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Ridge Wallet vs. Dango: Battle of the Brands

Ridge Wallet vs. Dango: Battle of the Brands

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The wallet industry has been changing significantly over the past few years. Users are transitioning from regular bifolds to metal wallets for everyday carry (EDC). This change is marked by a minimalist design with durable materials such as carbon fiber to hold credit cards and cash safely.

Two brands, namely the Ridge Wallet and Dango, have championed the minimalist wallet market with their high-quality revolutionary wallets. This has left many wondering which is the best choice between the two.

In this The Ridge Wallet vs. Dango review, we’ll overview their flagship products while covering the following:

  • A history of both brands and how they became some of the best wallets on the market.

  • A product comparison between Dango and the Ridge wallet.

  • Reviews and customer experience for both brands.

  • Price differences between the two men’s wallets.

  • How to choose between The Ridge vs. Dango wallets based on your preferences.

  • Unique advantages, customer reviews, and final thoughts.


Ridge Wallet

Dango Wallet


Aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, & leather options

Aerospace-grade aluminum, leather options


Up to 12 cards without stretching, space for cash

Varies by model, some models hold up to 12 cards, space for cash


Slimmer profile

Can be bulkier due to multi-tool inclusion


Lighter due to material and design

Can be heavier due to multi-tool and leather

RFID Protection


Depends on the model


Starts at a lower price point

Generally higher starting price



1 Year


Variety of colors, 4 material choices

Limited color and material options


More durable due to material and design

Depends on usage and material


Open cavity design, cash strap/clip

Bi-fold, tri-fold, and tactical designs with multi-tools

A Brief History of Ridge and Dango

Before moving on to the products themselves, it’s essential to take a closer look at how the Ridge and Dango started and how they differ from leather wallets. Their ethos, mission, and values give you a closer look at what shaped their respective products throughout the years and how both have become leading brands.

About Ridge

The Ridge began in 2013 as a Kickstarter campaign by a father-and-son duo Daniel and Paul Kane. They had a simple mission – to make wallets comprehensively better. This includes design, durability, and minimalistic functionality.

The Ridge was a pioneer in minimalist wallet design, sparking many other brands to do the same. For The Ridge, it’s not just about the product, it’s a simpler lifestyle for those that feel bogged down by all the pointless papers stuffed in their front pocket wallet.

The Ridge’s success allowed them to expand by making wallets with different finishes and materials. The Ridge also makes backpacks, mens rings, pens, airtag wallets, and add-ons such as elastic bands and coin holder trays.

The Ridge changed the average user’s approach to everyday carry. The perfect blend of high quality, elegance, and functionality sets The Ridge Wallet apart from other slim wallets for men.

About Dango

Dango started in 2015 and puts user experience at the forefront of the manufacturing process. They specialize in making wallets that users can fine-tune to their personal preferences. Each Dango wallet is adaptable with a personalized crafting approach to meet common needs.

For such a wallet to be successful on the market, Dango needed to emphasize all the little details during manufacturing. The result is a brand that combines specific functionality with a bold and almost aggressive style.

Next to The Ridge wallets, Dangos look like the Jack-of-all-trades of the wallet market. A Dango can open a beer bottle, hang from your neck, protect your credit cards, and hold your cash all at once.

While The Ridge Wallet does one thing and does it expertly, Dango lures in users with its versatility.

The Products: Comparing Ridge Wallets and Dango Wallets

While Dango and Ridge might be similar in some regards, they’re very different in others. Sure, they both make metal wallet optionsbut their approaches to design, functionality, features, and customizations are essentially different. The choice you make depends on your preferences as well as your everyday carry use level.

Design and Construction

Ridge emphasizes using highly durable materials to keep your credit cards safe as possible. These materials include stainless steel, carbon fiber, forged carbon, aluminum, and titanium. Many would think that this makes for a clunky style. However, The Ridge’s wallets are very slim, and their construction is simple. The base uses two metal plates connected by an elastic band to hold your cards, with the added cash strap or money clip.

Dango focuses on customization options and helpfulness. This user-experience approach makes for a highly functional and tactical wallet. You won’t find a necessarily sleek or minimalistic process in Dango construction either.

Dango EDC wallets are manufactured in the U.S. from an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, top-grain leather, mil-spec bolts, and a silicone band for holding cards in place. Users can choose from multiple anodized colors too.

The approach to design and construction is the most apparent difference between Ridges and Dangos. While the Ridge focuses on elegance with a sleek and minimalistic body, the Dango will use various materials for customization and additional features.

Functionality and Features

The Ridge Wallet and Dango products overlap with functionality and features. They just go about doing it in different ways. Before divulging the exact differences, it’s important to highlight some similarities too.

For example, both feature RFID-blocking technology. This means that your credit card and identification information is safe no matter if you’ve chosen an aluminum or titanium wallet.

As for the specific features of The Ridge wallet, it doesn’t have many add-ons or extra features. That would be contrary to the essentialist appeal. The Ridge’s easy access with cardholders is a staple of its minimalism.

Dango uses a slightly different approach. Let’s take the Dango D01 dapper wallet as an example. It boasts handy extra features such as a built-in bottle opener and a paracord handle. Users will also notice two holes on either side of Dangos for multi-tool additions such as a pocket secure tether or a lanyard. However, not all Dangos can meet the same conditions. The Dango M1 Maverick can only hold six credit cards, while the D01 can have 12, just like the Ridge.

Variety and Customization Options

Both the Dango and the Ridge offer different customization options for many users. However, The Ridge relies heavily on specific finishes since the functional features and main design stay the same with all editions. Customers can choose from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, forged carbon, and carbon fiber along with finishes such as matte, olive green, royal black, basecamp orange, and polar white.

On the other hand, Dango products have a wider variety of products that serve different purposes. The Dango website features rail wallets, money clips, different color leather finishes, and even options resembling more traditional wallets.

User Experience: Ridge vs. Dango

Next to the products themselves, it’s essential to closely examine user experience. This can help you make an informed choice of how well each wallet lives up to its promises. Remember, you’re not just choosing a wallet, you’re choosing a highly specialized approach to your important information and personal items.

After-Sales Service and Warranty

Ridge focuses on customer satisfaction as a vital part of its brand. Each wallet is guaranteed to last a lifetime. If you’re unhappy with a wallet, you can return it up to 45 days later for a refund or exchange. The Ridge team proactively accommodates customer concerns, minimizing the risk of buying online.

Dango also offers a lifetime guarantee. However, they specify this as pertaining to manufacturing issues. This might include ripped leather, rattling or missing parts, and metal breakages. Users should know that this doesn’t cover issues such as wear and tear.

Dango offers a one-year warranty that includes repair or exchange rather than refunds. However, users are only eligible if Dango deems that the wallet has not been misused. This includes not fastening the strap improperly to seal the wallet.

Price Comparison

Ridge wallets and Dangos have different price tags and a broad general range. This is a crucial factor for many when choosing the right metal wallet.

A Ridge wallet’s base price is $85. However, limited editions with different materials and kits can cost up to $250. While some might find this pricey, it is meant to be a long-term investment.

Dango wallets have more significant variation when looking at their best-seller list. For example, the D01 dapper wallet is $109, while you’ll also find wallets at $79 and even $299. The price often depends on the specific design and materials used.

Is Ridge or Dango Right for You?

When choosing between two wallets, you’ll need to factor in personal preferences. Some users might prefer The Ridge for its low-maintenance essentialism, while others prefer a Dango for customization. Let’s take a closer look at which wallet to choose.

Is The Ridge Wallet worth it? The answer is “yes,” if:

  • You want your wallet to look sleek and stylish.

  • You prefer a minimalistic approach both in style and functionality.

  • You don’t want to buy wallets anymore but would rather have one that lasts your whole life.

  • You don’t care for multiple tools and additional functions for your wallet.

  • Durability is your primary concern.

The Dango would be the right choice if:

  • You’re unsure what you want your wallet to have, so you’re willing to explore a broader range of options.

  • You want a wallet made in the U.S.

  • You prefer some leather details on a wallet rather than a plain metal finish.

  • You’ll use your wallet heavily and want it to have built-in tactical tools.

Unique Advantages of Ridge Wallet

The Ridge wallet has two aspects that set it apart from almost any wallet on the market. It’s the perfect balance of high-quality materials and elegance in a wallet.

Many metal wallets might use durable metals such as titanium, but they can frequently be uncomfortable and clunky. The Ridge, on the other hand, stays slim and compact while still offering top-of-the-line security benefits.

The Ridge is built to last your whole life. That’s because investing in The Ridge means leaning further into the everyday carry philosophy. You can say goodbye to unnecessary clutter in your pocket, such as receipts and useless cards.

Case Studies and Customer Reviews of Ridge

Most customers that buy a Ridge are happy with it. More specifically, the average The Ridge Wallet review praises its impressive ability to keep users organized when dealing with cash and credit cards. It’s most effective in reducing discomfort from older wallets while taking up small space.

For example, users said it’s “the best wallet I’ve ever owned,” or “It makes carrying a wallet so much more comfortable.”

Whether it’s the simple and compact design or the stylish finishes, it’s safe to say that many users are staying with the Ridge.

Final Thoughts: Ridge and Dango in the Wallet Landscape

Well, there you have the main differences and similarities between a Ridge wallet and a Dango. While both can hold 12 credit cards and feature strong metals such as aluminum and titanium, fundamental differences remain. Some of these differences that we’ve mentioned include:

  • The sleek and minimalistic design of the Ridge makes it stylish yet functional.

  • The greater variety of products and prices with Dango wallets.

  • The Ridge with its wide range of durable materials such as forged carbon and carbon fiber.

  • The lifetime guarantee of the Ridge, along with a 45-day return policy.

  • The more extensive customization options of the Dango.

If you’re ready to have a revolution in your pocket and lose all the extras weighing you down, then check out The Ridge wallet options for the perfect match.


What wallet is similar to Ridge wallet?

Dango wallets are similar to the Ridge because they’re both metal wallets. However, their approaches and features are vastly different. Users can also consider Trayvax wallets like the Trayvax contour or the Ekster cardholder similar wallets.

Can cards fall out of Ridge’s wallet?

The Ridge wallet features two metal plates connected by a band. Up to 12 credit cards can fit comfortably within the Ridge wallet without falling out.

What is the point of a Ridge wallet?

The Ridge wallet revolutionizes the approach to everyday carry with a simplified design. It allows users to carry money and credit cards without space for unessential as with traditional bi-fold wallets. It also offers RFID-blocking protection to protect credit card and identity information.

How are Ridge wallets made?

Ridge wallets are made from two plates with beveled edges made from materials such as titanium, connected by an elastic band and an additional money clip for cash.

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