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Ridge Wallet vs Secrid: Which Fits Your Lifestyle?

Ridge Wallet vs Secrid: Which Fits Your Lifestyle?

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Traditional wallets need no introduction. These bifold accessories have been a staple in our everyday lives for years. However, the "have been" is seemingly turning into "were," as these wallets gradually fail to keep up with modern lifestyle requirements.

Sleekness. Practicality. Efficiency. That's what modern wallets are all about. And that's why minimalist wallets are the new supreme.

As more brands join the game, choosing the best minimalist wallet is becoming more challenging. To help you narrow your choices, we'll look at two prominent brands in the slim wallet industry – The Ridge and Secrid.

Let's see how these brands and their women's and men's wallets compare across the most important categories for this accessory – design, functionality, and security.


Ridge Wallet

Secrid Wallet


Aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber options

Aluminum core with leather


Up to 12 cards without stretching out, space for cash

Up to 6 cards in the core, additional cards, and cash in the leather pouch


Slimmer profile

Slightly bulkier due to the leather pouch


Lighter due to metal construction

Heavier due to combined metal and leather construction

RFID Protection




A lower starting price point

A higher starting price point



3 years


Various color options, three material choices

Color options limited by leather availability


More durable due to metal construction

Leather may wear over time


Open cavity design, cash strap/clip

Pop-up mechanism, additional storage in the leather pouch

Brand Overview

Although these two brands have already made a name for themselves in the wallet industry, they deserve a proper introduction. Knowing how The Ridge and Secrid started and what they're all about can help you make a more informed purchasing decision.


Carry less. Live more.

These four simple words have fuelled The Ridge's efforts to revolutionize the wallet industry from the beginning. But when exactly was that?

The year is 2013, and the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is at peak popularity. Among the seemingly endless stream of projects, some visionary, some outlandish, was a project titled simply "The Ridge: Front Pocket Wallet."

The faces (and the brains!) behind this simple yet intriguing idea were Paul and Daniel Kane, a father and a son.

The father-son duo set a relatively modest $12,000 goal to kickstart their project. They ended up receiving more than 20 times over. Backed by over 5,000 people who believe in the idea, The Ridge was born.

The first Ridge Wallet was described as an aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber RFID-blocking card holder and money clip. Years have passed since, but these words still ring true for this revolutionary wallet. After all, why change a winning formula?

Over 2 million customers share this sentiment. The same goes for many companies inspired by The Ridge's massive popularity to design their own minimalist wallet alternatives.


Unlike The Ridge, Secrid wasn't always all about minimalist wallets. The company actually started as a design agency in the 1990s. Twenty years would pass before Secrid released its first wallet with a superhero-like name – the Cardprotector. The wallet did what most superheroes do – protect the things we hold the dearest.

Encouraged by the success of the Cardprotector, Secrid became a fully-fledged wallet company. Thanks to the founders' fashion and product design background, Secrid wallets would only become more aesthetically pleasing and chic.

Secrid's commitment to design hasn't gone unnoticed, leading the company to receive multiple international awards. From its humble beginnings in the Netherlands, Secrid has reached over 8,500 stores worldwide, comfortably sitting in numerous customers' front and back pockets.

Design and Material

Most people gravitate toward minimalist wallets for their sleek and compact design. But prioritizing simplicity and functionality doesn't necessarily mean taking all the fun and personality out of a wallet design. Seeing what The Ridge and Secrid offer in this regard can help you choose a wallet that best matches your style.

As for the materials, everyday carry (EDC) wallets must be made from high-quality materials if they are to stand a chance against the rigors of daily use. Aluminum, titanium, full-grain leather, and stainless steel are just some of the materials customary for an EDC wallet. Let's see what The Ridge and Secrid managed to do with them.

Ridge Wallet

Two metal plates and an elastic band, that's all there is to The Ridge Wallet's design. However, this design has become so popular and beloved that the company decided to stick to it to this day. In fact, it decided to stick to it only.

That's right, there's basically only one wallet design at The Ridge. One look at its sleek and clean lines and it becomes clear one design is all you need.

Of course, this doesn't mean there's only one Ridge wallet to purchase. It's more like over 40 of them. The company offers wallets with several material options that can completely change the accessory's overall aesthetic. On top of that, you can choose between different colors (from muted Mojave Tan to vivid Basecamp Orange) and unique patterns (from simple, laser-engraved details to a full-blown Neon Tiki extravaganza).

But let's take it back to the materials. The Ridge prides itself on using only the most high-quality and durable materials. The company's lifetime warranty speaks to that commitment. Aerospace-grade aluminum is the company's flagship material. Still, you won't go wrong with any of the other choices (titanium, carbon fiber, forged carbon, stainless steel, 24-karat gold, and full-grain leather).


Unlike The Ridge, Secrid experimented more with its wallet designs. The result? Six distinctive wallet models:

  • Secrid Cardprotector. The wallet that started it all is now available in six stunning colors, from black to fuchsia. Like all Secrid wallets, it features a proprietary pop-up mechanism and a distinctive cascading design that can hold between four and six debit or credit cards. That's what you'll see on the inside. From the outside, you'll be met by an industrial yet stylish appearance that draws the eye.

  • Secrid Miniwallet. Available in over 100 colors and patterns, this letter wallet combines the best of both worlds – a traditional wallet's storage capacity and a minimalist wallet's compactness.

  • Secrid Slimwallet. Hold up to 12 cards in this stylish wallet that fits into every pocket.

  • Secrid Twinwallet. The Twinwallet is basically two Cardprotectors bound together. Double the space, double the fun.

  • Secrid Bandwallet. If you need extra protection, this model is the way to go. Choose between three simple designs and carry up to 12 cards in each.

  • Secrid Cardslide. This modular wallet will allow you to carry much more than thin business cards. With an added tray, even coins and keys are fair game.

At Secrid, you can also purchase the Moneyband, a cash strap for all your paper notes and receipts.

As you can see, there's no shortage of design options with this brand's slim wallets for men and women. The same can't be said for the materials, though. Most Secrid wallets are made of leather. The most notable exception is the company's original wallet, the Cardprotector, made out of aluminum.

Capacity and Functionality

Sure, a minimalist wallet should be compact enough to fit any of your pockets. However, it needs to be functional and spacious enough for your essentials. Otherwise, you're just carrying around an item that looks good but does essentially nothing.

Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is a highly functional 12-card wallet with RFID-blocking capabilities that can hold all your essentials comfortably and safely.

A robust elastic strap ensures each card stays in place yet can be pulled out hassle-free when necessary.

Insert a money clip, and your paper bills will have a new home. Add the company's innovative Cavity Tray, and the same will ring true for your coins, keys, and similar smaller items. 


The maximum capacity of a Secrid wallet is 12 regular cards or nine embossed ones. Interestingly, the brand's first and most popular model can only fit four to six cards.

Regardless of the capacity, the cards are arranged in a cascading manner that allows easy access. A fold-out leather flap in the middle provides additional capacity for paper notes.

Each Secrid wallet comes with a certain level of RFID protection.


Since a wallet usually holds your most valuable physical belongings, keeping it safe is paramount. Of course, this refers to keeping your cash and card tightly strapped but also ensuring no one can steal your money digitally.

You see, modern debit and credit cards have tap-to-pay chips that allow them to work without inserting them into a card reader. The good news is that this feature is highly convenient for cardholders. The bad news? It's also convenient for thieves. With a reader of their own, they can easily steal your sensitive information with the wallet still in your pocket.

Let's see what The Ridge and Secrid are doing to protect their wallets.

Ridge Wallet

With the Ridge Wallet, you don't have to worry about either physical or digital theft. On the one hand, tight bands hold onto your cards and money, keeping them securely in place. On the other hand, the inner metal plates block radio-transmitting cards, to the dismay of would-be digital thieves and their sneaky RFID scanners.


Thanks to its sturdy construction and RFID-blocking capabilities, Secrid's metal wallet, the Cardprotector, safeguards your cards from bending, breaking, and unwanted wireless communication.

As for the leather models, they feature ultra-thin aluminum inserts that act as RFID protectors.

Secrid wallets with a strap provide a secure fit for all your personal belongings. Take away the strap, and things change for the worse, and your cash and cards can come loose.

Price Comparison: Ridge vs. Secrid

The Ridge and Secrid have pretty different starting price points. You can purchase the standard Secrid Cardprotector for around $45. You'll need $50 more to get the ultra-minimalist Card Sleeve from The Ridge.

As far as the costliest item goes, The Ridge takes the cake with an extravagant 24 Karat Gold wallet that costs $250. Secrid mostly plays it safe, so no similar wallets can be found in its assortment. The most expensive item from the brand is the $140 Twinwallet leather wallet.

It's perfectly understandable to raise your eyebrows at these prices. You might even rush to google, "Ridge Wallet vs. knockoff." However, these prices accurately reflect the quality and durability of these innovative wallets. Both brands are in it for the long run; their wallets are built to last.

Customer Reviews and Feedback of Ridge

Wallet reviews won't do much to resolve the Ridge Wallet vs. Secrid battle, as they're overwhelmingly positive for both brands.

The impressive quality, sleekness, and durability of the Ridge Wallet are at the forefront of most customer feedback for the product. As for Secrid, the ease of use is what most customers adore.

Of course, not all customers have had a positive experience with these products. Some Ridge customers pointed out that specific colors (like Basecamp Orange) look slightly different in person than on the website.

Secrid customers, on the other hand, mostly complain about the poor design of the inner mechanism and the outer surface scratching easily.

Which Wallet Fits Your Lifestyle?

One wallet brand can be superior to the other in various aspects. But at the end of the day, the result of the Ridge Wallet vs. Secrid battle boils down to your preferences and priorities. So, what matters to you?

Do you want a chic wallet that will look good, match your outfits, and comfortably fit even in a small purse? Then Secrid might be your best bet.

Or do you want a sleek, secure, and sturdy metal walletthat will last you a lifetime, no matter how many adventures you set off on? If so, the Ridge Wallet is the way to go.

Final Thoughts: Choosing the Wallet That Complements Your Journey

A wallet is one of the few things that will follow you every day wherever you go. So, you want to ensure this faithful companion checks all your boxes. If you want a wallet that looks good and performs even better, check out the Ridge Wallet.


Do people actually like Ridge Wallet?

Yes, people actually like the Ridge Wallet. So, if you're wondering, "Are Ridge wallets good?" know that over 2 million people have used them and can answer this question with a resounding yes.

What wallet is similar to Ridge wallet?

The Secrid Slimwallet, Dango D03 Lite Dapper, Bellroy Hide & Seek, Ekster Aluminum Cardholder, Apple AirTag wallet, and Ekster Parliament are wallets similar to the Ridge Wallet.

Do cards fall out of Ridge Wallet?

No, cards don't fall out of the Ridge Wallet. Shake or toss it; the solid elastic bands will keep all your belongings tightly secured.

What is a good reason to buy a Ridge wallet?

There are numerous good reasons to buy a Ridge wallet. A slim profile, impressive durability, minimalistic design, and lifetime warranty are just some of them.

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