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Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.


Slim. RFID blocking. Lifetime Guarantee.



Men’s Wallet with Tracker

What happens to your credit cards and cash if you lose your wallet? If you’re lucky, some kind soul will turn the wallet in and reunite you with your valuables. But if you’re not lucky, you may have to cancel all of your cards and accept that you’ve lost your cash.


Why allow that situation to happen?


If you purchase a men’s wallet with tracker, you never have to worry about where your wallet is ever again.

Stay Organized and Secure with Our Mens Wallet Tracker.

You’ve had a busy day running from place to place. Finally, the pace slows down and you decide to buy yourself a cup of coffee to boost your energy levels. You fish into your pocket to grab your wallet, only to find it isn’t there.


If you have a traditional wallet, you may never see it again. But with a men’s wallet with tracker, you can simply pull out your smart device to locate your lost wallet.


The ability to reclaim your wallet after losing it is the biggest benefit of a tracker wallet. However, at The Ridge, we load our wallets with even more smart features. Beyond an in-built tracking device, our wallets feature RFID-blocking technology. This technology ensures hackers can’t use radio frequency identification devices to read your card’s details from a distance.


The Ridge’s wallets also come with a choice of materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. They’re capable of holding up to 12 cards without stretching. Plus, you can choose to have a money clip, cash strap, or both for your banknotes.


At The Ridge, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have a minimalist wallet you can rely on. Our men’s wallets with trackers are scratch-resistant, powerful, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Grab yours today. Then accessorize with The Ridge’s range, which includes men’s wedding bands, bags, and diver’s watches.


What is a tracking wallet?

Tracking wallets are types of smart wallets that come with built-in tracking devices. The tracking device links up to your smartphone or tablet computer, allowing you to track your wallet’s location whenever needed. If you lose your wallet, the tracking device can lead you back to it.


Can a lost wallet be tracked?

As long as the wallet has some form of a tracking device installed, you can track the wallet. Unfortunately, many traditional wallets don’t incorporate this technology, meaning you’ve lost your wallet unless somebody finds it and turns it in.


What are the advantages of having a trackable wallet?

The main advantage of having a trackable wallet is that you can easily find your wallet if you lose it. A secondary advantage is that the wallet’s tracking device can lead the police to anybody who steals your wallet.