the subject, check out our comprehensive guide on choosing the right groom wedding ring.

Establish a Budget

Everyone knows that wedding bands can range from quite affordable to downright expensive. The average price of a wedding ring is around $500, but the cost will depend on various factors. For instance, the in-store price of a 10k white gold ring will likely be lower than a two-tone black diamond band or a channel set tungsten wedding band with a milgrain edge.

Simply put, material, design, cut, and quality of craftsmanship will all play into the final price. This also means that you’ll need to plan a budget so that you don’t get any unpleasant surprises on checkout.

Establishing a budget will help you understand what you’re working with and narrow down the selection. As a result, the process of finding the ideal ring for the groom will be less stressful and overall more manageable.

Understanding Your Fiance’s Personality

The first step towards choosing an ideal wedding band will be to understand the person who will be wearing it. While this may seem unnecessary to state, a man’s personal taste can be more complex than it seems, even when you know the person intimately.

For instance, ask yourself if you know whether the groom would prefer a polished, matte, or satin finish. Are they someone who would enjoy a unisex wedding ring design? And if you opt for a diamond, should it be a channel, pavé, or another style?

If you can’t answer such questions, it means there are yet some secrets to the groom’s personal style for you to discover. Consulting with an expert on the subject could be quite helpful in that regard.

Shopping for the Wedding Band

Your options for wedding ring shopping will boil down to four choices:

  • Local jewelers

  • Online retailers

  • Custom jewelers

  • Vintage or estate sales

Each of these has certain advantages and disadvantages. Online shopping is the most convenient by far but will include additional steps in terms of measuring the ring size.

On the other hand, vintage, local, and custom stores will allow the groom to try out the ring in person, which is the best way to know whether the band is the right one. However, brick-and-mortar stores tend to be more expensive than their online counterparts.

Premium retailers will also more likely have rare materials on offer and may offer an extensive warranty.

Tips for a Seamless Ring Selection Process

You’ll be happy to know that certain methods can make the ring selection process much smoother. In particular, you can follow these three steps to choose the groom’s wedding band with ease:

  1. Start searching for the ring early. Give yourself enough time to browse the offers from different retailers, try out various options, and reach a timely decision.

  2. Both partners should be involved in the selection process. After all, marriage is a union of two people, and both should be satisfied with the symbols they wear.

  3. Pay attention to the cultural, traditional, or religious practices that the groom might observe. These can influence the ring selection process in various regards, from the style and material to even the timing of purchase.

Find the Perfect Groom Wedding Ring Today

Now that we’ve gone over all of the considerations for choosing a wedding ring for the groom, you understand what to look for in a perfect ring. To reiterate, we’ve provided a list of the best choices on the market and shared crucial advice on selecting the most appropriate option.

If you’re ready to start looking, check out what Ridge has to offer. The Ridge store contains modern wedding rings of various styles, designs, and materials. The perfect band is already there, waiting for you to discover it.


Who buys the groom’s wedding ring?

Traditionally, future marriage partners buy each other wedding rings. These matters are more flexible today. Each partner can buy their own ring, or the expense can be split in a different way – the conventional rules about ring purchasing aren’t mandatory.

Should the groom wear a wedding ring?

Grooms wear wedding rings, although they might opt not to wear the band on their finger. Instead, the groom can wear their ring on a neck chain.

What ring does the groom wear?

The groom, like their partner, wears a wedding ring. In modern times, men often choose to wear engagement rings before the wedding.

How much should the groom’s wedding ring cost?

The average price of a wedding band ring is about $500. However, there are more affordable quality options, and it should go without saying that the price can go up as well. The cost will depend on the material, level of craftsmanship, and additions like inlays or gemstones.

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