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AirTag™ Wallets

Premium Airtag Wallets w/ Money Clip - Carbon Fiber & More!

AirTag™ Wallets 

Premium Airtag Wallets w/ Money Clip - Carbon Fiber & More!



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Don’t Miss out on these

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The Ridge – Premium Wallets That Integrate With Apple Airtag Products

The Ridge AirTag™ wallet is an exceptional product in today’s market. It’s the perfect combination of Ridge’s exceptional quality and the useful features of Apple’s AirTag™ technology.


Ridge produces slim wallet designs from premium materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and Damascus steel. Even better, Ridge takes pride in its wide RFID-blocking wallet selection that prevents digital crime. 

On the other hand, AirTag™ technology is created to make tracking of important items easy. In essence, it’s a chip that you can attach to your belongings and always have peace of mind regarding their whereabouts.


Of course, to use AirTag™ with your wallet, you’ll need a wallet with AirTag™ slot. And Ridge wallets feature that very integration. This means that every slide AirTag™ wallet from Ridge is safe from outside threats, as well as from getting lost or physically stolen.


The Ridge smart AirTag™ wallet has an AirTag™ case in addition to a card pocket count of up to 12 and an additional money clip. This slim wallet can fit snugly into your back or front pocket and, if you place it anywhere else, the AirTag™ trackers will ensure you don’t lose your wallet.


This is crucial, since your slim wallet with AirTag™ will contain important items like IDs, driver’s licenses, and, of course, your credit cards. If you’re looking for a robust smart AirTag™ wallet, you won’t go wrong with Ridge.


Traditional Wallets vs Ridge Wallets

Traditional wallets have some shortcomings compared to the Ridge AirTag™ credit card wallet. Compared to Ridge’s AirTag™-ready wallet, the traditional leather or bifold variant may seem downright unsafe.


A traditional wallet like the bifold isn’t equipped to hold more than five credit cards. In contrast, Ridge’s metal AirTag™ wallet can hold up to a dozen. Also, even though bifold wallets are thinner than most variants, they can’t compare to Ridge. With a front pocket wallet AirTag™, Ridge wallets will be nearly unnoticeable while staying perfectly secure.


Furthermore, traditional models often can’t incorporate the AirTag™ clip for wallet without it sticking out. Due to their tiny form factor, Ridge wallet designs accommodate this addition without issues.


How to attach AirTag™ to wallet?

Attaching the Apple AirTag™ to a wallet might be an issue when it comes to some traditional wallets. However, with Ridge models, the attachment is seamless. This is due to a dedicated slot that ensures the AirTag™ stays in place while not compromising the slim design of the Ridge wallet.


What is an AirTag™ wallet?

An AirTag™ wallet is a wallet with a dedicated slot for Apple AirTag™. The Ridge wallet is an excellent example of an AirTag™ wallet. Of course, there are some other options on the market. The AirTag™ keeps your wallet secure and ensures it doesn’t get lost.


Do AirTag™ 's fit in wallet?

The AirTag™ can fit into most wallets – in theory. However, if the wallet isn’t built with a dedicated slot for the AirTag™, the device might stick out. Also, it might not fit snugly into the wallet. This certainly won’t happen with Ridge AirTag™ wallets.


AirTag™ vs GPS?

The main advantage AirTag™ has over GPS devices is its size. AirTag™s are smaller and more discreet. In addition, AirTag™s are designed specifically to track items. GPS devices are often intended for pets.