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Ridge Wallet vs Grip6: A Detailed Showdown

Ridge Wallet vs Grip6: A Detailed Showdown

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Until recently, few people could imagine their daily lives without a bifold wallet. Sure, it could get bulky and awkward to carry, but it held all your valuable possessions in one place.

However, with the rise of digital payment methods, these possessions got smaller and smaller. Why would you deal with cash when you can transfer your friend's money with a few clicks using Venmo? Thanks to Apple Pay and similar apps, even debit cards are becoming obsolete.

Throw a growing trend toward minimalism and decluttering into the mix, and it becomes clear why minimalist wallets have dethroned traditional wallets.

These slim wallets keep things simple, light, and compact, which is more than enough to make numerous manufacturers start producing them. Dango, Bellroy, Secrid, and Ekster are just some of them.

The Ridge and GRIP6, the subjects of this review, are another two popular names in the minimalist wallet game. We'll examine how the Ridge Wallet vs. GRIP6 battle plays out in every possible way that matters to a wallet owner.


Ridge Wallet

Grip6 Wallet


Aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, leather options

Aerospace-grade carbon fiber, aluminum options


Up to 12 cards without stretching, space for cash

Up to 14 cards, space for cash


Slimmer profile

Slightly larger due to the design


Lighter due to material and design

Slightly heavier

RFID Protection




Starts at a lower price point

Higher starting price



Limited Lifetime


Variety of colors, 4 material choices, + Airtag

Limited color and material options


More durable due to material and design

Depends on usage and material


Open cavity design, cash strap/clip

Sliding strap mechanism, separate cash compartment

Brand Overview

Knowing how a brand started and what it stands for can help you decide whether it aligns with your values. Interestingly, both The Ridge and GRIP6 started off as Kickstarter projects. Discover what made thousands of people back their projects and what the brands went on to do afterward.


Let's go back to 2013, the year when a father-son team, Paul and Daniel Kane, published a Kickstarter project titled "The Ridge: Front Pocket Wallet."

Their goal was to create a product that both the modern and the old-school generations would enjoy, and they needed $12,000 to do so. More than 5,000 backers loved their idea, and they ended up receiving over $250,000.

The Ridge has entered the wallet market with a bang, yet its impact has never fizzled out. Instead, the brand became a mainstay in the minimalist wallet industry and an inspiration for numerous subsequent brands.

Since then, The Ridge has done nothing but grow – grow its team, customer base, and product assortment (keycases, men's rings, watches, etc.). The only thing that has stayed the same is its commitment to functionality and the minimalist mantra "Carry less. Live more."


This time, we're going back to 2019. The year might be different, but many other details are surprisingly similar.

The GRIP6's story also started on Kickstarter, the founder, BJ Minson, also had a clear vision for his product, and the initial project was also a smashing success.

By 2019, minimalist wallets were already being massively produced. So, BJ Minson set out to make an EDC wallet (short for everyday carry) with a twist. Or a pop, to be more accurate. He designed a pop-up wallet (also known as an ejector wallet) that pushes your debit and credit cards out with a single button click.

Minson has two goals with GRIP6 – to create products of exceptional quality and durability and to strengthen U.S. manufacturing.

Style and Design

Just because a wallet is minimalist, it doesn't mean it has to be boring and uninspiring. Let's see how The Ridge and GRIP6 stack up in the style and design department.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is a master class in minimalist design. Looking at this revolutionary product, all you see are clean and sleek lines that exude subdued elegance. The cutout on the wallet is there for functionality.

Take a peek inside, and you'll see a simple yet reliable construction – two metal plates held together with an elastic band. And this construction is the same for every single wallet Ridge produces.

What differs from wallet to wallet is the choice of material, color, and cover design. Fortunately for those who like personalizing their belongings, there's an excellent choice in each category.

All you have to do is decide the following:

  1. Do you want an aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, forged carbon, stainless steel, 24-karat gold, or leather wallet?

  2. Would you enjoy a monochromatic look or cool wallets with a fun cover design?

  3. Should the color be inconspicuous like Gunmetal or loud and bright like Flamingo Pink?


The GRIP6 wallets have a more tactical look to them. All pre-made models have a loop on the side of the wallet that allows you to grip it tightly when ejecting your cash or cards. However, you can also customize your GRIP6 wallet and eliminate the loop.

The ability to customize your wallet is good news. But the number of customization options might disappoint you. Head to the GRIP6 Wallet Builder, and you'll be able to do the following:

  1. Choose between four metal colors (grey, black, blue, and yellow).

  2. Select loop or no loop.

  3. Add a Moneyband.

And that's it!

If you want more cover design options, you'll have to get a custom-engraved GRIP6 wallet.

As for the materials, the options are likewise limited. To two, to be exact. You can choose between high-quality brushed aluminum, and ultra-light forged carbon fiber. In some retail stores, you'll also find older GRIP6 wallets with full-grain leather sleeves.

Functionality and User Experience

Usability and practicality are what make minimalist wallets so special. Let's see how the two brands manage these important factors.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet and functionality go hand in hand.

If you use it as a cardholder, you'll be able to fit up to 12 debit, credit, and business cards in this compact wallet. Best of all? The elastic band holding them together is stretchy enough to allow easy access yet sturdy enough to prevent them from flying out.

Those who still haven't given up on cash can hold up to 20 paper bills with a flexible cash strap or a sturdy money clip. Of course, you can use this handy addition for other paper items, like receipts.


The GRIP6 wallet boasts an impressive card-holding capacity. You can fit up to 16 of them in the internal card slots (provided they aren't embossed).

The card access is what differentiates this wallet from the Ridge Wallet and other similar types of wallets. Namely, you only need to push the button on the side of the wallet, and the cards will pop right out.

Be careful, though. This quick access is fun and convenient but can also lead to your cards flying out if you push too hard.

Security Features

In minimalist wallets, there are two crucial security considerations. The first concerns how well the wallet keeps your cards in place physically, while the other deals with the digital realm. Any decent minimalist wallet will have RFID-blocking capabilities that will prevent thieves from skimming your radio-transmitting cards and stealing your sensitive information.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet excels at both physical and digital protection of your assets. Two elements have teamed up to make this possible – a strong elastic band (for the physical part) and two RFID-blocking metal plates (for the digital battle).


The GRIP6 wallet also offers excellent RFID protection, guarding you against the increasingly common crime of digital theft. Unfortunately, physical protection is a bit lacking. While your belongings are in the wallet, they're perfectly safe. But once you decide to pull your cards out, you're one more forceful click away from the "it's raining cards" scenario.

Durability and Maintenance

Let's face it – minimalist wallets aren't exactly the most affordable wallet options. So, when buying one, you want to ensure it will last you a long time without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet and durability are all but synonymous. Thanks to sturdy construction and resilient materials, this wallet can last you a lifetime (just as the company's warranty claims!). Best of all? You won't have to do much to achieve this durability, as The Ridge Wallet requires minimal maintenance.


GRIP6 is also very serious about durability. The company has tested its wallets extensively, ensuring they're impact and corrosion-resistant with minimal maintenance. GRIP 6 wallets are built to last over 100 years, and the company backs this claim up with a lifetime warranty.


Nothing says that a brand is confident in its craftsmanship and stands behind the quality of its products, quite like a lifetime warranty. The great news is that both The Ridge and GRIP6 offer this warranty on their products.

Price Comparison

Whichever brand you choose in the end, be prepared to pay more than for a traditional wallet. The initial price might make you flinch, but once the wallet sticks with you for years (even with a lot of wear and tear), you'll be happy you took the plunge.

For the Ridge Wallet, you'll have to pay between $95 (monochromatic aluminum wallet) and $250 (extravagant 24 Karat Gold model).

As for GRIP6, the range goes from $59 to build your own wallet to $133 for the forged carbon fiber model. 

Ridge Customer Reviews

Reading the positive reviews for the Ridge Wallet, you'll notice several common talking points – durability, quality, and ease of use. Customers who didn't have a perfect experience with the product typically point out that it takes some time to get used to it. Longtime bifold wallet users might find it a bit stiff.

Moving on to the GRIP6 reviews, you'll see that customers love the quality and the sturdiness of the wallet's construction. They, however, intensely dislike when the cards shoot out when ejected.

Why The Ridge Wallet Is a Better Investment

While the Ridge Wallet vs. GRIP6 battle is tight, the former brand takes the victory. The GRIP6 wallet can be an excellent Ridge Wallet alternative, but nothing beats the original.

The Ridge offers an exceptionally durable wallet (as confirmed by its lifetime warranty) that looks great and performs even better. With this brand, you won't be limited in cover design and color options. Whether taking off to the Great Outdoors or going to work, the Ridge Wallet will fit right in with your aesthetic.

If anything happens to go wrong, the brand offers stellar customer service that will be happy to help you promptly. Take one look at The Ridge's reviews online, and you'll see how much the customer support team is praised.

Final Thoughts: Best Wallet for Minimalism and Functionality

The Ridge's metal wallets are a minimalist's dream – they offer a slim profile without compromising functionality. Check out the incredible selection of women's and men's wallets and find the perfect design.


How many cards will a Ridge Wallet hold?

The Ridge Wallet holds up to 12 cards.

How big is the Ridge Wallet?

The Ridge Wallet is the same width and length as a credit card. As for the height, it's almost 1/4 inch.

How does Ridge Wallet work?

The Ridge Wallet consists of two metal plates and an elastic band that holds them together, allowing secure storage for your cash and cards.

Can you take the Ridge Wallet apart?

Yes, you can take the Ridge Wallet apart. All you need is the provided screwdriver.

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