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Why Is Ridge Wallet So ‘Expensive’? An In-Depth Analysis

Why Is Ridge Wallet So ‘Expensive’? An In-Depth Analysis

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Did you know that you can get a wallet for as low as five bucks? It’s true! But whatever wallet you get for that kind of money will probably leave something to be desired. On the other hand, a Ridge wallet can easily cost you north of $100.

The question is, what drives the price of Ridge men’s wallets so high?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. From company philosophy and marketing to materials and craftsmanship, plenty of factors play into the final price. To shed light on the subject, we’ll explain everything about Ridge as a company and Ridge wallets in particular that relates to the cost.

The History and Philosophy of Ridge

As an idea, Ridge began with a simple query: Why do we keep so much stuff in our wallets? And if you think about it, the matter is a bit odd. We stuff credit cards, debit cards, bills, gift cards, business cards, receipts, and IDs into wallets. Plus, there are probably a couple of things missing from that list.

We end up with bulky wallets that hardly fit into back pockets. And that’s unwieldy and no fun at all.

This is what the idea of Ridge wallets aimed to resolve by introducing a minimalist answer to all of the issues that plagued traditional wallets. That idea eventually grew into a company, but it was by no means a straightforward process.

As a company, Ridge began funding via Kickstarter. Yet, it took two campaigns to get the enterprise off the ground. The progress was altogether relatively quick, but it took Ridge nine years to get to where the company is now. During that time, more than two million Ridge wallets ended up in happy customers’ front pockets.

The company also expanded its production to men’s rings, different types of wallets, pens, and various other products.

The Unique Features of Ridge Wallets

The new wallet that hit the market didn’t differentiate itself from the traditional models just by being thinner. It took more than a slim wallet and a cardholder to prop up the company and establish it as an industry leader. The wallets needed features that no other model had. That’s why even now when many other manufacturers follow Ridge’s path, you can easily tell the real deal from the knockoffs.

Material and Durability

The first thing that makes Ridge unique is its selection of high-quality materials. When you get a Ridge product, it’s not your common metal wallet. Instead, it’s made of forged carbon fiber, stainless steel, gunmetal, or even burnt titanium.

You can also get a leather wallet from Ridge, and the leather is also of exceptional quality. Even the elastic straps designed to hold cash on the outside are made with particular care and from top-tier materials.

What the wallets are made of has a massive impact on durability. The materials that Ridge uses all but guarantee the wallet’s longevity. And, of course, the materials themselves and the reliability they provide come with a cost.


Ridge’s approach to everyday carry is straightforward. The point is to carry less and have a minimalist front pocket wallet that won’t get in your way. This is the philosophy behind the streamlined, compact design that so many find irresistibly appealing.

Ridge wallets are designed for people who don’t want to bring half of their possessions along. Instead, Ridge’s customers know what they need and refuse to haul unnecessary items in their EDC wallet. That’s precisely why Ridge wallets accept up to 12 cards: you’re almost guaranteed to never need more than that in your daily dealings.

Groundbreaking design is another aspect that doesn’t come for free. If something that embodies a revolutionary approach to such an ordinary item as a wallet appears on the market at a higher price, the added cost is more than worth it.

The Value of RFID-blocking Technology

As a modern product, the Ridge wallet needs modern functionality. This naturally includes safeguarding your money and sensitive data from digital thieves with means of stealing from you at a distance.

This is why RFID protection is a part of every Ridge wallet. An RFID-blocking wallet can stop modern criminals in their tracks by preventing access to your cards as long as they’re in the wallet. With Ridge wallets, money will leave your credit card account only when you’re actually paying, and you’ll forget that digital pickpocketing even exists.


The base of a Ridge wallet consists of two metal or carbon fiber panels connected with an elastic band and held together by high-quality screws. However, Ridge offers plenty of customization options to expand functionality and make your wallet truly your own.

For starters, you can add cash straps or money clips for holding additional cards or cash. Ridge wallets can also be equipped with coin trays for those who want to fit even more stuff inside. Last but not least, you can add an AirTag holder to your wallet, ensuring you know precisely where it is at all times.

Comparison With Other Brands

If you consider Ridge wallets to be pricey, you’re probably thinking of researching some Ridge wallet alternatives. But the truth is that Ridge has certain advantages that competitors lack. Of course, that doesn’t mean that manufacturers like Ekster, Shevrov, and others aren’t worth checking out.

Some will be more affordable, while others will have expansive design options or unique accessories. Yet, Ridge often comes head and shoulders above the competition by bringing it all together: quality, design, customization, functionality, and safety.

The Manufacturing Process of Ridge Wallets

A traditional wallet is relatively easy to make compared to Ridge wallets. Why? Processing and cutting leather and similar materials don’t require the technology and precision needed to create, say, precise titanium cutouts.

From sourcing quality materials to assembling the wallet to exact specifications, Ridge products are the result of expert work and an excellent work ethic. The company guarantees for each wallet, which means the manufacturing process must follow strict guidelines and deliver top-notch products without exception.

The Brand Name

The overwhelmingly positive brand image that Ridge enjoys today didn’t come overnight. The company went above and beyond to create a trusting relationship with its customers based on genuine values.

Ridge built its brand through quality and reliability. This is another factor that impacts the product price. When you buy a Ridge product, you can be confident of what you’re getting, and that’s a valued - and somewhat rare - commodity in the market.

Customer Service & Lifetime Warranty

Although the number of sold Ridge wallets numbers in the millions, Ridge is committed to making each buyer a satisfied customer. For that reason, the company has a customer service that’s always available and eager to help. This level of service ensures you don’t only get a wallet from Ridge - you get a customer experience that few manufacturers can match.

Every customer can create an account on and use it to interact with the company in various ways. You can view every policy Ridge observes, track your orders and receive detailed shipping info, and, of course, contact customer service directly.

In a sense, the lifetime guarantee you get with a Ridge wallet goes hand in hand with impeccable customer service. Ridge is prepared to offer a warranty that will last for as long as you have the wallet, which means that customer service must be available for the same period. These two facts combined show how much the company is convinced of the quality it provides and how much Ridge is dedicated to its customers.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Numerous customers have left testimonials online, addressing the quality of Ridge wallets and their overall satisfaction. In other words, it’s not about a company convincing you that what it’s selling is good - real people are praising Ridge products left and right.

On Trustpilot, Ridge has 4.5 stars out of five, indicating excellent reviews. Customers point out the excellent quality, premium customer service, longevity, construction, and overall EDC functionality. Even people who left unfavorable reviews - one customer complained about not getting the exact color they expected - mentioned how customer service immediately offered a refund.

The value of social proof can’t be overstated, especially at the level of positive feedback that Ridge receives. It’s a reflection of everything the company’s doing right and the real-world reputation that the brand enjoys. It’s no surprise that this kind of community trust towards the brand reflects on the price point as well.

Final Thoughts: The True Value of a Ridge Wallet

As you’ve seen, numerous factors inform the price of Ridge wallets:

  • A breakthrough idea behind the product

  • Premium materials

  • Durability and reliability

  • Unique, functional design

  • RFID protection

  • Customization options

  • Industry-leading manufacturing process

  • Excellent brand reputation

  • Dedicated customer service

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Community of brand fans and satisfied customers

To sum it up, the overall value of Ridge wallets is what drives the product price. You can get a cheaper wallet, but it certainly won’t be able to measure up to Ridge in all of the mentioned aspects.

And if you want to see for yourself what makes Ridge wallets worth it, you can do that right now. Browse the selection of these premium products and try picking a Ridge wallet. You’ll undoubtedly find a wallet that speaks to your needs and lifestyle.


Do people actually like Ridge Wallet?

Customer reviews and testimonials about Ridge wallets are overwhelmingly positive, which means there are many people out there who are genuine fans of the brand.

How much is the Ridge Wallet company worth?

The estimated yearly revenue of the Ridge company is about $22 million. Of course, getting an exact number on the Ridge wallet worth is complex, so estimates are just that - estimates.

What wallet is similar to Ridge wallet?

There are several minimalist wallet companies whose products are on a similar note as Ridge. A relatively comparable competitor in terms of quality and style is Shevrov with their SV carbon fiber wallet.

Is it easy to get cards out of Ridge wallet?

Since it appeared in the market, Ridge was considered a worthy substitute to bi-fold and trifold wallets. Naturally, functionality has plenty to do with that, which is why Ridge wallets provide straightforward credit card access.

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