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RFID Aluminum Wallet 

Premium Credit Card Holder 

RFID Aluminum Wallet 

Premium Credit Card Holder 



What Makes a Ridge RFID Aluminum Wallet Stand Out?

The Ridge RFID aluminum wallets stand out from ordinary wallets in several ways. First, these wallets are made of high-quality treated aluminum that won’t succumb to rust, corrosion, or scratches.


Second, every Ridge RFID-blocking aluminum wallet blocks signals from any credit card and prevents theft.


Finally, besides being functional, The Ridge RFID aluminum wallets have a striking, minimalistic, and futuristic look, which can be an ideal men’s accessory. They can store up to 12 credit or debit cards without looking bulky or stretched out.

Our wallets are backed by a lifetime warranty that confirms their quality, functionality, and durability.


Why everyone needs an RFID blocking wallet.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a form of wireless technology that uses electromagnetic waves to identify and track tags attached to different objects. This technology has various commercial and industrial applications, from pet microchipping and tracking books checked out of a library to tracking items along a supply chain.


RFID technology is also present in credit and debit cards. Thanks to RFID chips, our cards communicate with a payment terminal using a radio frequency instead of a magnetic strip. This allows us to simply wave our cards near a card reader or an ATM.


While RFID technology has made contactless payments possible, it also has a few drawbacks, and the biggest one is the question of security. Someone who isn’t supposed to have access to your card’s information could try to steal money from your account or your identity.


Fortunately, a simple solution can prevent these scenarios: an RFID aluminum wallet. Credit card holder materials like aluminum or carbon fiber block your cards’ electromagnetic signals without damaging their contents. Anyone who wants to have peace of mind knowing their credit and debit cards are safe should purchase an RFID aluminum wallet. Keep in mind that you should choose a high quality product that can store all your cards without difficulty.



Do aluminum wallets block rfid?

RFID signals can’t pass through aluminum. Aluminum is one of few metals that create a barrier and turns the wallet into a Faraday cage that cancels electromagnetic signals. Therefore, an RFID aluminum wallet is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to protect their debit and credit cards and prevent potential theft.


How many cards does Ridge hold?

Every The Ridge wallet can hold up to 12 cards without stretching out. This gives you more than enough space for all your debit and credit cards. Moreover, you have room for storing an ID, student ID, medical alert card, driver’s license, insurance cards, contact information, and anything else you may need.


Although The Ridge wallets offer plenty of space, they are slim and can fit into the smallest spaces. You can keep your The Ridge wallet in your front pocket, Ridge bag or backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, making them an EDC essential.


What material can block RFID?

RFID scanners read tags using radio frequency energy instead of visible light. This means the scanners can read through materials like plastic, composites, laminates, or cardboard.


Materials that can block RFID are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. There are other RFID blocking materials, but these are the most popular. A leather wallet or a wallet of any material can only block RFID signals if it has RFID blocking material built into the card slots.


How close does a hacker need to be to scan a credit card inside your wallet?

Many people don’t use RFID blocking wallets because they think hackers can scan their credit card information only when they’re really close. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. A phone-sized RFID device can scan your credit card even at 10 feet away.


Credit card information can be read through clothes, bags, and wallets. That’s why it’s vital to use an RFID blocking wallet that would prevent hackers from accessing it.


The Ridge offers numerous RFID-blocking wallets. Don’t hesitate to check out our selection.