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How to Use Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray: Expert Guide

How to Use Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray: Expert Guide

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As more daily financial transactions go digital, bulky bi-fold wallets are becoming a thing of the past. After all, why would you lug around a bulging behemoth that can barely fit in your pocket when you can put all your valuable cards and documentation into the slim Ridge Wallet?

However, some people are still fond of paying for things in cash, so paper money and even coins are regular inhabitants of their wallets. The bills might pose no problem, as they can comfortably fit into your Ridge Wallet, courtesy of a money clip or a cash strap.

Coins, on the other hand, might be a bit trickier. Sure, you can carry a dedicated coin pouch with you, but this goes against the whole point of the Ridge Wallet (Carry less, live more!). The same goes for small items like keys.

So, is there a convenient solution to this problem? Yes, there is, and its name is the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray. Insert it into your Ridge Wallet and add small items like coins and keys without worrying about the wallet's thickness.

This guide will teach you how to install and use Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray, so you can switch to this innovative wallet without sweating the small stuff.

What Does the Cavity Tray Do?

The best thing about the Cavity Tray is that it adds functionality to the Ridge Wallet without sacrificing one of its most significant advantages: a slim profile. This coin tray is slightly thicker than a standard debit or credit card yet opens up a world of possibilities for your Ridge Wallet.

Besides being compact and highly functional, this handy tray is exceptionally durable. Staying faithful to its flagship material, The Ridge manufactures this accessory using aerospace-grade aluminum.

Durable construction, impressive functionality, and seamless installation are just some reasons why the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray stands out among similar wallet accessories on the market.

Key Features

Upon first inspection, the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray looks like nothing more than a tiny tray. But don't let its simple appearance fool you. This minimalist design is all it takes to transform your Ridge Wallet into a multi-purpose case.

Check out some of its key features and you'll quickly realize why the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray is a must-have for your minimalist wallet.

  • Sleek design. Read any Ridge Wallet review, and you'll see that the sleek design is among its most beloved characteristic. So, why would the brand change a winning formula? Well, it didn't! This accessory is just as sleek and elegant as the original slim wallet.

  • Ultra-slim profile. Another reason why people adore the Ridge Wallet is its slim profile. For this reason, the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray barely adds thickness to your wallet. With or without the tray, your wallet will fit into your front pocket, bag, or any place you wish to store it.

  • Perfect fit. Since the Cavity Tray is designed specifically for the Ridge Wallet, you'll have no trouble inserting it into your trusty wallet.

  • Seamless installation. Forget about screws, bands, and clips. Just slide the Cavity Tray into your Ridge Wallet, and you're good to go. The same goes for pulling it out. Sliding the Cavity Tray in and out is as easy as it is with your cards.

  • Impressive durability. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, the Cavity Tray is just as durable and long-lasting as the Ridge Wallet. It can handle virtually anything you throw its way and still look brand-new.

  • Lifetime warranty. Like the Ridge Wallet, the Cavity Tray is warranted for life. In other words, the manufacturer warrants that this coin tray will remain free from manufacturing defects and be functional as long as you have it. Note that the warranty doesn't cover cosmetic damage and damages caused by human error.

How to Install the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray

The Ridge is all about making your everyday life easier, and this accessory embodies this mission. Installing the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray is as simple as it gets.

  1. Place the Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray on a flat surface, ensuring the side with the logo and the "Aluminum" text is up.

  2. Put your desired items (coins, keys, etc.) on the tray. Avoid stacking items above the level of the tray and overfilling it.

  3. Once filled, line the Cavity Tray's longer side with the Ridge Wallet's opening.

  4. If necessary, slightly spread the Ridge Wallet apart.

  5. Slide the Cavity Tray into the Ridge Wallet until you can no longer see it on the outside.

If you're installing the coin tray in public, you might want to insert it while it's empty first (only partially). Then, throw in your coins one by one. With this approach, you'll minimize the risk of coins falling out if you happen to shake the Cavity Tray or bump it into something.

The tray's walls are lined with silicon to reduce the jingle of coins and keys. However, due to the noisy nature of these tiny items, you might still be able to hear them inside your Ridge Wallet. If you find this annoying, you can tape your possessions to the tray before inserting it.

Troubleshooting Installation Issues

Given how simple the installation process is, you shouldn't have any issues inserting the Cavity Tray into your Ridge Wallet.

If you do, you probably have too many items in the tray. Luckily, there's an easy fix: Simply remove some of the excess items and try again.

Some users might have trouble inserting cards into the wallet once the Cavity Tray is in place. To avoid any hassle, insert your cards into your wallet before installing the coin tray.

Making the Most of Your Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray

Despite its unassuming design, the Cavity Tray can do wonders for your Ridge Wallet. Here are some ideas of what you can keep in the Ridge Cavity Tray to make the most out of it.

You can store the following items:

  • Coins. No shocker here since this tray was primarily designed to carry coins. You can stack coins in this convenient tray thanks to a silicon-lined interior.

  • Keys. Whether you're staying in a hotel that still uses keys (as opposed to cards) or need a place to safely store your house key, the Ridge Wallet coin tray has got you covered. Plus, by keeping your keys in the tray, you'll avoid scratching other items in your bag or misplacing your key.

  • SD cards. One look at the size of SD cards and it becomes clear why people tend to lose them frequently. The Cavity Tray will put your mind at ease, as your SD card will always be accounted for.

  • Paper notes. Sure, you can use the money clip or the cash strap to secure your cash. But if you need that extra level of security, slide those notes into your trusty Cavity Tray.

  • Important documents. Think of the Cavity Tray as your secret compartment for hiding your valuables. Personal passwords, paper IDs, and medical cards are just some of the documents you can safely store in this tray.

  • Miscellaneous. Just because an item isn't on our list doesn't mean you can't store it in the Ridge Wallettray. Do you have a small USB to store? Great, chuck it right in. Do you need a safe place for your lucky charm before an important event? We know just the place! As long as the item fits, it will be just fine sitting in the Cavity Tray.

Care and Maintenance

Although most products manufactured by The Ridge are virtually indestructible, it doesn't mean you should abuse them unnecessarily. With some basic maintenance, your Cavity Tray will look good and perform even better for years to come.

  • Although most products manufactured by The Ridge are virtually indestructible, it doesn't mean you should abuse them unnecessarily. With some basic maintenance, your Cavity Tray will look good and perform even better for years to come.

  • Avoid overfilling the tray. Putting too many items in the tray and trying to squeeze them into the wallet might lead to unsightly scratches. The same goes for using excessive force to insert it during the installation process.

  • Store properly. When not in use, keep your Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray in a clean, dry, and dust-free environment.

Mastering Everyday Carry: Your Ridge Wallet Cavity Tray

The Cavity Tray is a fantastic addition to your Ridge Wallet. For such a slim and sleek item, it certainly adds impressive functionality to this already formidable RFID-blocking wallet.

You may have heard about the Ridge Wallet but were hesitant about switching to it. In that case, this accessory might be the final incentive to bring this minimalist wonder into your world.

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How does the tray work on the Ridge Wallet?

The Ridge Wallet tray stores small items like coins and keys inside the wallet. All you need to do to make it work is place your valuables in it and insert them into the wallet.

What is the aluminum tray for on the Ridge Wallet?

The aluminum tray on the Ridge Wallet is for storing coins, keys, and other small items.

How do you put on a Cavity Tray in Ridge Wallet?

To put on the Cavity Tray in the Ridge Wallet, simply slide it in.

What is the Ridge Cavity Tray?

The Ridge Cavity Tray is an aluminum accessory for storing small items that would otherwise not fit safely into the wallet.

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